Does xbtf and xtension support 2560x1440p

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Does xbtf and xtension support 2560x1440p

Post by Skeeter » Wed, 17. Apr 19, 16:43

As title.

As i tried xbtf and it didnt like that res, it cut parts off, looked weird and wasnt fullscreen i believe. So had to use a daft res like 1920x1440p for 4:3 even then it didnt look like it showed everything. 1080p res worked but looked naff.

X tension just doesnt boot up and theres no way to adjust res i think it just detects my res and tries it and fails during startup of the game as it shows 4:3 aspect splash screen then crashes.

win 10
32in monitor ips 1440p 75hz.
i5 3570k cpu 16gb DDR3 1600mhz vega 56 8gb 32" 1440p mon

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Re: Does xbtf and xtension support 2560x1440p

Post by Alan Phipps » Wed, 17. Apr 19, 18:45

Have you worked through this thread?
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