[X2 the threat] Hull dmg for no reason?

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[X2 the threat] Hull dmg for no reason?

Post by AvariceFriend » Sun, 1. Sep 13, 04:59

I bought the x superbox on steam recently and have been playing X2 like mad lately. I played it back in the day for a short period, but moved on before giving it a chance.

I'm loving it this time around. :)

Anyway, I've been capturing a lot of ships to make money and I've been noticing I'm taking hull dmg in fights when nothing is hitting me.

I'll have 100% shields during a fight and come out of it with less than 100% hull.

Is this a bug? Is there equipment I may be using that dmgs my own hull?

Confused and looking for possible explanations.

I have the bonus pack installed for mods, but that's it.

Thanks in advance..

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Post by AgamemnonArgon » Mon, 2. Sep 13, 23:58

Hull eating nebula were in X2

Caused me a lot of damage.

Pity it was not carried on after that game.

Check for that.
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Post by Carlo the Curious » Fri, 6. Sep 13, 12:36

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Post by Jimmyjamjohnson42 » Sun, 7. Apr 19, 18:51

Carlo the Curious wrote:
Fri, 6. Sep 13, 12:36
Or mass drivers.
Mass drivers damage your opponent's hull. I dont think there is AI that can use the mass driver
I play X2 too much. :P

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Re: [X2 the threat] Hull dmg for no reason?

Post by Alan Phipps » Mon, 8. Apr 19, 14:30

A reply to a nearly 6 year old comment.
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