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[CHEAT] God Mode - v1.1 2005-11-13 *Update*

Posted: Sat, 12. Nov 05, 03:41
by nuclear_eclipse
This is for all you buggers out there who have slower computers, or don't have joysticks, or just plain dont want to worry about dying or losing your precious ship while you are away. This script actively repairs your shields and hull to full status every tenth of a second. This should be sufficient to protect your ship from any attack, unless you are in an M5 going head-to-head with a destroyer.

Basically, as long as your opponent can't take you out with a single shot, you are omnipotent, and can take as long as you like to kill your agressors. You can also run this on any or all ships in your fleet and have an invincible army at your disposal.

- Make any or all of your ships all but impervious to attack
- Being able to finally stop and smell the roses in Xenon and Kha'ak sectors... without dying right afterwards
- Take on the entire Kha'ak Armada in your M3 without breaking a sweat

Side Effects:
- Guilt for being a scrooge
- Raised self esteem that can get you in trouble
- Fear of nothing, which can get you killed in real life
- Boredom when all the challenge is removed

Everyone enjoy: :lol:

EDIT: If you would like to use God Mode for stations as well, download this addon by 'A DJ'

Posted: Sat, 12. Nov 05, 04:37
by Lothmorg
I choose the last option just because it was funny! :rofl:

Seriously, I think it's cool just so I can take a look and see how you implement the scripts.
Understanding that will help me make better scripts.

Posted: Sat, 12. Nov 05, 06:00
by craigww22
It would be a good script, but it would just suck all the fun out of the game.

Posted: Sat, 12. Nov 05, 06:18
by Lothmorg
Looks like I get a chance to try it out for Mission 2. :D

On a side note...

Where is the energy indicator for your ship? I would very much like to know when my energy is getting low before it gets low. :wink:

Posted: Sat, 12. Nov 05, 08:14
by craigww22
Bottom left, blue bar is shields, green is hull.

Posted: Sat, 12. Nov 05, 08:40
by Lothmorg
Found it. The energy is the red bar behind the weapons icons.

The script didn't help for mission 2 unfortunately, but I was able to get past it eventually.

Posted: Sun, 13. Nov 05, 07:23
by SpatryX
I wanted to test this script for kicks... I ran it and decided to pick on the Teladi.... I ended up getting SPANKED! This script did not work for me using v1.2.1 Would have been cool if i could have gotten it to work....

Posted: Sun, 13. Nov 05, 17:58
by nuclear_eclipse
It should work in 1.2.01 no problem. It does for me. Are you making sure that the godmode command is running under 'additional ship commands' for your ship? You must manually activate it for every ship you own.

Also, like I said, this script simply refreshes your hull and shields back to full strength every tenth of a second. If something shoots at you and can kill you in less than 1 tenth of a second, this script is useless against it. Eg. this script cannot protect your fighters against squash mines, nor GPPC fire, or anything else that's extremely powerful because there is not enough time for the script to replenish your health before you die.

The script basically allows you to take on a pack of ships that are each only one or two classes above yours, but if you try to take on an M2 in your M5, you will probably have troubles.

Posted: Sun, 13. Nov 05, 18:16
by Crypton
yup it works,

go into ship command console, scroll down, will see a couple places for extra commands,

use it and select the text file that was included with the god mode pack

btw. anyway to get that showing up as God Mode instead of 447802.xml.txt or whatever it was? Was testing the script out and noticed that is does not show the name, but the 447802 portion.

Posted: Sun, 13. Nov 05, 20:25
by nuclear_eclipse
OK, I figured out the readtext issue, and it was a stupid mistake on my part. It is fixed now in 1.1, and you can download the new one from the link at the top. OR, you could simply rename the 447802.xml file to 447890.xml and not even bother with a new download. Your choice.

Posted: Tue, 15. Nov 05, 09:41
by Crypton
cool, not worried about it though, just checked it out to see if it worked, but downloaded the new one to archive as im sure I will want it later after I do the game a good once over without cheating.

Thanks though! :)

Posted: Sat, 3. Dec 05, 21:29
by Gillie
This file keeps coming up as a corrupt file when I unpack it.
Can you check the integrity of the file?
it downloads as a 3k file. but both files in the script subdirectory fails the CRC check.

Posted: Sat, 3. Dec 05, 22:02
by nuclear_eclipse
Try downloading the file again. Perhaps you had a bugged download. I just downloaded it mysef, and all files extracted fine and viewed correctly in IE.

Posted: Tue, 6. Dec 05, 03:21
by mrdefender
Alright, how exactly do you get this to work?

It's in 'Slot1' in 'additional options' but how do I execute it?

Posted: Tue, 6. Dec 05, 04:00
by nuclear_eclipse
Enabling god mode should be as simple as going to the additional commands slot, highlighting 'God Mode' and hitting Enter. It should then appear enabled in Slot 1, and will take care of itself as long as you dont go back later and change the command for that slot.

NOTE: This does not protect you from everything. Any weapon that can destroy your craft in one hit (squash mines), or deal serious amounts of damage absurdly quick (B/GPPC), will destroy you anyways due to the limitations of the way I had to implement god mode.