is my game using the right graphics card?

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is my game using the right graphics card?

Post by tawhitt » Thu, 20. Aug 15, 14:28

Hey guys,the answer to my problem might already be in this forum but if it is i couldn't find it,so here is the problem,in the game launcher under the graphics tab it is only showing the intel hd3000 graphics card,this card wont play this game xreunion,i have a dedicated nvidea gtx 580m graphics card which according to the run with graphics card setting on the game is the card it is using but the game still wont run,so i guess i am wondering why the game ui isn't showing the nvidea gtx 580m as an option,and if it really is using the nvidea gtx 580m like it says is the default graphics card for this game,because i think if it was using the 580m card then the game would run,so how can i get the game to show the nvidea gtx 580m card as an option in the game ui.

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Post by X2-Illuminatus » Thu, 20. Aug 15, 20:30

In the Nvidia control panel, make sure that the usage of the Nvidia card is actually defined: Under "Manage 3D Settings" -> "Select a program to customize" select the X3.exe, and set the Nvidia card as the "preferred graphics processor". I think the respective options is called "High-performance NVIDIA processor". By default the auto select option is usually set, which might display the NVidia card already, but still only tries to switch between the two cards based on the actual load.

I have an Acer notebook with an Intel HD Graphics 4400 and an Nvidia Geforce 820M. When I do what I described above, the Geforce graphics card is correctly displayed in the X3 starter under Graphics settings and is used by the game.

If that doesn't work, try disabling the Intel onboard graphics card in the Device Manager completely.
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