x2 (and other x games) not recognizing nvidia GTX card

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x2 (and other x games) not recognizing nvidia GTX card

Post by davhaas » Thu, 24. Jan 19, 19:23

Hi all,
I think I'm not the only once facing this problem.

In my new laptop (Acer) I have an NVIDIA GTX 1050 card but the game doesn't show it as a choice. The graphics card driver is updated (just did it).

So, the simple question: Why doesn't the x2 program recognize this card? Is there a way to "trick" the game to just accept it as a generic card?

Note: Since the problem is so narrow and somebody else with a similar problem sent in a full Diagwin sheet of specs, I've decided it's not needed.

Thanks for helping! David

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Re: x2 (and other x games) not recognizing nvidia GTX card

Post by X2-Illuminatus » Fri, 25. Jan 19, 19:29

When X2 was released, dual GPU setups were far less common than today. To run X2 with your Nvidia GPU, right click on the X2.exe, select "Run with graphics processor" and click on "High-performance NVIDIA processor". Alternatively, below you should find an option to change the default graphics processor.
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