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Nope, loose memory stick. Fortunately, it was easy to fix.
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The Tale of Ea't s'Quid Completed

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Chapter 23: Hunting for a profit

I've decided to put my complex in New Income. It's a reasonably safe sector. And it's relatively easy to reinforce, particularly considering only the south gate is a problem, because that's the gate closest to the Paranid. Needing a cash infusion, however, before I can begin, I decide that there's only one place to go. Duke's Headquarters should have been rebuilt by now, which means he should have a new defensive force in place. From Contorted Dominion, I head west to Patriarch's Conclusion. With a new Turbo Booster in place, the Atalanta III does just over 1km per second. In Pat's Conclusion, I land at the equipment dock for tuning. As I pass through though, I pick up a mission to deploy a Scruffin Farm. Decadence(Ryu) bounces from Avarice to Zyarth's Dominion, and then down to Pat's Conclusion, drops the station, then up to The Marauder to pick up the rest of my Pirate Kestrels. Duke is still hostile, though curiously, his Zeus is not. It's escorted by two Nemesis, but it's not carrying any fighters. A single Tomahawk a piece would wipe out the escorts. Then it's no more than a matter of taking the carrier, because for some reason or other, it's completely empty of fighters. Looks like a job for some snakes. Namely Viper Strike and Venomous Cobra. In a fit of inspiration, I order Venomous Cobra and Viper Strike both to dock with Command and Control (Aran), and then jump that down to contorted Dominion. I'll fly the Viper Strike to Duke's sector manually, and then eliminate the Nemesis', and then transfer to the Cobra. The Cobra has been given a single Jump Beacon from Command and Control. Once we have the Zeus, we'll drop the beacon and have C&C get the Zeus out. Then Cobra can jump back to Contorted and I'll transfer back to the Revenge. What can possibly go wrong?

Well, not having the Nemesis escorting the Zeus can is what. Once the marines are on board though, it's all up to them. All I can do is stand back and listen to them as they go deck by deck. The ship takes a beating, but I'm sure it's mine once the marines reach the central computer. And all without a single marine loss. I'm kind of heavily impressed. Even better, the Zeus still has a jump drive. So, changing plans, I send that along to the Patriarch's Conclusion shipyard, and have the Command and Control jump home. Or rather try, because it can't get there on the 60 energy cells it has remaining. Sigh. Okay, so my Personal TS (Mistral SF) jumps in to a hastily placed beacon and fuels the big ship and sends it home. Meantime, Revenge jumps to me, and the Elephant's Goblins collect the droppings from the various Nemesis that I just vaporized. One of my missile suppliers arrives in sector to rearm Venomous Cobra, and so I hang around to ensure that everything goes well.

Once the Cobra and it's tender are gone, we jump out to the northern beacon in Avarice. Once there, it becomes completely obvious that I need to organize my equipment. Since there's nothing pressing going on, I order Great Hauler 2 to shut down the warp gate connecting UW534 to the Hub and jump to the HUB. Then I start the process of coalescing everything onto Missile Warehouse. Dumping a large part of it onto the Zeus, it gets sold, for a tidy profit. The rest eventually goes into Great Hauler 2, which I then sell. It's a hard decision, but there's not much other option to get rid of the excess trash. It's easier to replace the ship than try and sell the cargo. I'll replace that as soon as I can get back into Terran Space for a little recon. Meantime, I'm going to see if I can find a nice, undefended Paranid TL. Then I can offload the missiles onto that, and get rid of them all at once.

Time for a little recon.
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The Tale of Ea't s'Quid Completed

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Chapter 24: Rapid Recon

You know, when it comes to recon, nothing makes it easier than a fully-tuned, boosted Pirate Kestrel. Landing in Jupiter at the beacon placed in the path of the Mos Eisley starts moving upwards out of the lane of traffic, as I turn and jet rapidly towards the far off glint of a silhouette of an Atmosphere lifter. Venomous Cobra is fueled, armed and loaded with Marines and Boarding Pods. The morning started, with a nice little jaunt out in Warjack to hit a Paranid freighter. With support from Goblins launched off the Tender Elephant, it went quite well. He ejected some of his cargo, then jumped ship himself. Of course, I gave him a plasma funeral for his trouble. One less squint, cluttering up the universe.

Space is kind of desolate, even in a populated sector. Scanning the ship nets me a loss of reputation. It seems that one ship trading around isn't enough to off-set the penalties I've incurred. Not a big problem. That just means I need more traders. And, of all the things I'm lacking, TS's with free space is not one of them. Jumping back to Avarice, moderately annoyed at having to wait, I do a little maintenance work and start planning for the new traders.

In the end, I retro-fit one of my Teladianium traders from the HUB to act as an EST and base it in the Uranus system. The pilot was already a CLS Logistician, so it only took a little work with one of his counterparts to bring him up to speed on the minor differences between the two jobs. With that done, I get word of a potential M2 capture, and head to Spaceweed Grove for a look. The Revenge (Panther) is not the stealthiest ship in the universe, but not knowing what the pirates are feeling about me until I arrive, I'm not taking the risk of a smaller ship.

The Brigantine and it's escorts are friendly but a group of Pirate Elite's are decidedly not. Fortunately, Tenjin's are more than a match for them, and I've got back up. However, I don't actually need the assistance, as I get there and wipe out the targets before my backup shows. Returning to the carrier, I set up Warjack to be part of the Commodore's Hangar, ensuring my ship is always armed with missiles and fueled.

