One Space Fuel too many.

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One Space Fuel too many.

Post by TTD » Sun, 24. Mar 13, 11:41

My head!...
Where am I ?

I awake to find myself on the floor of the command deck of....what's this?...
No , I sure as blue rift ,not recognize this deck!
Where is everyone?

I struggle to my feet...
Legs uncooperative ...
Ahh...that's better...still a bit dizzy...erm...right where's the ship's terminal?

I struggle to the captain's seat and sit,trying to push the dizziness out of my head.
Can't manually fly this erm...what is this ship?
The last I recall I was docked at a safe haven as the Duke's guest ,after stealing the Aamon Proto for the Yaki.
Let's see if I can find out what I'm in and where I am...

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Post by TTD » Sun, 24. Mar 13, 11:41

Based in XTC vs 2.0

This is not a tutorial.

Just a story based around XTC,in which two people are joined in a common bond,by pure accident.

Anything game wise that may seem unbelievable was possible using Cycrow's Cheat package and the script in my second link below (as of todate)

Feel free to add comments,praises or constructive criticism.
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Post by TTD » Sun, 24. Mar 13, 11:42


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Post by TTD » Sun, 24. Mar 13, 12:33

I struggle to navigate the panel at the side of the arm rest.
My eyes barely focused, a bright star shining through into the deck...
Sheesh...what was in that drink?

Ah,finally... Ship computer records.

AP Gunner ?

Nah. Can't be !

Captains log...

"Something went wrong...Got to hide this ship before the wrong race finds it.
Must get word to my new allies...Must not let gate information fall into wrong hands."

Is this some kind of theatrical joke?
Ok guys .You can come to the control deck now.
This joke is just a bit too far fetched for even me to swallow. response... what sector am I in?

Aldrin?...not any part of Aldrin I've seen before!
argh! That light from the star is too bright.
Ahah, Howard's Asteroid Field.

...ok,then,I appear to be docked someplace. ...where?

Aldrin Natural Habitat Base...There seems to be two more here...
Some kind of trading stations,I believe.

Ok then...Let's see if they have any strong black coffee.

Hmph! No Julian's Bar ! Oh well , beggar's can't be choosers.
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Post by TTD » Sun, 24. Mar 13, 13:07

"So ...You have finally woken, Ian!",I hear a female human voice utter as I enter the dingy bar.

I turn in her direction.

"Do I know you ?" I ask,puzzled.

"Up until this incident a day or so ago,no."she replied," But that will change soon."

"Erm..What incident?,my memory is still vague."

"Grab something to clear your head and come here."

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Post by TTD » Sun, 24. Mar 13, 14:13

I sit down,looking at her.

She is a bit shorter,and a bit younger than I, perhaps.
Colonial looks,with medium to dark skin tones.
But her eyes show's more wisdom that her apparent age would suggest.

Intrigued and looking for answers I just look her in the eyes and ask...

She then explained much of what had happened...
Apparently she was on a mission to retrieve the original AP Gunner for the Yaki.
I was on the way with the Aamon when when we both came under attack.
She was in Omicron and I was in Shore of Infinity.
We had tried to jump at the same time as each other,aiming for Senator's Badlands...had missile damage at the same time as jumping.
Somehow the fact that we both were come through the same time,with ongoing explosions taking place, caused a malfunction in the jumpdrives of both ships,and we ended up here,colliding in a dramatic flash of fireworks for the astounded locals.
The Aamon was not worth restoring,and the Gunner barely made it through the incident.
But we are unable to return to the universe we know of.
Seems we accidentally arrived in a top secret area that is still under exploration and expanding as time continues.
There is a gate to the south,in another sector where ships from our known universe comes from,but any attempt to go back just puts us back where we started.

She , being a fellow Yaki and not knowing anyone this side of the gate decided to rescue me.
The Gunner is docked for minimal repairs so that it can be taken to a shipyard for full maintenance and repairs.
Unfortunately I must have drank one too many Spacefuel last night.
Phew ! That stuff can really knock you senseless !
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Post by TTD » Sun, 24. Mar 13, 15:06

It seems that inteli-creatures are pouring through that gate ,holding special licenses for claiming new sectors ...So much for top secret !

Many are not interested in the planets.Their governments can have those and set up protection while they concentrate on more lucrative activities such as prospecting and trade...or the odd bit of piracy here or there.

