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Rise of Phanon LUV DiD

Posted: Mon, 11. Aug 14, 12:18
by kaistern
Mods, rules and information

I am running Litcube's Universe Vanilla. As this is a very much evolving Mod, I will try to stay up to date with most recent patch however I may lag behind a couple of weeks just to make sure the kinks get worked out of any major patches.


DiD - Execpt gate crashes, stupidity and bugs/glitches I might encounter.
I dont know of any other rules that I would need but if yall think of any just mention it... anything that would make it more intresting.

Cut Scenes - Any time you see [cut scene] [end cut scene] all of that content is out of game. Just me telling the story. Cut scenes will in no way change gameplay, they just add character and life to the story. In cut scenes I reserve the right to some measre of artistic licence. For example in the second part of the Prologue I land on Argon One, which isn't actually possible in the game, but this is just to advance the storyline and doesn't actually change gameplay at all. Anything not in cut scene should actually be do able in game.

EDIT3: Turns out I never remember to use it, meh it was a good idea

Start: Ultralite

Starting assets:
M5 Pegasus "Hermes"
-Fight Co. 1
-4 IRE
-2 Mk shields
-136 m/s top speed
-Horrorable rudder
18000 credits.

Edit: Cut Scene info
Edit2: Added Pegasus Info

Posted: Mon, 11. Aug 14, 12:20
by kaistern
"What!" I yelled, "What do you mean it's all gone?" The lawyer sighed behind his desk, his face full of remorse. "I hate to tell you this, William, but the day before your father was killed he signed over his entire company to a Mr. Phanon." He shook his head slightly before continuing, "It's all very legal. I dont know what he was planning to do and now we will never know." My dad had been killed when a group of pirates open fired without warning on the Express that was ferrying him to a buissness meeting. A tragic accident the police called it. A bad case of wrong place, wrong time they called. "Isn't this a little coincidental?" I blurted out. My laywer shook his head again.

Carson Hornel was his name and he had been my fathers laywer for as long as I could remember. He was a very polite man, soft spoken when amongst friends but an iron halberd when it was needed. "It is very supicious. Normally your father would have had me, and two dozen other members of the company together before he made any kind of discision, and to turn every thing over to some someone no one had ever heard of? Completely unlike him. However, it is to late to do anything. As soon as Mr. Phanon had control of your father's assets he liquidated everything and then disapeared. I contacted the police, but they shrugged it off, told me that the case was already solved and the pirates brought to justice."
Silence blanketed the room for long minutes as my mind swirled in the deep sea of remorse. "What do I do now?" A stony look came over my lawyer's face, "The only asset you have left, the only thing that is in your name, is The Hermes, that Pegasus you father bought you when you passed your first flight test. Every thing else. every thing that was also in his name is gone."

My father had been a great man in my eyes. A war hero decorated for his achievements during the Terran Conflict. After the peace treaty had been signed he retired from the navy and started a trade empire. He did very well, every thing he invested in blossomed under his care. He had always been a fair businessman though, and I couldn't understand why anyone would have done this to him. I wasn't buy this "coincidence" story that the police kept singing.

A few days later I found my self sitting at a bar, a cold glass of foamy yellow liquid sat in my hands, at least that was what it was when I had ordered it. Now the still full glass was warm to the touch with no foam to be seen. I felt numb, the people around me seemed grey and animatronic as they pretended to laugh and care about one another's life. A TV in the corner briefly held my attention as it reported that communication had been lost with one of the new Omicron Channel sectors. My attention waned with a follow up from a top Argonian official assuring the public that it was just a problem with the communications relay and that communication would be restored shortly. A couple of my old racing buddies had tried to sit down next to me, but the conversation quickly grew stale and awkward. The only things we had ever had in common was racing. Racing had always been my one passion, and my father had always been my biggest supporter. But now it just reminded me of my father. My mind had not been idle these past few days. I had been going over everything that had happened, everything that was happening. I kept comming to one conclusion, there was no way that the pirate attack had been a chance occurance. A grim determination had been growing slowly in my heart turing fiery anger and overwhelming remorse into ice cold hatred. It was becoming clear to me that I only had one thing left to me.... Revenge.

Posted: Mon, 11. Aug 14, 13:59
by Triaxx2
Looks interesting so far. What game are you in so I can add it to the proper place on the list.

Posted: Mon, 11. Aug 14, 14:42
by Litcube

Posted: Wed, 13. Aug 14, 06:44
by kaistern
I am running AP

Posted: Fri, 15. Aug 14, 09:22
by kaistern


The Hermes was a sleek looking ship though that was about the only good thing I had to say about it. It was only a quarter a fast as the m5s I had flown in races, and maybe a quarter as manoverable. My father had given it to me as a first ship but I only flew it a handful of time before I upgraded to a true raceship. With only 2 mK of shields and four IREs it would take a lot of skill and a fair amount of luck to make it out of any dogfight.