Changing out of my flight suit, I realize just how long of a day it's been when I see a bulletin informing me dinner is about to be served to the crew. Instead of taking my meal in my room, the way I usually do, I decide instead to head to the mess hall. After a momentary stop at my room for my coat. I arrive at the the mess hall just after it's filled. There's a few empty seats, because someone has to run the ship even though it was designed to feed the entire crew at once. It's impossible to slip into the room un-noticed and I don't even try. Several pilots wave. I return the wave. Some say you shouldn't be friends with your crew, and others say you should. I don't subscribe to either, but it's easier to tolerate a polite tyrant, so that's what I strive to be.

The pilots are different. They know I'm not just someone standing on a bridge giving orders. I get out and barrel through the middle of their formations and get into the thick of the fighting. And when I'm not flying a fighter with them, I'm moving the carrier into position to lay down flak fire. I wouldn't say I'm a hero, but they like me. The crew of the carrier... they don't like me. They're nice and pleasant, because well, I'm a pirate. I'm the commodore and commander of the group. And the scariest person in the fleet. I'm told, that I tend to scare just about everyone, including those people who quite literally created me from the ashes of my 'father'.
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The Tale of Ea't s'Quid Completed

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Blech. Had to run this one twice. First time I ran through it, I tried to jump out of Barren Shores and the game crashed. Haven't the slightest idea what happened, and it didn't repeat, but I'm just noting it for transparency.

Also, sorry for the long hiatus. Hope the forum isn't dead.

Chapter 25: Preparing for the Construction

So, the first thing I need to do is prepare New Income for the new complex. I've decided to place down the shield factories first. Instead of building a massive complex to support it, I'm simply going to bring in the massive stores of ores, food and minerals I have from other complexes to feed this great beast.

Great Hauler 1, now the only one, begins collecting shield production facilities. Everything is fine until it jumps into Zyarth's Dominion. There's a Q hanging around, so I have to jump into the sector to deal with it. It provides some nice loot. There's a protection mission from one of the local space stations, but it's against the Yaki and I want them to be as friendly as I can manage.

The local shipyard wants me to kill some Xenon. The first ship through the gate is a K. Ye olde malignant D-bag destroys the southern jump beacon, before the Bombers finish launching missiles. I call in Born of Ashes (Phoenix) and transfer to it, only to find that the K is the only ship the Xenon sent. Slightly disappointing considering the missiles have already destroyed it by the time we get up to speed.

I jump from Zyarth's Dominion all the way to Omicron Lyrae, and engage in a little old fashioned piracy. Using capital class weaponry on nearly unarmed civilian transports. The old man would probably be proud. Presuming he wasn't scattered across kilometers of space. I park there, to wait for Great Hauler to dock with the Zyarth's shipyard. In the mean time, I'm watching my credit account, looking to see how it's doing. I'm hoping to see a total increase, but I'm not sure. A little while of watching shows I have a slow leak. I'm not sure where that's from, though I have a guess. I suspect one of the External Commodity Logistics ships I have jetting around the Galaxy is still buying something that I am producing a massive excess of. Unless it's microchips in which case I'll just absorb the problem.

There's a military transport coming to Black Hole Sun, so I jump there to intercept, only to find myself sitting in front of a PX and it's escorts. Fortunately, Panther beats PX. I pick up a mission to protect the local equipment dock. As soon as that's done though, I get a message of a Paranid Task force in Barren Shores. I immediately jump down there. Guard Dog (Cerberus) already has it's fighters out, and I'm not sure if I'll be in time to save them.

Bloody Squints. I lose two pilots, whom I'm informed were right pillocks anyway, but three Lieutenants survive. CSV picks them up while we deal with the 'nids. I decide to up arm the Guard Dog with Xenon L's. I've got a few lying around, and they're easily armed with the nearly one hundred PRG's that have been collected by my OmLy weapon buyer. However, I have somehow, neglected to equip either ship with a transporter, leaving them staring awkwardly at one another until I give permission for them to land at the OmLy shipyard to make the exchange.

In addition to the six Xenon L's that will be it's primary Interceptor Defense, I will also be adding four Barracuda Vanguard's as escort fighters. This does however mean that I am stuck in Barren Shores until the preparations are completed.

On the upside, I did manage to construct the shield portion of my weapon/shield complex. I have yet to finish outfitting it, including finding a Logistician pilot not doing anything important at the moment. There's one in Herron's Nebula who's been carrying fuel for me since I was eligible to hire CLS pilots. And his ship was working for me even before I hired him.

Guard Dog completes it's task of picking up weapons from the weapon buyer in Omicron Lyrae. He also picks up weapons for the Barracuda's and the shields for the lot of them from Missile Warehouse in Aladna Hill. Once Guard Dog is back up and running, I jump with the Revenge to Light of Heart. We engage a group of pirates and some Paranid. With Revenge unable to get into reach of the pirates in time, I call for Born of Ashes (Phoenix) to jump in ahead of the attacking group. With the group gone, I jump back to Black Hole Sun to retrieve a pair of Tenjins that I left behind when I had to rush to Barren Shores.

I'm going to send the Revenge to Legend's Home to retrieve new docking computers for most of my fighter group. They've been damaged or destroyed through hull damage. I don't like Legend's Home. Something about the place bothers me. I'm going to take a tour through Family Zyarth and the surrounding area. I summon Knight's Lance to me. Sending the Revenge on it's way, I jump to the southern beacon of Zyarth's Dominion. I land almost on top of a Q, who proceeds to destroy the jump beacon, then die to my IBL's. My Personal TS comes in, replaces it and then jumps out. I spend the long run to the west gate assigning home bases to my ships. Once I'm through the gate, I start picking up the various damaged and derelict ships.

