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Post by Cycrow » Sat, 25. Feb 06, 13:31

nuke;s librarys are really for scriptors to use in there scrits
and if you all you want to do is raise ur notoriety to really high then use the Cheat Scripts.

also what your doing is setting both races as Argon which wont actaully do anything, you have to set one as the player race and the other as Argon

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Post by LV » Sat, 25. Feb 06, 14:16


post questions in relation to scripts you download in the thread you get them from, Don't create new topics.

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Post by nuclear_eclipse » Sat, 25. Feb 06, 14:50

To specifically answer your question:

- Null for the 1st arg
- Argon for the 2nd arg
- Julian/Your Name for the 3rd arg
- 1,000,000 for the last arg

OR just use the actual cheat scripts. While my libraries work perfectly well for this task, they are generally targetted for and more usefull in actual scripts that create campaigns and such.

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Post by Panzertard » Fri, 5. Jan 07, 17:34

x.leetcode.netSite down? Can't resolve DNS/ping it.

Does anyone helse have these scripts - I would love to have a look at them:
Nuke.Lib - Library Scripts

These are basic library scripts that perform a usefull function for use in other script sets.

Create an asteroid field - 2005-12-23
Allows the user to create a varying field of asteroids (big and small) based on a set of input parameters. Makes very pretty fields, used exclusively for the Syndicate Mod.

Info Thread: http://forum.egosoft.com/viewtopic.php?t=114512
Download: http://x.leetcode.net/x3/lib/nuke.lib.c ... dfield.xml

Add/Set Notoriety - 2006-01-09
Now there's an easy way to add or set an exact amount of notoriety, no matter what condition the notoriety is currently at. These scripts will add or set as exact of a notoriety boost as possible with the scripting engine.

Add Notoriety - http://x.leetcode.net/x3/lib/nuke.lib.notoriety.add.xml
Set Notoriety - http://x.leetcode.net/x3/lib/nuke.lib.notoriety.set.xml

Set Sector Known - 2006-01-09
If you want to set a sector as known to the player, including all stations and gates, this script is for you.

Download: http://x.leetcode.net/x3/lib/nuke.lib.sector.known.xml
Or are there any alternate sites somewhere?

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Post by Jakesnake5 » Sun, 7. Jan 07, 04:45

Nuke vanished into the twilight zone. He doesn't care about X3 anymore :D
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