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A Split, a Divine, a Priest and a Smuggler (Fan Art)

Posted: Fri, 8. Mar 19, 15:03
by Ynesra_Voles
For some time ago I was trying myself as a concept artist, but it went bed, so I chose photography instead. :mrgreen:
I also have been a fan of X-Series since X-Tension so here are some Old-X-Inspired pieces from the height of my skill:

A young split archaeologist that found an ancient being (2 versions):
https://samdesignsolutions.files.wordpr ... very1a.jpg
https://samdesignsolutions.files.wordpr ... very1b.jpg

An alien Divine - "He, who took all his peoples pain and diseases":
https://samdesignsolutions.files.wordpr ... acher1.jpg

The Red Priestess in molecular-ceramic armor:
https://samdesignsolutions.files.wordpr ... tess_1.png

A smuggler Kira:
https://samdesignsolutions.files.wordpr ... kkira1.png

All pictures are in High-Res, hosted on my wordpress-site, originally posted on DeviantArt ages ago.

Hope that these pieces will inspire you to some fan-fiction, or help developers to create some new amazing quests and storylines.

Cheers, Friends!

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Re: A Split, a Divine, a Priest and a Smuggler (Fan Art)

Posted: Mon, 25. Mar 19, 14:23
by fiksal
I like it