A local computer plant has two things of interest. One of them is an abandoned Hydra. The other is a mission to defend the station. Three Bombers are the lead of the group. Upside, they collide with several of the ships I just acquired as they come through the gate. It's hilarious and horrible. I spend a little while claiming ships. I think it's time to get down to business and find the funding for the remainder of my weapons complex. And that involves ship hunting. So I'm off to find ships and pick up boarding pods. First stop, Great Trench.
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The Tale of Ea't s'Quid Completed

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Dead? Nah, there are still some ol' farts kicking around. Also, nice to see the pirate queen back in action :)
I'm sorry, I can't hear you over the sound of how awesome I am :D

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Good to know. And I'm glad I'm finally in the frame of mind to both play and write. I've been in one or the other for a while and never did the two meet. I am now, and it's nice to get back. Hopefully I'll soon be back pirating instead of all this administrative work.

It's amazing how much money I was bleeding because I had ships still buying things I'm producing in hilariously large amounts.
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The Tale of Ea't s'Quid Completed

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Chapter 26: Entrenched

I make a snap decision to cross Family Ryk. I'm not sure why but it seems to be the thing to do. It turns out to be surprisingly beneficial, providing me with a defend station mission that see's me killing two Carracks.

Jumping to the new beacon in New Income, I get a mission to kill one of the infamous Jerigan pirate clan. Melissa Jerigan ejects from her Pirate Centaur as we attack it. Unfortunately, while trying to target her spacesuit, the nose of the Lance smashes into and destroys the now derelict ship. Sliding into Ceo's Doubt, I run straight into a Wing of Paranid traders and fighters. They start it, so I escalate with the Revenge. The local trading station asks me to patrol for Xenon. With the Revenge already in system, I give the go ahead. There's only one wing, and the biggest ship is a Q. I move on to Great Trench.

The only thing of interest in Great Trunk is an abandoned Peregrine with a handful of Tomahawks. I send it to the shipyard in Shore of Infinity. The trip through Rolk's Legacy is largely uneventful, except for a minor annoyance when the pirates that show up during a defend station mission are actually Yaki. Fortunately, the nose of the Lance did most of the work, so I didn't run into rep problems.

Shore of Infinity proves even more boring than Rolk's Legacy. I return an Iguana Vanguard. Funny, when I started out, an Iggy V would have been worth stealing. Now I've got so many ships, I'm happy to be rid of them. With that done, I pause at the west gate. It leads into Priest's Refuge. I'm not really in the mood to tangle with the Paranid just at the moment, so I decide to go check in on General F'juny S'cct and see what he's got on offer. I barely get out of the way to do more than scrape paint with the Great Trunk, which jumps in to refuel us. The Paranid who are supposed to be helping with the Kha'ak threat immediately take the opportunity to try and destroy me. Given that it's three heavy fighters against a Tiger, they don't stand any chance at all. Mos Eisley arrives to commence cleanup operations. Meanwhile I've been planning. I'm realizing I'm going to need a much more massive fleet to destroy the Paranid than I originally anticipated.

The general is sending me back into Kha'ak infested territory to defend the insanely placed Military Outpost. Unable to chase down the fighters, I call Scavenger's Lair (Condor) for assistance, only to find out all of it's fighters are out of service. Jumping it out, I call instead for Venomous Cobra, and order a barrage. Unfortunately, for some reason it's got Hammers mounted and those go streaking off to be vaporized by the Kha'ak laser weapons. Ordering that out, I begin to wonder if every pilot in the universe is drunk. Moving to assist the Battle Group Tiger that's been sent as reinforcements, I decide that yes, every single pilot in the universe is not only drunk, but also stoned, and wearing their pants on backwards. Taking a deep breath, and a very long swig, I order the ship docked at the military outpost we've just protected, so we can buy up the two boarding pods on the station, before the entire thing gets good and exploded. I have a laugh at two idiots on-board asking for missions.

Buying the two boarding pods, I then jump to OmLy. I can honestly say I've had just about enough of the idiotically drunk pilots for one day. Naturally the moment I arrive, a group of pirates gets the attention of my Goblins. I see an Argon Military Transport coming through OmLy and find out it's headed for Black Hole Sun. Deciding that docking in a station is a safer bet than shutting down in space, even if it is in a Xenon bordering sector, I jump there.

Anyway, before I was so rudely interrupted, I was going to... Yes, just the Navigator. No, I don't need any gunners. Sheesh.

Blast it. Right, fleet. I'm going to need another Tyr. I'm going to get a Raptor and center my fleet around, that, then have it escorted by two Tyr's, A few other carriers and a lot of corvettes and the like. Then my plans to attack the 'Nid's will be get into the sector in something fast, drop a jump beacon, then call the fleet. Then repeat until I'm at Paranid Prime.

First though, I'm going to switch to Rapscallion and see what General Maintenance wants and then I'll get to work on my grand plan. Or go back to building my complex. Whatever strikes my fancy.
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So, I've been reconstructing this all into a file I can write in again, after some fairly major computer troubles. IE a virus that erased some important system file and then a power failure as I attempted to remove the files from this computer (a laptop) onto another computer before resetting. Fortunately, I only lost about a chapters worth of material. What follows is a reconstruction to the best of my ability to recollect:


Rapscallion is the perfect ship to take into M148. It's reasonably fast, since I cannot keep a jump beacon here, because either the Paranid, who understandably hate me keep destroying it, or the Split who seem to hate any ships not their own keep destroying it. The Paranid are annoying because it's only fighters and they're more a nuisance than anything. The Split are considerably more annoying since they'll also engage and destroy any of my ships that come into the sector. This is problematic because most of the ships I'd take into here, with the consideration of the hatred of the Paranid, would either be followed by other ships, such as the Revenge's Tender Elephant, or other supply ships. Even the Brigantine is supplied by the Great Trunk (Elephant) which keeps it stocked with jump fuel. So the easy solution is to jump into the Unknown sector connecting M148 to the rest of the universe, be refueled and continue on. Most ships don't have the range, or lack the speed. The Rapscallion, being a Pirate Brigantine, has the proper balance of both.

