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Post by CommanderTM » Tue, 22. Dec 15, 11:31

Commodore MJ Fire wrote:Spacy design- fits to other X boxes in the shelf- exept for the dark and noble XRebirth Collectors Edition hull :D

Other Thing: Because of non corresponding race informations on the X sites, I now tried to create a correct biologic overview over the 5 original races in X-Universe. I tried to look on different anatomic details described in the Books and overviews and fit them with living conditions or evolution history. It's, for now , only in german, because I first want to ask you, Helge, If this fits with your thoughts of the races or if there are details you would work out different (as example, for paranids I created a compromise between the book descriptions and the concept art once was published). After such corrections I would start to translate it into english...
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greetings, MJ Fire
Where can i get this in english???

Ok, right, didnt read your full comment and spammed "where can i get" answer :)

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Post by reanor » Tue, 2. Feb 16, 19:06

I didn't like this opera at all. The beginning of each track is fine, but as soon as the metal part kicks in, it sounds very desynced and vocalists are simply awful. I'd rather listen to Nightwish, and wish I could get my 8$ back so bad it was... Awfully bad. It's like a bad part of town cheap bar opera, this what it sounded like to me, sorry.
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