[script] Complex manager, add or remove products from intermediate products

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Post by Aradiel1 » Tue, 20. Jun 06, 02:16

First of all;

Thank you for this script, it works perfect in combo with the station trader :)

I have one problem though:

I have a complex with a mine,teladianium foundry and a solar plant.

I have given the energy sells as a product and or added the intermediate products for sell.

If i tell a freighter to import goods with the station trader script he still buys energy cells ?

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Post by fusion23 » Tue, 27. Jun 06, 21:14

is there an updated version to this script with cycrows script installer? I only have version 1.0 from the link above but now there is 1.3? Anyone or will there be a later version?
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Post by Seismic_Edge » Wed, 20. Sep 06, 05:43

I have downloaded this file and positively installed the files correctly. I have done the Thereshallbewings thing. I have tried it remotely and while docked, yet I do not get any other commands in the command console than I was already getting.

1 None
2 Auto money transfer to player account
3 Station Manager: Automate

Is there a problem since the last update? Maybe a conflict with the bonus pack?

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Post by Flybye » Sat, 3. Mar 07, 03:58

Naffarin wrote:No, these scripts auto install themselves as soon as a save game is loaded and the script editor active......
You should have put that in your install instructions.

Not all of us are as X3 gifted as you ;) :mrgreen:

Anyways, if you are still around, I just wanted to say thanks! It works great! :D

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Post by aktivalux » Thu, 8. Mar 07, 15:39

perfect! thank you ;-) Now i will rule the universe :lol:
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Post by klaatu » Thu, 8. Mar 07, 17:08

Does this script still work OK with 2.0.02? It looks like it hasn't been updated in well over a year so I was wondering how well it still worked. TIA

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Post by Flybye » Thu, 8. Mar 07, 17:17

Well, it usually works with my 2.0.

But for some odd reason, I sometimes can't remove a ware from my product list. But I can certainly add and remove other wares.

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Post by georges1977 » Sat, 2. Jun 07, 06:09

Hi there

This is a great mod (my first script install!), but I seem to be having a problem with it - I've added an intermediate product as a sellable product, but when I change the selling price, the buying price changes at the same time. :(

Is there any way to set these to different values?

Thanks very much.

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Post by Faelnirv » Fri, 27. Jul 07, 12:34


I have a problem, I can't use the link! If I use it, I come to "This page not found" (or something like this)

please, give me another link.

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Post by jlehtone » Fri, 27. Jul 07, 13:32

Considering that Naffarin has not posted on forums since last December, a lot may have happened. What is the scenario, where you would use this script? There may exist alternate solutions.

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Post by X-Trem » Tue, 14. Aug 07, 23:00

The downloadlinks are down. can someone give me a working link?

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Post by LordAlrik » Sat, 8. Sep 07, 05:48

Does anyone have a working download to this script? Its just what I need >.>

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Post by Meph3333 » Wed, 12. Sep 07, 00:42

I need this script too, therefore I would welcome an active download link.

Maybe Naffarin (or somone else) is offering this service again?



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Post by Breum » Fri, 21. Sep 07, 21:16

Hellooo, anyone got the source for this script?

I have a broken complex, it has no products - was hopeing this would help.

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Post by Crush » Fri, 28. Sep 07, 23:51

Looks like both download links are down.
If you still want this script (I know I wanted), you can get it at:
https://www.sharemation.com/Crushfromlv ... anager.spk
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