Technically I could bring the Lollipop, but being unarmed, it's kind of a sitting duck. Anyway, General Merchandise here wants me to take the fight to the Kha'ak. So I do that. Unfortunately, jumping into 841 leaves me sorely out of position to defeat the waves that are attacking the local outpost. Fortunately, being in the sector means I have a clear idea of where it's safe to Hyperjump in, and Gunboat Diplomacy (Gannet) does that, and explains in great detail to the Kha'ak, that all the missile defense in the world, does no good if the opposition is willing to expend enough ordinance to overcome it.

I have never shied away from expending ordinance, and I am as close to infinitely supplied as to make no difference. So Gunboat unloads and turns to dust both the two attacking Corvette's and all their supporting fighters. General Mayhem tells us good job, and to go away. A little while later, he calls back and says he's got more work. A jump to 931 to deal with a build up leaves nothing but a little debris floating in space. Again I try to get something done, and he call's back wanting me to defend the outpost again.

Seriously? Don't you think building that there was a BAD IDEA? Seemingly not. So I go in, and this time the Venomous Cobra comes with me, since Gunboat is still being resupplied. However, Rapscallion is in a much better position to engage, and I don't need quite as many missiles. Mean time, my knock off cargo fleet is making another run through the portable jump gates, from Akeela's Beacon to Pax Mort Paranidia (Unknown Sector West of Xenon 538) Finally, I get left alone long enough to scout out a Raptor, before I get another call. I'm really beginning to hate that guy.


And with that, I will officially pick up again with Chapter 28. Hopefully very soon. Though... we know how that's gone so far.
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The Tale of Ea't s'Quid Completed

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Chapter 28 : Kha'ak Fight

Aladna Hill provides a small respite. There's a mission to place down an Argon Crystal Fab L, and I order Decadence (Ryu) to go fetch. Mean while I undock and begin the jump procedure. While I'm doing that, the automatic targeting systems amuse themselves by firing on Paranid Fighter drones that have been launched at me.

Once in Montalaar, I order the Decadence to deploy the station, and engage a couple of Paranid transports at the north gate. As that's occurring, I receive a panic filled message from Generally Misinformed. Anyone that knows the Split is well aware that they are not as a species generally given to panic attacks, nor are they particularly well known for exaggerating. The two traits might be linked. I'm not sure, but upon arrival in M148, I understand the reasoning. There's a fairly massive Kha'ak fleet making itself known in the sector. By trying to destroy most of it. Rapscallion's weapons systems freeze up pretty thoroughly. Fortunately, all these shields mean it's a pretty good battering ram, and that's how two Kha'ak corvettes meet their fate.

Kha'ak point defense, as noted, is exceptional against missiles. However, if you throw enough at them, and they happen to be otherwise engaged, they can be hit. Fortunately, the Bombers on board the Revenge, are more than happy to oblige. They end up dealing with both M2's the first one that's there when I arrive, and the one that shows up during the second wave of attackers. I have to order Venomous Cobra out of the sector though, when one of the Corvette's closes in. It escapes with a mere eighty-four percent of it's shields remaining. Far too close a call.

The Kha'ak carrier tries to sprint away, but I stay as close as the Turbo Booster will let me. It turns away when Venomous Cobra jumps out, and I get close and finish it off with IBL and PPC fire. The automatics have re-engaged.

I head to Nathan's Voyage and very nearly screw up the placement of a Mosquito Missile Factory, as my ship launches a goblin just as I'm clicking to place on the nav beacon. Fortunately, they're not too picky, and they accept the placement of the station. I then turn and engage a Paranid trader, who turns out to be carrying way too many Stott Spices. I need to clear my cargo hold. I jump one of my TL's to the Hub only to find out I don't have enough space to refuel and thus I can only reach Omicron Lyrae.

So I jump there, then order the TL to meet me there. Upon arrival, I take a cheap mission to protect a local Cahoona Bakery from Pirates. They bring a lot of M5's and a Carrack. I move to deal with the Carrack personally and leave the Revenge to deploy fighters and clean up the rest. Annoyingly enough, the Tender Elephant picks the same gate as the pirates to jump into, and runs into the Carrack. Fortunately, there are enough other ships around that the Carrack can't concentrate it's fire. It's less fortunate for the poor civilians caught in the cross fire, but we can't save them all.

The Carrack puts up a good show, but once I close into broadside range, it's no match for the superior firepower of a destroyer. There's a patrol mission from the Flak factory to the east, and I take that as well. It's not that big of a problem, pirates only, but another Carrack shows up first thing. It's escorted by a single Peregrine. I don't like bombers. The Revenge sends fighters to deal with it though, leaving me with the Carrack. I don't recommend getting into knife range with a Peregrine, nor a Carrack. I leave that particular engagement with twenty-four percent of my shields remaining. That's not a nice thing. Fortunately, Mosquitoes deal with all the Tomahawks but one, and that's still too many for my taste.

It's not good, but short of a Hammerhead or Firestorm enema, I've not found a good way to consistently deal with Bombers. A couple of traders go down, and drop rather a lot of good gear. I only get credit for destroying the Carrack from the patrol mission, but frankly? I don't actually care. The loot was enough for me.

