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Posted: Fri, 22. Feb 08, 04:11
by Remz
THANKS!!!!! :)

Link doesn't work

Posted: Fri, 7. Mar 08, 01:33
by FirstBase
The link at the top of the page doesn't work anymore. Where can I download the complexmanager now?



Posted: Fri, 7. Mar 08, 01:46
by Crush
Crush wrote:Looks like both download links are down.
If you still want this script (I know I wanted), you can get it at: ... anager.spk

Posted: Thu, 31. Jul 08, 02:52
by Tritous
reinstalled the game, setup a complex and realised i was missing this :P how can i play without this script lol

only one suggestion really, is it possible to extend it to have have a "add resource" and set things as primary resources. I have this tendancy to find often that a ship will try and buy the intermediate resources I'm trying to sell as products and ignore the ones it's shortest on (go figure). Is it equally simple to declare something a primary resource (even if it's an inter) so they can be set as things to buy, and tell things to stop playing around with my products?

Have found an interesting twist that is giving me hell. You can only add products if something is producing them. If you are using some sort of warehouse then it will refuse to add them as products. Are there ways to get around this or is it hardcoded?

Posted: Mon, 5. Jan 09, 08:12
by AuGuR
Upped this to my site since neither of the two links work (for me) anymore.
Figured someone might need it :wink:

Downloaded 02/05/08, and according to the readme, it's version 1.0.

:arrow: Complex Manger 1.0 SPK

Posted: Wed, 22. Apr 09, 18:22
by Bark4
This script help me a lot thanks,... just for those who are not familiar with these adding scripts etc as me (took me 1 hour):

1 - download zip file and extract "something.sdk" file
2 - find/download/install "XPluginManager_Setup.exe" (needed for instaling *.sdk scripts)
3 - In XPluginManager add new script "something.sdk" downloaded in 1st. step
4 - load game and open QuickMenu (default key Enter)) /pilot /rename and rename pilot to "Thereshallbewings"
5 - save game, exit, load game
6 - now in your complex station command are add/remove product...

Posted: Wed, 24. Jun 09, 23:54
by username-1
Where's the Linux version of the script installer?

Posted: Wed, 30. Jun 10, 04:59
by markus_ctx
My X Plugin Manager said "The Format is to old" any idea how i can still use this script?

Posted: Sat, 23. Apr 11, 14:39
by Aenur
well, it's time again. None of the links is working anymore ! Still someone there who can upload it ?

Posted: Fri, 15. Feb 13, 20:12
by redfireeagle
looks cool but link is gone once again

Posted: Tue, 31. Dec 13, 13:10
by Xante

is there any working link left for that script? I'd be very interested.

Thanks in advance :wink:


Posted: Wed, 1. Jan 14, 02:05
by xxx73
I thought I had it but no...sry

Posted: Thu, 9. Jan 14, 23:32
by MBD
I've the file. It's been uploaded to my filefactory account: ... (3.64kb)

Posted: Sun, 12. Jan 14, 08:55
by xxx73
MBD wrote:I've the file. It's been uploaded to my filefactory account: ... (3.64kb)
Thanks :D

Re: [script] Complex manager, add or remove products from intermediate products

Posted: Tue, 9. Oct 18, 21:40
by Hueb
Hi, can somebody upload it again?
Would be nice. Thanks :)