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Connect to Steam from Box Version

Post by kubrendan » Tue, 26. Jan 16, 01:07

I purchased X3: Reunion when it came out and just reinstalled it. I see that it can now be linked to Steam. I linked my account from Egosoft's website to Steam, but when I click the "update via Steam," nothing seems to happen. How can I make X3: Reunion show in my list of available games in Steam and have it use SteamCloud for gamefile backup purposes? The game works fine locally and is registered with Egosoft. Thanks!

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Post by CBJ » Tue, 26. Jan 16, 01:26

You can't register X3R as a Steam game, as explained in the last section of this sticky thread at the top of the main X Trilogy forum. The best you can do is add it as a non-Steam game using that option in the Steam client. I don't think it supports using Steam Cloud for saves in that mode, but I could be wrong.

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