Ultimate redemption - part 1

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Ultimate redemption - part 1

Post by totallydude » Sat, 23. Nov 13, 05:22

Hey guys! I've been gone for quite some time, and I've come up with a new story. It may not look like it's in the X Universe, but it will be, I promise. Anyway, enjoy!


‘Is that the space station?’ a dark mysterious voice asks out loud.
‘Yes it is. The Cladion 7’ another dark mysterious voice replies.
‘Guess it’s time to start the party then.’ A third mysterious man replies.
Suddenly engines start, and 3 fighter ships appear from their hiding in the asteroid field, and they’re heading straight for the station.
A comm link is being opened to the ships by the space station.
‘Unknown ships, please identify yourselves’.
The mysterious men start laughing as they cut off the communications. They continue approaching the station. Once again, the station hails them. ‘This is Cladion 7. Please identify yourselves’ the voice commands them. And again, the communication is being cut off without a single word uttered by the mysterious men. Just seconds after they’ve cut off the communication, the mysterious men notice they’re within range, and fire torpedoes at the station, and they watch as the torpedoes hit their target, causing a huge explosion, which destroys the station. But one ship manages to escape from fiery blaze which was once the renowned station, and heads off. A man is in there, quickly steering the ship away from any danger.
‘I’m lucky that they haven’t found me’ he whispers under his teeth. ‘Too bad this ship isn’t a fighter; otherwise I’d take them down’. He pushes a button on a small holopad, and takes a look at the image being projected. ‘Damn… my son… my wife… they were aboard the station. They…’ he clenches his fists in anger as he continues ‘they didn’t have to die!’ he shouts. ‘And I could do nothing to save them! I could do nothing to stop these men!’ Suddenly, the ship’s alarm starts going off, indicating enemies nearby. He quickly takes a look at the radar, zooms in the radar, and notices that the distance of the enemy ships is quickly decreasing. ‘Damn it! Just what I need, more enemies in this god forsaken sector.’ He takes another look at the radar, and notices the ships continue to fly in his direction. He zooms in further, and notices they’re known pirate ships. ‘Damn. Pirates. Just my god damn luck. Let’s just hope they’ll leave me alone.’
Shortly after he says that, he notices an incoming hail from one of the pirate ships. He answers the hail, trying to sound as calm as possible.
‘This is Suta from the Eragon speaking’
‘This is Onai’ the pirate replies. ‘We’re not interested in your ship or anything. We just have a few questions’
‘Alright, shoot’ Suta replies, with an unnoticeable sigh of relief.
‘We were in contact with a friend of ours, who was aboard the Cladion 7. However, we suddenly lost communication. Can you tell us what happened?’
‘Yes. The station got… destroyed. I don’t know what happened…’ Suta stops mid-sentence.
‘I see.’ Onai replies. And you are…’
‘The only survivor.’ Suta replies. ‘Well… for as far as I know. I just took a ship, and flew off with the explosion.’
‘You’re one lucky man then. Did you get a chance to see who was responsible?’
Why do you want to know?’ Suta asks, with rising curiosity.
‘Just because we’re pirates, doesn’t mean we’re not humans.’ Onai replies, slightly agitated.
‘Okay, okay. I’m sorry. But no, I didn’t see them.’
‘Right. Too bad.’ Onai acknowledges, with rising anger. ‘No one destroys just like that without getting any repercussion.’
‘I see.’ Suta replies with a smirk. ‘The station was government owned, so the government will get involved in it quite soon.’
‘I know, I know. But they won’t be safe in any pirate sector either.’ Onai smirks back’
‘That’s good to know.’ Suta replies, after firing off the thrusters again. ‘Just one thing. If you get your hands on them, please save the leader for me.’
‘I have my personal reasons.
‘Alright then. We’ll do that.’
‘Thanks’ Suta replies, right before closing the comm link. ‘Alright, let’s get to the nearest planet.’ He thinks to himself. He presses a button, and the universe map shows up on his HUD. ‘Hmm… only 20 clicks away. Shouldn’t be that much of a problem.’ He mutters, as he steers in the direction of the planet. ‘Only a couple of minutes, and I’ll be in governments territory.’ He sets the ship to automatically navigate to a location nearby the planet, sits back, while looking at the image of his wife and son, and he begins to mutter.
‘Oh Layla, you were the joy in my life. Before I met you, I had nothing, No chances and no money. I was a beggar on the streets. Up until this very day, I can’t see what you saw in me. But you helped me. Gave me some startup credits, and with it, I became a man with a job. A man with a future. I promised myself to work as hard as I possibly can to make up the debt to you that has been created. You refused, and kept saying that my love for you was enough to repay any debt I had with you. So I kept working. Slowly earning more and more money. We had a good life. Our son was a bit troublesome from time to time… ‘ He pauses to smile for a bit, as tears are rolling down his cheeks ‘… but that’s a part of growing up. He was about to go to college. He wanted to become a naval officer, and fight for justice in outer space. But now… that’s all gone. You are gone as well. I don’t know what to do. But I swear on my life I’ll get my revenge, and kill the ones who were responsible for your death. Even if it’s the last thing I’ll do. I swear… ‘ He pauses again as he faintly smiles in his tears, and then continues again. ‘I remember the times we spent at the bar, just drinking and laughing. I remember the times you’d throw a fit at me for not shaving again. The nights we spent, just lying in the grass, talking about our future.’ In growing anger, he slams his fist on the dashboard, and then continues’ but that’s all gone now. Some guys just destroyed all of it! I’ll hunt them down, and I won’t stop until I’ve killed each and every one of them!’

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Post by Zaitsev » Sat, 23. Nov 13, 13:40

Interesting start, although "mysterious" got old pretty fast :p
I'm sorry, I can't hear you over the sound of how awesome I am :D

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Post by totallydude » Sat, 23. Nov 13, 17:42

True with that part. I'll change that when I have time.

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Post by totallydude » Sat, 23. Nov 13, 21:10

For those who have read it, C&C is welcome!

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