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Fictitious SideWays in X4 !

Posted: Sun, 6. Jan 19, 00:03
by Nort The Fragrent
At the far Eastern quadrant of Unholy Decent, a gate has opened leading to Doubters Prime. This sector is rich in Ballsillyite, and can be gathered using the local Bucket ships. The ships are a little expensive, but the rewards are unimaginable. When ordering your first ship be very specific with what type of shovel you want fitted, as the perforated one tends to not work that well!
After gathering your Ballsillyite you need to transport it across the sectors to Haven Knows-where system. Find the local trader by the name of Clue-de-knot, he will reward you handsomely for your cargo.
If by any chance you have not reached the gate leading to Doubters Prime, then you need to put your boosters and SETA on simultaneously. This gives the scanners that bit extra incentive to find the elusive gate.
Should you except this mission, you are indeed a x-spurt.