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Black Sun [DiD][X3AP 3.1] {KIA}

Posted: Thu, 16. Jan 14, 02:43
by Zaitsev
Yeeeah, I'm at it again. Bought AP during the Xmas sale on Steam, so maybe it's the RFF ships that'll vaporize my butt this time :D

I also want to bla ... eh, thank Triaxx2 for his unwavering faith in my writing abilities, and Libelnon for providing the inspiration.

I'll just park this here, then ...


Prelude - The devil deals the cards

"… and this is the Mamba. It's only had one previous owner, and it comes equipped with a twenty five megajoule shield and two high energy plasma throwers. A bargain at just one point three million."

I looked at the specs. Hm, fully tuned, but otherwise just equipped with the bare minimum to make it spaceworthy. It was the only one that wasn't totally crap though, and even though it would leave me flat out broke I didn't care. I was gonna make the chief and that stuck up rich kid eat their words for getting me booted out of the fleet. If I'd had five minutes alone with that SOB I'd given him more than that black eye he got, but the chief saw us and the kid's pa did the rest. I had to choose between resigning and giving up a promising career, and getting a dishonorable discharge for assaulting a fellow squad member. Assault my ass …

"I'll take it," I said.

"Marvelous. I'll have it checked and cleared for take off in fifteen mizura. Now I just need your name and signature, miss ..."

"Kayean. Valeriya Kayean."

"Right. If you would sign here, please."

I signed on the data pad and sighed. As the cargo hauler came and took my ship away I noticed a marking on the hull.

"Excuse me," I said to the dealer. "What's that?" I pointed at the black, birdlike marking.

"Oh, that. The previous owner called it a raven. Apparently it's a Terran avian species. Back on Terra it was often regarded as a trickster and scavenger, and according to ancient legends it carried the souls of the dead between this world and the next."

"Okey, thanks."

"No problem, miss Kayean."

Raven. I tasted the word. Sounded kind of interesting, actually. Raven it is, then.

Posted: Thu, 16. Jan 14, 02:44
by Zaitsev
Mods and scripts used

ADS w Real Wings
Dock lockup fix
Enhanced briefings
Gateless jumpdrive
Hephaistos corp
No complex tubes
Marine repairs and training
Pirate guild
Production Modules + R&D
Show pirate and yaki ranks
Safe undocking
Yaki Armada
Capture stations
Equipment dock R&D
Improved boarding
Improved Races 2.0
NPC Bailing addon (set to create as few bails as possible)
Passenger to marine
Salvage claim software
Station Repacker
X-tra ship/station pack for AP
TC plots for AP

A selected few of Lucike's scripts.

Bonus Pack.


Dead is dead - No reloads, except if my computer borks up or I run into issues with my mods. I can reload in the starting mission of the Aldrin Plot, since it's known to give you impossible tasks (unless dillpickle fixed that). I also get only one shot at making the fighters in BoP bail.

I can only fix fighters, passenger transports and freighters with my repair laser. Everything else will have to be sent to a shipyard, or fixed by marines or repair drones.

Production of military wares for my fleet (weapons, missiles and shields) has to be entirely mobile (via the Production Module script). After all, if they can't find me ... :fg:

Ships and trading:
1 - Being a small fish with big enemies I can only trade with Yaki and Teladi to begin with.
2 - No personal trading with races, except Yaki and Teladi, until I reach rank 5 or higher. After that I can trade with shipyards and equipment docks.
3 - When I finish the Terran Plot I am allowed to trade with the Terrans to whatever degree they may let me.
4 - When I finish Operation Final Fury I am allowed to trade with Split and Argon to whatever degree they may let me.
5 - If I happen to stumble upon a ship that someone left behind, or if said owner was tossed out an airlock by marines under my command, I can claim it.

I can only hire marines from pirate bases, or convert them from bailed pilots.


Special: Don't get killed by Xenon, Kha'ak, pirates or RFF ships :p

Short-term: Explore, make new friends (or enemies) and get some money.

Medium-term: Acquire a fleet, one way or another.

Long-term: Complete as many plots as possible, and claw my way up to five billion credits by any means necessary.

Misc. info

Game: X3AP v3.1

Start: Bankrupt assassin

Posted: Thu, 16. Jan 14, 05:19
by Triaxx2
Blame me all you want. You have yet to let me down with a great story, or hilarious death.

Posted: Thu, 16. Jan 14, 11:20
by Zaitsev
Triaxx2 wrote:Blame me all you want. You have yet to let me down with a great story, or hilarious death.
Mostly the latter, but it's nice to know I have at least one reader ;)

Posted: Thu, 16. Jan 14, 21:01
by Sabrina Bergin
Nice to see you back Zaitsev you have been missed;
I'm pretty certain there are a lot more than two readers who will be looking forward to this adventure.

Posted: Sun, 19. Jan 14, 20:40
by blackmilan
Make that three. :-) Have fun writing and take care when Xenon ships are nearby ... :wink:

Posted: Tue, 21. Jan 14, 18:16
by Scion Drakhar
Four. I very much look forward to reading another of your stories.

Posted: Wed, 22. Jan 14, 03:11
by Song Of Obsidian
I don't wanna take a number.