In fact, I decide that for the moment, I should call it quits while I'm ahead. There's ore to be delivered, and the general wants to see me. The former is going to take a while and the latter? I'm thinking I'm going to need more firepower than I have to hand for that task.
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The Tale of Ea't s'Quid Completed

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Chapter 29: A Pirate's Vengeance

During the engagement with the pirates, I lost something. No small thing. Just the 50+ million credits stored on the Atmosphere Lifter I dubbed Cargo Warehouse. It's not something to be terribly upset over, and yet, somehow, I am.

I decide that I should make my displeasure known. And I intend to spread it around with a big shovel. A big shovel, known as the Born of Ashes (Phoenix). The ship in question jumps to the Omicron Lyrae jump beacon and I make my way to it. A scan of the wreckage indicates that the pirate are from the Loomanckstrat's Legacy pirate base. I decide to head through Homily of Perpetuity and spread the displeasure to as many as possible.

First thing is first though. I'm headed to the Unknown Sector west of Unholy Descent and the CODEA supply complex. I'm going to have my personal CLS ship jump down and load me up. Once done, I order it to stop and wait at the CODEA station. The last thing I want is that jumping into the sector while I'm explaining my displeasure to the pirates. I arrive in New Income at the Jump Beacon, so that if I am to be refueled it happens here. I find out upon arrival that a mere 100km away is a Pirate base. I jump on the opportunity. 40m/s is not exactly a fast speed, but it's indomitable. We approach, and turn the base into a rapidly expanding cloud of bodies as they are sucked out the breach in the side of the station. Some of the crew is ill, but I order an immediate jump to Homily of Perpetuity.

Any pirate who costs me money will understand. Cost me, and I repay the cost ten fold. Upon arriving in Acquisition Repository however, I am momentarily distracted by the several million credits of abandoned transports lying around. In fact, given that the only active ships I see in the sector are friendly Yaki, I'm very tempted to make a stop here and pick up all these TS's that have been abandoned.

Approaching the West gate out of Spaceweed Grove though, I see a prime target. A lightly escorted Pirate Brigantine. To get his attention, I launch a Firestorm. He's only doing twenty-four now, but he's bound to be faster than me. But I doubt he's faster than the Firestorm. Annoyingly though, one of his escorts knocks out the torpedo without any damage to the Brig. But it's fine, I close into range and the MARS system begins firing on him. He goes down without returning fire curiously enough. I suppose from the wreckage, that he didn't actually have any capital weight guns, meaning he couldn't until I got closer. His escort doesn't fare any better. They react rather explosively to anti-capital weapons. The Revenge arrives, and it's Tender Elephant unleashes a goblin swarm which clears the entire area of cargo in surprisingly short order. The Elephant takes a small hit to it's shields when it gets in the way as the MARS system fires at a Paranid Freight transporter.

Passing through the west gate into Loomanckstrat's Legacy, I notice two important things. They have not yet rebuilt the IBL forge, and that there are only two stations here. The Rehabilitation Facility goes down first, under Born's mighty forward and starboard battery. A moment later so does it's defending laser tower. Then the Pirate Anarchy Port is destroyed as well. The system automatically promotes me to Battlemaster Ranking.

I head south to Mi-Ton's Refuge from here. There's a station a little distance off from the main trade lanes. I call for Atalanta II (Pirate Kestrel) I race out to check it out, and then send for the Born. I'm not sure who owns the station, which turns out to be a Stott Mixery, but it's hostile and that makes it a valid target. If it's pirates, good, if not well. Sucks to be the three eyes, since they're the only others who want to kill me. With a solid 10GJ of shields the station still doesn't last long. It's owned by the Paranid, but it doesn't matter. It goes down without considerable effort. All of a sudden though, the pirates are friendly again. I guess destroying a couple of hundred million in assets will do that.

I engage and destroy a Paranid Freight Transporter, and then decide I've had enough for now. A short jump brings me to Avarice's North Parking Lot. The Rapscallion, the Revenge, and the Decadence are all parked there, awaiting missions. It makes for quite the fleet. Even just those couple of ships. Imagine the kind of damage I could manage with my full fleet. It's quite the thought.
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Chapter 30: On the trail of Capital(s)

I need more money. Money, comes from 'acquiring' ships. I just need the right targets. Mean while I'm going to take advantage of the short distance between the Ianamus Zura shipyard, and all the abandoned TS's in Acquisition Repository. What a perfect name for a sector you know? A repository to store things you intend to acquire. One might even call it... prophetic.

The truth of the matter is that with the loss of Cargo Warehouse (Atmosphere Lifter) and it's warp gate projector, I can no longer utilize the ore fleet to continue to supply the Hub. So I need lots and lots of cash. What I do is call the Knight's Lance (Tiger) and have it come to meet me in Avarice. It's got the Salvage Claim Software I need and the firepower to chase off anyone who wants to argue over my right to salvage them. I order the mini-fleet that's gathered to disperse to prevent repeats of destruction, and also to clear space. Transferring to the Knight's Lance, I order Born of Ashes to jump into Homily of Perpetuity to protect the lane there. Queen Anki's Revenge is already in Ianamus Zura to protect assets there.

I find Mercury first of all and it's in pretty rough shape, but I designate it as the leader, and begin instructing other ships to follow it. There are a small handful of fighters in the sector, mostly pirate types, but there's a Skate and a Scorpion Sentinel hanging around. I might keep the Skate. I don't strictly need it, but I also don't have one. And what's the point in being a pirate if you don't collect things? Heck that's why I'm out here.

In fact, the idea strikes me and I decide suddenly that except for the 'Nid's ugly puddle jumpers, I'm going to pick up one of every type of fighter. I'll even shell out the credits and buy myself a carrier to park them on. Something nice and new, without all the blood and guts that the marines leave behind. I'll think up some name that lets people know what I'm doing. The Glorious Collection. Something like that.