So many opportunities,but I have no ship of my own. Very little scrap value in the proto. so not much in the way of credits.
I need to broker a deal with this woman ,somehow.
"So." I looked out of the viewing window,watching ships dock and later depart." I guess now that you feel I am sober and recovered from our ordeal,you'll be leaving me here when you go with your ship?"

"Not so fast ,Ian," she replied,"We are both stranded the wrong side of the gate.Neither of us knows anyone these parts. We need to pool our resources and consolidate ourselves someplace before we make future plans....Besides,I get lonely when there are so many strangers around me."

"Ok." I replied,where do I fit in?...apart from keeping you company?"

"You are both an experience pilot,and if what I heard from other Yaki is anything to go by,you are never short of ideas on making a fast credit or two.As for me...I am more a fetch and retrieve gal. The greater the danger,the better,as rewards are higher."

"So you want me to pilot your antique crate and find ways to make enough credit to repair some more? I only have 100 credits.Not much bargaining power here,is there?...remind me your name please,if we are to work together.I guess that's your short term aim?"

"Good.I knew you would see reason...Annia...Annia Nzoiki Katona. Call me Annia.Welcome aboard captain." She smiled.

I might be able to make credits,but she has the negotiation skills. So I accept.

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Post by Sabrina Bergin » Sun, 24. Mar 13, 18:44


Nice start and a little different I like that look forward to more.
When traveling pause occasionally, look back and enjoy the moment again.

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Post by TTD » Sun, 24. Mar 13, 18:44

Practically all the equipment in the Gunner is fried. There are no shields left.
Even the standard issue repair lasers in the spacesuits are useless.
We will have to fly very carefully to begin with and hope we've earned enough credits before our ship is destroyed....what's left of it.

We check local trade.
Almost non-existent.
What little trade items there are ,are too expensive for us to even buy one unit.
We ask around for work,but nothing on offer.
"Please call again" was the normal reply when we ended the comms.
Had heard a rumour there was a Teladi base off to the east somewhere,but information was scant at best.
But a vague lead was better than no lead... went east to Collins, a very similar situation met us there.
Need to explore the sector for other gates.

Scanner showed ships coming in from the south...obviously a gate down there.
we set course.


@shaun bergin

Thanks mate.

Not sure which way this will go yet,but the story has been burning away inside me for some time.
And for those who found Norman Fudge a little hard to understand, I will probably leave his dialect out of this one.

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Post by TTD » Sun, 24. Mar 13, 19:10

Seems this gate leads to Pandora's Gate,where the one way gate is.
We decide to explore there a bit,find the gate guarded by a Terran Valhalla.

"Let's just test the stories ,shall we?" I suggest to Annia.
"You're the captain", she winked.

Commed the captain.She was rather trigger happy.
Had to apologize for something I know nothing about...Hey! is it just me,or do all women make men do that?
Other crew members weren't that helpful either.
Guess they were worried about what might come through that gate,or they were missing overdue shore-leave....

Sure enough,we went through the gate from the north side and immediately found ourselves facing the Valhalla head on.
Lovely greeting !

We check other traffic to see if there are signs of other gates,and tag in behind the rear ships.
We locate a military Outpost ,but our rep is Renegade.I guess our notoriety came ahead of of us.

I guess we have our work cut out,then,if we are to survive.
We need Argon Boron and Goner Stations, if our rep stops us doing what we need .
"Annia,I feel we need to get back to Aldrin and find some more star-charts or confirmed information."
"ok,But we need to make credits soon,or we end up working the galleys!"

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Post by TTD » Sun, 24. Mar 13, 19:47

We are told Aldrin itself is to the north.
There is an equipment dock of sorts there called Scionfire.
Worth taking a look for future reference and maybe get some more useful info.

"Wow!" exclaimed Annia." Aldrin is fully terraformed ! Looks so much like our home worlds,don't you think,Ian?"
"Sure does." I reply,equally surprised."When did they do that?"

"I don't know but those ships out there belong to the Common Wealth.We must be somewhere near their territory."

"True,but no job offers at the stations and nothing from the pilots out there either."

"Come on...come on..." I think to myself. "There must be something for us somewhere."

And as if the Teladi smelt an opportunity,a message appears at one of the two Habitat Bases.

24x Cartography chips needs collection.Would we do that for 410 creditsss? To be collected from New Horizons. and delivered within 1 Stazura 25 Mizuras.

