X2 patch 1.5 will not install

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X2 patch 1.5 will not install

Post by jagefreeblood » Sat, 7. Apr 18, 19:19

I came to your website and downloaded the patch 1.5 for X2. The download went normally. I saw a progress bar and it said the patch was installed. It did not install. I'm still playing version 1.4. Any help?

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Post by Cpt.Jericho » Sat, 7. Apr 18, 20:09

Hard to know without knowing what kind of machine you use or even OS.

Then again, AFAIK 1.5 doesn't change or fix the game. It just adds the possibilty to upload your statistics unto your forum profile.
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Post by Alan Phipps » Sat, 7. Apr 18, 20:38

If you have the menu option to make an upload file (Playerstats.pck usually for X games) then you have v 1.5.

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