The Revenge attempts to engage a Paranid Mineral transporter coming out of the southgate with it's goblins and fails rather miserably. I order the ship to use it's own guns to rescue them. And it gives me yet another ship to acquire. I like this place. A pirate could get used to this. And a lot of use out of the place. Perhaps I'll come back sometime and set up a little trap for my three-eyed foes.

Doing this job in the Lance​ is a bit more boring than I expected. With the last of the ships having been transferred to me, I do a little fleet maintenance. By which I mean purchasing six more Tenjins to go on the Revenge.

Slipping into Homily of Perpetuity, I start snagging every one of the ships there as well. While I'm waiting for the ships to arrive, I decide to look for a capital to 'acquire'. Rumor is, Duke has replaced his Carrier recently. This intrigues me. I take the Lance and the Revenge and jump down to Contorted Dominion. Then I slip into Atalanta III (Pirate Kestrel) and book it through Patriarch's Conclusion, then blitz through Heaven's Assertion into Duke's sector.

Duke's Carrier and it's escorting Nemesii are friendly to me, but not Duke's HQ. Pity. No matter. I can still steal his ship, and then resell that bad boy. I'm sitting, plotting in Contorted Dominion, and selling ships as they arrive at the IZ shipyard, when suddenly all my plans change.

The Teladi Supply Albatross in IZ has landed at the shipyard and is now moving away. I rush to scan it only to find I've lost my Security Clearance somewhere. I call for a light ship, and bolt to the local trading station. Unfortunately, it's only got a Sun Oil Refinery on board. That's more than a touch annoying, all that work for nothing, but, sometimes you get lucky, and sometimes... well you get it.

I decide it's time to take a rest, and park up in IZ, then head for bed.
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Chapter 31:Asset List


Solar Power Plant L Alpha {Akeela's Beacon}
Solar Power Plant L Beta {Akeela's Beacon}

BS Chip Plex {Barren Shores}
>Boron Chip Plant X7
>Boron BoFu Chemical Lab L
>Boron Bio Gas Factory L
>Teladi Silicon Mine L x2

LH Plex {Legend's Home}
>Argon Chip Plant
>Argon Crystal Fab L
>Teladi Flail Missile Production Facility
>Teladi Flak Artillery Array Forge
>Argon Cahoona Bakery L
>Argon Cahoona Bakery M
>Teladi Sun Oil Refinery L
>Argon Cattle Ranch L
>Argon Cattle Ranch M
>Teladi Flower Farm L
>Teladi Ore Mine L
>Teladi Silicon Mine L

Argon Wheat Farm L {Legend's Home}

Shield Production Facility Alpha {New Income}
>Shield Production Facility 200MJ
>Shield Production Facility 1GJ
>Shield Production Facility 2 GJ
>Shield Production Facility 25MJ

Pax Mort Paranidia Energy Complex {Pax Mort Paranidia}

>Teladi Ore Mine x15
>Teladi Silicon Mine x7
>Boron Solar Power Plant XL X2
>Boron Solar Power Plant M
>Boron Crystal Fab L x5
>Boron BoFu Chemical Lab L x6
>Boron Bio Gas Factory L x6

Pax Mort Paranidia Missile Complex {Pax Mort Paranidia}
>Boron Hammer Heavy Torpedo Fabrication Facility x2
>Boron Tomahawk Missile Manufacturing Plant

Pax Mort Paranidia SQUASH-Lasertower Complex {Pax Mort Paranidia} x2
>Split Chelt Space Aquarium L
>Split Rastar Refinery L
>Split SQUASH Mine Factory
>Split Laser Tower Factory

Avarice Crystal Hub {Unknown E of Montalaar/Avarice}
>Boron Crystal Fab L x2
>Boron Bio Gas Factory L x2
>Boron BoFu Chemical Lab L x2
>Teladi Silicon Mine L

Booze East {Avarice}
>Argon Space Fuel Distillery L
>Argon Wheat Farm L

Booze West {Avarice}
>Argon Space Fuel Distillery L
>Argon Wheat Farm L

Weed East {Avarice}
>Teladi Bliss Place L
>Teladi Dream Farm L

Weed West {Avarice}
>Teladi Bliss Place L
>Teladi Dream Farm L

Senator's Supply Complex {Senator's Badlands}
>Rastar Refinery L
>Chelt Space Aquarium L

Southern Supply Complex (Hammer/Flail/Energy) {South-west of Unholy Descent}
>Boron Bio Gas Factory L x16
>Boron BoFu Chemical Lab L x16
>Argon Cahoona Bakery L x3
>Argon Cattle Ranch L x3
>Boron Crystal Fab x16
>Argon Flail Missile Production Facility x7
>Argon Hammer Torpedo Fabrication Facility x7
>Teladi Ore Mine L x8
>Teladi Silicon Mine L x10
>Boron Solar Power Plant
>Boron Solar Power Plant L x7

Southern Energy Complex Supplemental {West of Unholy Descent}
>Teladi Ore Mine L x12
>Teladi Silicon Mine L x5

CODEA Supply Complex {West of Unholy Descent}
>Argon Cahoona Bakery L
>Argon Cattle Ranch L
>Argon Mosquito Missile Factory x2
>Argon Wasp Missile Factory x3
>Boron Tomahawk Factory
>Boron Chip Plant x2
>Boron Bio Gas Factory L
>Boron BoFu Chemical Lab L

