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Posted: Thu, 6. Oct 16, 10:06
by X2-Illuminatus
**merged with respective script thread, as per S&M forum posting rules**

How did you install the script? If it's via the Plugin Manager, you have to uninstall the script there too or set the Plugin Manager to Vanilla mode. Otherwise the Plugin Manager will copy the script files to your "scripts" folder again. If you installed the script manually, delete the whole "scripts" folder from your game directory and let Steam download it again. When uninstalling through Steam, only the original game files will be deleted. Additional ones (provided through scripts and mods) usually remain.

Posted: Fri, 7. Oct 16, 23:45
by tawhitt
TECSG,hey bro i now have the gog drm free version of x3 reunion,i downloaded your script mod but x plugin manager don't recognize the directory to the game exe. so i was wondering how to install your mod with out using the plugin manager.

Posted: Sat, 8. Oct 16, 08:08
Cycrow's Script Manager (or one of the shortcuts it creates) should have the option to extract an .SPK file. If you extract the script, you should end up with 2 folders called 'scripts' and 't' (there may also be some others like 'readme' or something similar).

Now look in your X3 installation folder, you should find the same folders, copy the new files into the matching folder in your game installation directory.