X3 Reunion CDs with CD Key for Steam Key

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X3 Reunion CDs with CD Key for Steam Key

Post by AHappyKittyCat » Sat, 4. Aug 18, 21:30


I purchased X3 Reunion a long time ago which has the CDs along with a CD key. I found out the CD key does not activate on Steam and I am encountering issues with my drive not reading the discs at all so I could not install the game in Windows 10. I read Steam forum that they might be possibility of emailing a mod with the original cd key in order to get a steam key?

https://steamcommunity.com/app/2810/dis ... 865338376/

Please advise if this is still possible.


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Post by Alan Phipps » Sat, 4. Aug 18, 21:53

Hello. There are a few confusions going on in this thread.

Firstly having the disk version of X3:R does not entitle you to a Steam key for it. That was only the case with X3AP/TC if you owned the disk version of X3TC or for the relevant older games if you already owned the SuperBox on disk.

Secondly X3:R will install on most systems with Win10 just fine as long as you fully patch it to latest version before you try to play it and so activate any old XP program protection systems that may be on the disks and that will indeed cause compatibility issues with Win10. (Of course this does not help if your drive is not reading the CDs at all - which seems rather odd. A System Admin such as CBJ or Xenon_Slayer might be able to help if all of your drives cannot recognise one or more of the disks. You would have to PM an Admin describing the issue and including your CD key - do not do this in open forum.)

If there are still issues on installing and playing older X games in Win10 then please note this thread. Also you can try running the games in various older Windows OS compatibility modes.

If you still have issues then we can most probably help you more effectively if you provide the game and system information asked for in the Tech Sp Sticky Announcement.

If all else fails, you can probably pick up a download version of X3:R on Steam for under £10, or even less if in a sale.

Good luck.
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