Weaver Missile Plex {Weaver's Tempest}
>Boron Crystal Fab L x3
>Boron BoFu Chemical Lab L x4
>Boron Bio Gas Factory L x4
>Teladi Silicon Mine L x3
>Teladi Ore Mine L
>Boron Solar Power Plant XL
>Boron Flail Missile Production Facility x3
>Boron Hammer Torpedo Fabrication Facility

Xenon Hub {HUB}

Teladianium Hub {HUB}
>Teladi Teladianium Foundry L x5



Goner Aran [Command and Control – Repair Station]
Argon Colossus [Going Xenon Commando]
Teladi Condor [Scavenger's Lair]
Boron Shark [Warsquid]
Medium Orbital Weapons Platform
Small Orbital Weapons Platform


Teladi Phoenix [Born of Ashes]
Split Python [Great Wyrm]
ATF Tyr [Lollipop]
Pirate Brigantine [Rapscallion]
Boron Ray [The Great White Guardian]

Argon Minotaur [Death Barge]
Argon Cerberus [Guard Dog]
Teladi Gannet [Gunboat Diplomacy]
Split Tiger [Knight's Lance]
Split Panther [Queen Anki's Revenge]
Teladi Shrike [Shriking Banshee]
Split Cobra [Venomous Cobra]
Pirate Carrack x3
Argon Cerberus
Argon Minotaur

Pirate Centaur [Commodore's Yacht]
Split Dragon [Hussar]
Teladi Osprey [Legend's Defender]
Terran Vidar [Legend's Guardian]
Boron Hydra [Snake in the Roids]
Goner Truelight Seeker
Split Heavy Dragon [Wyvern]
Argon Centaur x 4
Kha'ak Corvette x2
Argon Heavy Centaur Prototype
Split Heavy Dragon x2
Boron Hydra x2
Paranid Nemesis
Teladi Osprey x4

Split Viper [BOM Viper]
> Lieutenant Kriss Weamond
> Lieutenant Neol Poler
> Lieutenant Jarren Gisler
> Lieutenant Rabeka Pareii

Split Viper [Crystal Energy Supplement] 'Logistician Frenk Halter'
Split Viper [Energy><Crystal Transfer] 'Logistician Nyota Colard'
Split Viper [Viper Strike] 'Cargo Messenger Nil Sillarne'
Terran Claymore
Argon Gladiator
Split Viper x2
Teladi Peregrine x2

Pirate Blastclaw [ATF Blastclaw] {Decadence} 'Lieutenant Gil Giorno'
Split Mamba Raider [ATF Mamba Raider] {Scavenger's Lair} 'Recuit Huritis Gantellos Hanirases III'
Argon Nova [ATF Nova] {Decadence} ' Lieutenant Frenk Giorno'
Pirate Nova Raider [ATF Pirate Nova Raider] 'Lieutenant Kareen Sillarn'
Yaki Tenjin [ATF Tenjin] {Queen Anki's Revenge} x4
> Ensign Trali Fi
> Petty Officer Lolo Pi
> Recruit Popo Mu
> Lieutenant Pok Cheram

Teladi Falcon Hauler [CSV Falcon Hauler] 'Recruit Janit Cheram'
Split Mamba [CSV Mamba] 'Recruit Yatima Keppel'
Teladi Falcon Hauler [IBL Supply] 'Logistician Holu Lu'
Terran Cutlass [INC Cutlass] 'Lieutenant Endy Silsarna'
Argon Eclipse [INC Eclipse] 'Lieutenant Jennaia Pareii'
Split Mamba [INC Mamba] {Guard Dog} x6
> Recruit Boso Ha
> Lieutenant Ashunty Hunter
> Lieutenant Jo Silsarna
> Lieutenant Janit Springer
> Lieutenant Thalia Cruise
> Lieutenant Kleo Weamond

Yaki Tenjin [INC Tenjin] {Queen Anki's Revenge} x4
> Lieutenant Latasha Seldon
> Lieutenant Jennaia Kayean
> Lieutenant Tosi Bu
> Petty Officer Ban Jerigan

Xenon L x22
Pirate Blastclaw [LH Supplement Blastclaw] 'Logistician Scot Springer'
Xenon LX x6
Teladi Falcon [Nividium Transfer] 'Logistician Aron Nedley'
Argon Nova Vanguard
Pirate Advanced Eclipse [Valkyrie]
Yaki Tenjin [Warjack]
Boron Barracuda Prototype
Boron Barracuda Vanguard x4
Pirate Blastclaw x3
Pirate Blastclaw Prototype
Split Chimera
Argon Eclipse
Teladi Falcon x2
Teladi Falcon Sentinel
Teladi Falcon Vanguard x2
Split Mamba x7
Split Mamba Vanguard x4
Argon Notus Hauler
Argon Nova
Argon Nova Prototype
Argon Nova Raider x4
Argon Nova Vanguard x5
Yaki Susanowa Hauler
Yaki Tenjin x8
Terran Experimental Shuttle


{Warsquid} (Boron Pilots)
Boron Pike [INC Pike] x10
Boron Pike [ATF Pike] x25
Boron Pike [CSV Pike] x5

{Queen Anki's Revenge}
Boron Pike [ATF Pike] x2
> Lieutenant Warron Keppel
> Ensign Frenk Marval

Boron Pike [ESC Pike] x4
> Lieutenant Mulu Bo
> Lieutenant Hali Bi
> Lieutenant Yvona Keppel
> Lieutenant Mak Giorno
Boron Pike [CSV Pike] 'Petty Officer Kulo La'
Yaki Raijin [CSV Raijin] 'Lieutenant Tomes Ohneaim'

{Scavenger's Lair}
Boron Pike [ATF Pike] x8 (Teladi Pilots)