Posted: Mon, 27. Jan 14, 01:13
by Zaitsev
EDIT: Rebooted because Triaxx2 and Scion Drakhar insisted ;)

Posted: Mon, 27. Jan 14, 01:36
by Scion Drakhar
Well, you are at the very beginning. It's not like you lost 18 months of play... can't you just start another Bankrupt assassin and zip back to present?

Posted: Mon, 27. Jan 14, 01:43
by Triaxx2
Yeah, just start again. Same premise new first chapter.

Frankly, it took me a dozen tries to get Ea't's story started.

Posted: Mon, 27. Jan 14, 01:53
by Zaitsev
Well, if you guys insist ... :)

Posted: Mon, 27. Jan 14, 01:56
by Scion Drakhar
Yep! Consider me insisting! :D

Posted: Mon, 27. Jan 14, 15:41
by Triaxx2
I second that.

Posted: Mon, 27. Jan 14, 17:05
by Zaitsev
All right, the new and improved chapter 1.


Chapter 1 - A small fish in a big ocean

Fifteen mizura later I had my ship, and after spending another ten mizura setting up the control interface and checking that the thing was indeed spaceworthy I was ready.

Uhm, yeah … Ready for what, exactly? I had myself and an undershielded, battered old Mamba that packed enough punch to kill a spacefly, and I was up against a man whose sole purpose in life seemed to be screwing people over. If not for the fact that the owner of the shop owed me big time I wouldn't even have the Raven, as Pa had done just about everything in his power to make sure I couldn't buy anything bigger than a toothpick.

All right, Val. Deep breath. What was it they taught you in the academy? Find out what you can do, and then how to apply it to the problem at hand? Well, since I can fly a ship and I'm decent at shooting stuff I guess I'll have to start there.

I had another problem, though. Trading. As in 'getting my mitts on basic stuff'. Trading with the Argon was out of the question, as Pa had outdone himself dragging me through the mud. The Boron hated me because Kriss, our resident rich kid, screwed up on a training mission and blamed me, the 'Nids just hated me for being Argon and the Split didn't give two flying dicks about it. That left me with Pirates, Teladi and Yaki, and the pirates hated my guts because I had used them for target practice on every possible occasion. So, Teladi and Yaki then.

That meant I could either try to cross Hatikvah's Faith or head south to Montalaar and cross into Avarice. Since I only had decent speed to cover my ass I was considering Avarice, but against my better judgement I opted for Hatikvah's Faith.


What the ... A Pirate bounty hunter? Someone put a price on my head!? My first idea was to try and shake him, but considering the fact that I was in a Mamba I'd have better luck taking a piss in the sea and expect to see it rise. I did have guns, though, and he got a taste of them right away. He lasted some two sezura under the onslaught of my HEPTs, before he turned to dust. He even left me a missile, which I scooped up and intended to sell first chance I got. Company Pride, here I come.

Hatikvah's Faith, and not much going on here. I checked the mission beacon on the rastar refinery, but that was just a 'Nid offering some star charts which I of course couldn't afford. Being penniless does have its drawbacks. Onward to Thuruk's Beard, then.

Ups ...

No wonder Hatikvah's Faith was quiet. All the action had moved to Thuruk's Beard instead, and although the Split were on the ball I intended to stay as far away from that clusterfrak as I could. At least until it cleared up, so I could get my hands on that abandoned Scorpion there.

Apparently I didn't stay far enough away, because I soon attracted some very unwanted attention in the form of the Mako and Elite, and a slew of Banshees. Betty went bonkers trying to keep up with the missiles they launched at me, so I did the only thing I could at the moment and ran screaming like a girl. I'm sure I screamed at one point too, as flames from those blasted Plasma Burst Generators licked around my cockpit and dropped my shields to zero.

All right, one thing at the time. First, get rid of the missiles. I kept refreshing the targeting solution until it showed the Banshees I had after me, then whipped my nose around and gave them a spray of plasma bolts. I seem to have gotten them all, as the missile warning died immediately afterwards and the Mako suddenly got occupied elsewhere.

Phew. That was a liiittle too close for comfort.

As the Split mopped up the last fighter I moved in on the Scorpion. As per interstellar law it was now mine to claim, and I intended to turn it into lots of delicious credits. But first, cleanup duty. Yeah, it had to be at least a hundred and twenty grand worth of missiles floating around there.

So, after helping the Split clean up their space lanes it was time to concentrate on that Scorpion. The only thing I didn't like was the fact that I had to go EVA to hack the mainframe, so I took an extra turn looking for enemies before I parked next to it and got into my space suit.

Whoa, free gifts? Oh hello, taxi missions. Now to patch this baby up and find a shipyard.

I had gotten it up to about fifty percent hull integrity, when ...

"Warning, one of your ships is under attack - Thuruk's Beard."

Suddenly the Scorpion was gone, and something flashed by my visor.

"PAC fire ...?"

And that is definitely the end of that. Got a bad case of the dumbs there, but at least it was a quick one (in more than one meaning of the word).

It's gonna be weird not playing the game with a notepad and pen at my side, but since none of my DiDs have lasted more than two ingame days I think it's safe to say I suck at staying alive :p And now I really have run out of ideas that doesn't involve uncomfortable amounts of rehashing old stuff, so this is probably it. With a tiny bit of emphasis on "probably."

It was fun while it lasted, though. Thanks for reading :)