X3 reunion comms animation bug

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X3 reunion comms animation bug

Post by 32anChips » Sun, 20. Mar 22, 08:33

has anyone found a fix for the comms animation bug or glitch were people change to a different character when speaking to you on the comms on ships or stations ?
im new to the games and defiantly not a modder yet but any idea were to start looking for the root cause

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Re: X3 reunion comms animation bug

Post by X2-Illuminatus » Thu, 24. Mar 22, 00:01

It's a known bug, the comms video starting from the last character you talked to and requiring a few frames until it has "catched up" to the the current character video. While there are some reports in the forum, it's not a very common bug. So the reasons are unkown and I'm not aware of any proper solution.

If I had to guess I'd say it's a video playback issue caused by a video codec incompatibility, as X3 games are rather picky about codecs. The communication videos in question are all stored in the 00001.dat located in the X3 Reunion\mov folder. So you could try converting the file to a different format than (iirc) mpeg. Although I'm not sure X3 would still play it then. Another workaround would be replacing the 00001.dat altogether. There's a mod by dertien for X3TC here, called No more muppets, which replaces the character communication videos with still images. I think in X3TC new videos were only added to the end to the existing X3R 00001.dat, so this file should also work with X3R.
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Re: X3 reunion comms animation bug

Post by ARamirez » Sat, 26. Mar 22, 16:43

Yes, the communication images have a problem. I use a small mod that seems solving this animation bug.

https://www.elite-games.ru/_egm_scripts ... deofix.zip
Author: AlexYar
In a standard game, when communicating with another ship or during the plot, other faces are constantly flashing on the communication screen in addition to the opponent's face.
The fix is designed to eliminate unauthorized persons from the communication screen when talking to the pilot.
Does not result in ***modified***.

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