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Very Much Enjoying Farnham's Legend

Posted: Thu, 2. Jan 20, 04:51
by CaplinCaplin
Hi All,

I just wanted to say that I'm enjoying Farnham's Legend a great deal. I've not played the X games until recently, but find the book a wonderful window into the universe, and a fun read in general. I am a sucker for "fish out of water," stories, and this definitely qualifies as such so far.

Thanks for making it available on Kindle :)

Re: Very Much Enjoying Farnham's Legend

Posted: Mon, 6. Jan 20, 15:48
by nhaines
I'm thrilled to hear that! The other novels will be available in English in due time... of course, if you want them in German, they're available on Kindle and in print right now!

Happy flying in the games!