only got one game of the "gold edition" when registering serial in steam

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only got one game of the "gold edition" when registering serial in steam

Post by halfmosh136 » Wed, 6. Apr 16, 22:57


I once bought the German version of "X³ Gold Edition" that comes with X³ Terran Conflict and X³ Reunion.
A couple of days ago I tried to register the serial number that came along with it in Steam. However, I only got X3TC. The other game is not available for download.

I complained at Steam support and they confirmed that my serial number was only valid for X3TC and that I should contact Egosoft.

Where do I get a valid serial number for Reunion??
I bought the game!

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Post by Nanook » Wed, 6. Apr 16, 23:05

You can't. I'm pretty sure that TC is the only game that you can register a disk version in Steam. X2 and X3R don't qualify for the free Steam versions.
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Post by Alan Phipps » Wed, 6. Apr 16, 23:12

The short answer is that you cannot get it free from Steam. What you bought included a DVD version only for X3R.

The subsequent Steam transition offer was exclusively to allow X3TC disk-based users (from whatever package) to get the Steam X3TC version free to allow them to access and download the (then) Steam-only X3AP game.

No such offer was made for any of the earlier games or other complete multi-game packages apart from the rather special case of the SuperBox. Please see this FAQ.

You can now probably pick up an X3R download very cheaply on Steam or GOG.
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