Redownloaded and Reinstalled; Registration Problems.

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Redownloaded and Reinstalled; Registration Problems.

Post by DrakuzDarkSith » Tue, 6. Oct 15, 12:54

got a question, i have 2 copies of x2 and x3.
one registered on here (came in disc form years ago.)

then bought later on, on, which has its own set of codes, but the download came from then server they sold it to, gamefly. gamefly just says see for download and purchase history. blah anyways...

so the download from gamefly doesnt work with the direct2drive code. and i have no idea where to purchase this game again. that would actually run.

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Post by Nanook » Tue, 6. Oct 15, 19:39

Moved to the Tech Support Forum since this isn't a scripting or modding issue.

Steam is probably your best bet, although you may be able to find disk copies on eBay, or even Amazon.
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