Pirate Elite [ATF Pirate Elite] {Decadence} 'Petty Officer Kleo Sillarne'
Argon Buster Raider [Busta Raida]
Argon Buster Raider
Argon Buster Vanguard
Boron Pike [Fish Stick]

Boron Mako (Gas Station Mover 1-7) {Gas Station} x7
>Logistician Aron Slamer
>Logistician Ban Selek
>Logistician Erine Hang
>Logistician Frenk Keswen
>Logistician Kaylen Halter
>Logistician Jo Springer
>Logistician Pico Sahkarna

Pirate Buster Hauler [Hub Energy Supply] 'Logistician Endy Braks'

Xenon Mx17
Pirate Elite [Decadence CLS] 'Recruit Endy Jerigan'
Split Asp x2
Argon Buster x6
Argon Buster Raider x8
Argon Buster Sentinel
Argon Buster Vanguard x8
Teladi Buzzard
Teladi Buzzard Vanguard x2
Argon Elite x5
Boron Mako x3
Boron Mako Raider x3
Boron Pike x12
Split Scorpion
Split Scorpion Prototype x2
Split Scorpion Raider
Split Scorpion Sentinel x4
Argon Solano

Argon Solano [Legend's Training Squadron]
>Lieutenant Ulla Weamond
>Lieutenant Cerise Keswen
>Lieutenant Ban Gisler
>Lieutenant Mikal Hang
>Lieutenant Cate Selek


Argon Discoverer [Aran Equip Tran]
Teladi Kestrel [Atalanta I]
Teladi Kestrel [Atalanta II]
Split Jaguar Vanguard [ATF Jaguar Vanguard] {Queen Anki's Revenge} x2
>Recruit Nini Hu
>Recruit Nana Wa

Teladi Kestrel [Delivery of Goods] {Command and Control – Repair Station}
Argon Discoverer Raider [Destroyer Escort]
Argon Discoverer Raider [Disco Sat Dropper]
Argon Discoverer Raider {Going Xenon Commando}x6
Argon Discoverer Raider [Fuel Trader] 'Logistician Warron Sillarn'
Argon Discoverer Raider [Fuel Trader B] 'Logistician Iaron Springer'
Boron Octopus Raider [Gate Scanner 1-2]

Argon Discoverer Raider (LH>AB Crystal B-1,2,3) x3
>Logistician Karry Sillarn
>Logistician Scot Keppel
>Logistician Mayenne Kayean

Argon Discoverer Raider (LH>AB Crystal Crystal Transfer A-1,2,3) x3
>Logistician Scot Braks
>Logistician Daye Gisler
>Logistician Ulla Brano

Split Jaguar [Lucky SOB]
Xenon N x13
Argon Discoverer Hauler [REC Discoverer Hauler] x6 {Scavenger's Lair}

Argon Discoverer Hauler (Weaver's Energy Mover 1,2)
>Logistician Uma Keppel
>Logistician Ulla Sillarne

Argon Discoverer [Weaver's Fuel Trader] 'Courier Jo Hang'
Terran Advanced Discoverer
Argon Discoverer x6
Argon Discoverer Raider x5
Argon Discoverer Vanguard x2
Split Enhanced Jaguar
Yaki Fujin Sentinel
Teladi Harrier x3
Split Jaguar x3
Split Jaguar Raider
Split Jaguar Vanguard x10
Boron Octopus Raiderx2
Boron Octopus Vanguard
Terran Rapier x5

Yaki Ryu [Decadence]
Argon Mammoth [Delivery Wagon/Hub]
Teladi Albatross [Gas Station]
Argon Mammoth [Grand Trunk]
Terran Atmosphere Lifter [Great Hauler 1]
Teladi Albatross [Great Hold]
Split Elephant [Great Trunk]
Terran Atmosphere Lifter [Missile Warehouse]
Split Elephant [TDR Elephant] 'Commander Tata Di'

Teladi Pelican [Commodore's CLS] 'Logistician Jennaia Jovi'
Teladi Pelican
Yaki Chokaro [Mos Eisley]
Yaki Chokaro [IBL Supply Transfer Station]
Split Boa (Jump Boa)
Argon Magnetar (Replen)
Argon Zephyrus (Tow Wagon II)
Split Boa x3
Argon Magnetar x2

TS/TP: Too many to list.

Goner Ranger (Ranger 1-5)
>>Dal Jovi
>>Yannet Kayean
>>Frenk Gusta
>>Daron Bro
>>Sheron Jerigan


Trade Rank: Manufacturer 64%
Fight Rank: Battlemaster3%

Argon Hero of the Federation [L] 22%
Boron King's Protectorate 97%
Split Honoured Strong Arm of Rhonkar [L] 16%
Paranid Enemy of Priest Duke 14%
Teladi Company Pilgrim [L] 14%
Goner Trusted Pilgrim 5%
ATF Earth Access 0%
Terran Regional Representative 80%

Terracorp – Contracted 55%
OTAS – Combat Expert 42%
Operation Final Fury – Captain 18%

Liquid Assets: 50,462,407 Cr

Time Flying: 17-05:23
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The Tale of Ea't s'Quid Completed

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Holy mother of asset lists, Batman :o

And yes, I'm still reading this. Keep up the good work :)
I'm sorry, I can't hear you over the sound of how awesome I am :D

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Yeah, it's a bit longer than I expected. That is of course why I do it as it's own thing.

Glad you're still with me. I've been more than merely sporadic, even if I've been trying not to be.

Of course the views continues to go up, but Google might just find me hilarious. :D
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The Tale of Ea't s'Quid Completed

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The assets list made me dizzy. Especially when I started remembering the mods you must have installed.

Did notice your M2 section listed as M1 though.

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