It wasn't much but it was all I had.

As I opened the hatch to the cockpit, I got an erie feeling. A chill went down my back, goosebumps rose on my arms. The last time I sat in this cockpit my father had been praising me for qualifying for my first race. As the feeling faded I lowered my self into the seat and fastened myself in. I started my preflight check list: power-good, engines-check, trade extension-not installed, best buys locator-not installed, best sells locator-not installed, weapons-check, Communicatio.... "What do you think you doing!?!" A voice exclaimed. I startled and fumbled for my laser pistol, looking around to find where the voice came from, "Who's there? Show your self!" I shouted. "My name is Gizmo. Now who are you, and why are you in my ship?" the voice said. This time I was able to figure out where it was coming from, the radio! Who ever this was wasn't even on the ship! "Your ship? I am William McCloud and this is MY SHIP. Now if you will excuse me I was just about to launch."

I wasn't sure who this Gizmo was but I knew I was tired of talking to him. Trying to claim that this was his ship! I closed the hatch and activated the launch sequence.
Please hold your ship is 5th in line for launch

"Oh your HIS son..." Gizmo's voice said " He always talked about you but he never allowed me to meet you before." My breath stopped. "How do you know my father?" I could feel my heart racing, could this gizmo know anything about his death? "I guess I should explain who I am," Gizmo said "I am not really a person, I am a program that your father created to assist him. I helped him control his business, streamlining production and operating ships without pilots. I was the secret tool he used to excel at everything he did." I felt stunned. Gizmo was an AI? MY father had created an AI? Everyone knew that AI's were evil, Xenon attacks were an everyday occurrence. "Www.. Why.." I stuttered "Why would he create an Xenon?" The radio chuckled slightly, "Xenon? Who said anything about them? No I am just a interactive, learning, and self aware computer program. Where is the ol' man anyway. He can explain this better then I can." Gizmo replied. Sorrow. Remorse. Anger. I blinked the tears out of my eyes. "He's dead. Two weeks ago he signed everything he owned over to some Phanon guy and the next day he was killed by pirates." Silence, why was there always silence when a person died? "I didn't know.." Gizmo said, "So I guess that means that we are going after this Mr. Phanon?" We? The was Gizmo talked you would think he was a person instead of a program. On the other hand though if my father had created him he couldn't be all bad and having an AI helping me could be a HUGE benefit later down the road. "Yeah I guess we are. But we have a long way to go before we will be able to start chasing him down. With as much power as I am guessing Phanon will have we will need to have an armada backing us and right now I am quite broke."

The Hermes finally started taxiing toward the launch pad, and was catapulted out the bay doors and into space leaving the trading station behind. All of Argon Prime blossumed onto the veiw screen. "So boss..." Gizmo piped up, "how exactly are we planning to do this anyhow?" A fair question. It was weird to me; the more I talked with Gizmo the more and more I thought of him as a peron instead of a computer program. If I wasn't careful I was afraid that I would forget all together. I angled the nose of the shp toward Argon One and increased the throttle before anwsering Gizmo, "Admiral Chase was an old friend of my father's, they flew fighters together durring the Terran Conflict. I don't know if he can help but I figure it is a good place to start." Argon One grew in size untill it filled almost my entire view screen. I opened up a communications line to it's Dock command and after a short talk with the flight control officer I was granted permission to land.

After landing it took me two hours and 3 diffrent officers before I was finally allowed near the Admiral's office. By that time someone must have forewarned him because he meet me at the door with a smile and handshake. Admiral Chase was a short middle-aged man who wore his uniform almost as a second skin. He welcomed me into his office and motioned for me to take a seat as he sat down behind his desk. "William, I was sorry to hear about your father. He was my best friend and a damn good wingman. But I'm sure you didn't come here to talk about that." Well at least he is straight forward. "No your right admiral, my father's passing has left me broke and with only a m5 to my name. I need work, opportunities to show my worth and to build back my father's company. I don't know if you will be able to help me but I don't know who else to turn to." The admiral nodded his head to hmself "You couldn't have come at a better time. Between the Paranoid and the... ah well other concerns, most of my defence ships have been pulled away. I am spread so thin that it is impossible to even patrol all of Argon space. We have a lot of freelance work tat needs to be done. Check with the local station officers for more details. now I hate to rush this but I have a very important meeting I have to attend, you can find your way out?" I knew Admiral Chase didn't mean to be rude, he had always been like this. Any time he had visited with my dad his visits had always been cut short by some emergancy or another. The downfalls of being an Argonian admiral I guess. I quickly made my way back to my ship, for some reason the rest of the officers on Argon One didn't look to kindly on non-navy personal hanging about the ship, to the point of the flight control officer giving me priority launch. Gizmo was glad to see me back already, it was almost as if he craved human contact. "Enough already!" I shouted good naturedly, "Let's just see what you are capable of, take us to Home of Light, contact the local navy officers and drum up some work for us." I smiled, it felt good to have a direction for the firsttime in weeks. We had a long ways to go but I was sure we were headed in the right direction. "Umm, boss..." Gizmo started in a shy voice, "it seems that the nav com doesn't have any information stored..... at all.... we are going to have to explor everything by hand." I let out a sigh, well if it wasn't one thng it was another. "See that gate over there? I asked, "That is the south gate... Fly through it."

