X3 reunion crashing in windows? Rock solid stable running on Linux!

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X3 reunion crashing in windows? Rock solid stable running on Linux!

Post by pinback173 » Sat, 25. Jul 15, 09:13

I installed X3 reunion on windows 7 pro several months back, it would randomly crash on either vanilla or with cheats and mods loaded. It was frustrating enough for me to just ditch it and go with X3 TC and X3 AP, no issues at all on these two. My rig is a 2500k, gigabyte GA-Z68A-D3-B3, 8gb ram, 1Tb HDD, 460GTX and 760GTX were both tried and had same crashing issues.

On a whim, I installed reunion and TC via the steam client on an old Celeron E3400, GA-P43-ES3G w/ 2Gb ram and an HD 4670 running Ubuntu 14.04 and have been playing for hours and NO CRASHES!

Have read about reunion and win 7 crashes quite a bit, so a great many thanks for the team for releasing the Linux versions.


EDIT - did not realize there was a linux support thread and was just reading on the issues posted there, my bad

Alan Phipps
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Post by Alan Phipps » Sat, 25. Jul 15, 13:53

If you had fully used Tech Sp back when the issues on your Windows system first started then we might have been able to help you then. I have no issues with X3:R and Win7 x64 apart from having to disable AMD's version of Raptr that comes bundled in their Catalyst driver suites now.

We can only sensibly help further if you give us the information (especially the DxDiag) requested.
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