[VIDEO] Naginata Yaki Frigate mod in action plus artwork.

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[VIDEO] Naginata Yaki Frigate mod in action plus artwork.

Post by RichardDaborn » Tue, 9. Jun 15, 19:18


Waay back in 2006 a game modification for X3: Reunion, the Deadly Da mod used one of my drawings as a basis for the Yaki Naginata M7 frigate.

After playing X3TC with the Nagi ship mod I decided to record some HD footage of it in action plus my artwork which inspired the modification.

This was back in the days when i used to go by the name RustiSwordz. I did a lot of fan art back then. Much of it i still have floating around.

https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/927 ... nebula.jpg Link to original fan art.

https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/927 ... ginata.xsp

Link to the .xsp file of the Naginata. Should work with X3:R TC AP don't blame me if it don't work.

The Nagi was inspired fan art by my love of the X3 series.

Sci-fi Artwork website.

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Post by Scion Drakhar » Sun, 21. Jun 15, 11:15

Pretty cool. Can you post the stats you gave her?
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Re: [VIDEO] Naginata Yaki Frigate mod in action plus artwork.

Post by Hieronymos » Wed, 3. Mar 21, 21:46

I was the member of Jeff Hatch's DDRS modding team that fine-tuned the weapons loadout and stats for the Naginata M7, after RustiSwordz created her. and graciously optioned her to the mod. She was (is!) Yaki, and was meant to have a qualitative combat advantage over all other M7's; just like the other Yaki DDRS mod ships that were quite challenging to access, but well worth it.

As an M7, Naginata was agile enough to successfully duel capital ships with her main fixed-frontal guns by evading counter-fire; but her secondary turrets weren't adequate to handle lighter enemy fighters in any quantity. She was just agile enough to dogfight slower M3's--and the Heavy M3 hybrids the DDRS mod had rolled out.

Her lines were so damned sexy, I couldn't resist using her on my signature!

Just saw this after 6+ years away from X3, while researching whether or not to buy X4...or wait a bit longer.

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