[Bug Report] X3R Corrupt Saved Games

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[Bug Report] X3R Corrupt Saved Games

Post by DhU3M » Fri, 27. Apr 18, 19:14

This is a late late late late bug report.

Not sure if it was ever a bug report about the corrupt saved games
but i did try to do a search and came up empty.

The Bonus Material for X3 Reunion Corrupts the Save games.

Tried to narrow it down but at the time i got irritated with
it and stop playing it along time ago.

Alan Phipps
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Moderator (English)
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Post by Alan Phipps » Fri, 27. Apr 18, 20:29

"The Bonus Material for X3 Reunion Corrupts the Save games."

If you mean the Bonus Pack for vanilla version 2.5 X3:R then the correct one (3.1.07) downloaded from the Egosoft site and correctly installed certainly does not do that.

You need to tell us more about your game version, where it is from (such as Steam, GoG, DVD etc), whether it is modded and what Bonus Material you mean, its version and where it came from.

Of course this is all moot if you don't wish to try the game again.
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