And so it began.

[End Cutscene]

Posted: Fri, 15. Aug 14, 09:38
by kaistern
Hope you enjoy part 2 of the prologue. The actual DiD content will start with the next release, hopefully next weekend. It might be kind of slow though, I want to be in a m4 by the end of it and that is going to be a lot of work, I only have a m5 and 18000 credits after all and in LU pricetags on ships are outragous. Hopefully I might get a couple of bails with LU's new bail system.

Sorry for any sloppy writting/typos/spelling errors. I tried to catch them all. Also any advise on writting would be helpful, I have never really written before.

Also I added a Cutscene discription to the OP. This is just to avoid any confusion later down the road. Tell me if yall like the idea

Posted: Fri, 15. Aug 14, 13:17
by Triaxx2
Included in the DiD list. :D

Posted: Sun, 17. Aug 14, 12:53
by kaistern
Thanks! How do you like it so far? Any suggestions

Posted: Sun, 17. Aug 14, 14:37
by Triaxx2
Seems pretty good. One thing though, when you're having a conversation between to people, you should have a new paragraph for each person.

"So it's like this." Said A

"Exactly, that's the way." Said B

Makes it easier to read and breaks up big blocks, as well as making it possible to tell who said what. It's not necessary to say who said what unless there's more than two people conversing and even then only when the additional people are interjecting.

Scion is pretty good at those big conversations. If you're looking for better examples than I can manage.

Posted: Mon, 18. Aug 14, 07:21
by Sabrina Bergin
As Triaxx2 said it is a good start and you will find your writing will improve with practice.

Also if you preview your work before submitting it you can usually spot errors yourself.

The main thing is if you are enjoying it keep going.

Posted: Tue, 19. Aug 14, 07:55
by Kual
Really nice start, I like your idea of a little AI assisting you, very interesting especially in context with the OCV.

I see great potential in your story, so I am looking forward to the next chapter.

Playing LUV as well btw, Litcube revived AP and made it the true Rebirth in my opinion.

Posted: Wed, 20. Aug 14, 06:02
by kaistern
Thanks for the feed back guys. I seem to remember some eglish teacher or another telling me about writting convo's out that way now that you mention it... but that was awhile ago :oops: I'll have to read some of Scion's work.

@Kual: Thanks I had to think of some way to explain why all of the player ships run automatic but every other ship in the game has pilots. lol now that I think about it there are a lot lo little things I am trying to find ways to make since in story line, for example how I can shoot evil Corp. in empire space without rep. loss..... but that is still a couple of chapters away.

I am finding that starting out in a pegusus is not the fastest way to start out... do I do a patrol and watch the RRF destroy badies (before i can get in range, mind you, this ship is SLOW) for a couple hundred credits or do i trade some EC for a couple hundred a run? lol Protect me missions seem to be the only real way to earn money but I am not getting very many of those.

Posted: Wed, 20. Aug 14, 08:28
by Kual
I started in an M4, so I was able to CAREFULLY enter some combat, which made life easier.

In your case I would try to find some loot and sell it. Elenas Fortune usually sees regular Pirate incursions which get whacked by the local Argon fleet. Max out speed, cargo and steering asap.

M5 start is very slow.

Posted: Wed, 20. Aug 14, 10:18
by kaistern
Well I am writting the first of the DiD content now... I had a bit of a false start, I loaded up, ran through a few patrol missions and a couple of SOS missions that I was able to pop easily... then I got an SOS mission where a Pirate Harrier Raider was attacking a station with no military forces around. I engaged, and then found out that harriers can equip PACs, and flying at 525m/s it easily out flew my pegasus flying 136m/s. And then I found out that my 2 mJ shields are like butter to 4 PACs... So I am going to chalk that up to a test run and a lesson well learned... make sure the enemy is in you fight class before engaging lol.

I restarted and played for an hour. I'll post that content here shortly.