I said yes,but where the blue rift is New Horizons?
We need to dock and get some local info.

spent 76 credits on cargo space
went off to collect the chips and got paid the 400 upon return.
Not bad increase for first job.
Hopefully the rewards will get bigger.
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Post by TTD » Sun, 24. Mar 13, 20:13

That one mission sent us into Argon space.
"They must have kept this secret for a veerrey long time." observed Annia." those stations and trade lanes look well established."

" I'm not complaining Annia. It means we can get our funds up together a bit quicker. At least we can eat tonight."

I quickly get as much work ready as possible. Subject to equipment and space. No passenger cargo for a while yet.

"Here's one for you Annia. collect abandoned damaged ship. 51 credits + salvage fee"
"ok.Let's have it."

I carefully got within range for her to exit and claim the Disco,returning to the station to wait for her.

"Salvage fee?!!!" she screamed at me.
"Double crossing Argon wastebags!"
"All I got for that was the 51 credits and asked to look in again for further work!"
"You'd better be more careful Ian. They know we are desperate.As soon as we can ,I want to dump this carcass."

I sort of agreed with her. but there were offers of work for taking a Split or two ,to a Yaki Station. We might just kill two birds with one stone....
I let the thoughts trail as I looked for more work.

Well,with a few more missions we've ended up in Sirius Prime with 1553 credits. We can rest up and afford breakfast in the morning.

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Post by TTD » Wed, 3. Apr 13, 10:53


Been busy with the Beta tests,but will be back on this story soon. :)

Next morning I awake to find my companion fully dressed , stood by my bed and staring at me.
"Well ! ? When are you going to start moving this rig? we have a slight matter of not enough funds for full repair yet !"

Don't get me wrong...Women companions are great,but when they start nagging you,then they are getting to know you too well.
Either we have to sort some ground rules ,or I'll have to get this ship of her's ready for her to fly herself.
So I asked her politely to prepare some coffee and toast while I get up.
We did not share cabins last night. Not that i would not have liked to, but my meeting her in the first place was not mutually planned.
It was just her concern for fellow Yaki,that made her pick me up in the first place.
Oh well...time will tell.

After breakfast, I check the trade runs.
Radio-active waste to be transported.
I consult my partner.
"It's highly risky, she said ,"but we need the credits. things can't be much worse than a few days ago..or can they?"

So I agree and contact the Boron...582cr is all he/she would pay.
With the Boron in effect having three genders, I never know whether they are one or another.
I accept,hoping for a better deal or two as my rep increases.

Getting to Sirius III, I realize my error. This Gunner will not carry XL cargo :oops: So I apologies for my stupidity and pass on the delivery request. At least someone could make a few credits on this.

Now what else is here for me?
Nothing for trade missions as such yet, but there is an OTAS shipyard. I can check for costs of repair,if nothing else.

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Post by TTD » Wed, 3. Apr 13, 21:11

I dock.
It is technology borrowed from Aldrin,in that the main structures are built into and protruding from a small group of asteroids.
From 0% Hull the repairs will cost nearly 44,000 for the first unit !
since I don't have 2,000 at the moment,seems a lot more trading needs to be done. :o

There seems to be some form of Equipment dock nearby.
I must investigate that too. :)

It's an independent corporation...or at least one I have not heard of. Probably Argon owned.
I could increase tunings or get an engine booster and have some change,But I wait. I check what we could buy and sell in the markets, and move on.

There is a good supply of energy and not much ecell transportation.
An ideal trade gap for me to deal with. I soon get several credits up and increase my trade rank to Journeyman.

I go to buy more Ecells and find my credits have gone ,but my hull has been repaired by 1%.

I look at Annia. "Wasn't me!" she exclaimed.

Oh well. I try again...

Sure enough...after a few trades the credits were removed and another 1% hull was repaired.

We checked the repairs report we had from the first station where preliminary repairs were done to get us mobile.

"There it the small print just above where we signed for the work to be carried out..."

I read who looks at the small print these days? Huh?

" Regenerative hull repair-bots installed.This is a must-have installation in these expanding sectors,as else you could be stranded on a long crawl back to the nearest shipyard.
Appropriate credits will automatically be debited from your account each time it is used.

ok. Seems we either disable it ,or take a bit longer to get some credits worth having.
Annia decided we leave it running for now , as it seemed cheaper than paying OTAS.

At 8% hull repairs the price of ecells went to max., so I am looking for more trade deals or missions.

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