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Posted: Fri, 11. Feb 11, 02:09
by Triaxx2
Chapter 15: Know when to Fold 'em

So, the Yaki finally managed to toast the other two Nova Raiders. So I dropped in a for a visit. And spent an hour and a half floating in space, repairing my Gannet.

At some point, while pushing my rep, I managed to salvage a bailed Mercury SF XL. While repairing my Gannet, I get a message that the MSFXL has docked at a Cahoona Bakery. Ordering it to sell the Argnu Beef that it had in the hold, which is why I sent it there to begin with, it then goes to OTAS HQ, where it collects a Jump Drive, and another 2GJ shield. Now my Gannet has 4.2GJ of shielding. And a PBE for it's ass turret. Err... tail turret.

But precisely Zero missiles. The MSFXL goes back to the Aladna area, hunting Hammers, Flails, and Boarding Pods. For now the Gannet returns to the Yaki Shipyard, and I return to Split fire.

The area is almost completely devoid, not only of Pirates, but also of Paranid Traffic. I scanned a few, but the only one with any cargo went down with his ship and didn't leave me anything. Another did leave me some missiles. Aurora Missiles. Not too helpful, but I dumped them at the Chokaro, and then moved east into Brennan's Triumph. Where yet another Carrack awaited me. I knew I wasn't going to make any caps there, especially when it started launching Hammerhead's at me. Fortunately the Wasp has enough range to smack down something like that before it closes on me.

Then I escaped north into Olmanckselot's treaty. Nothing there but a lot of 'roids. I scanned the lot and went north again, defending a convoy from a bunch of M5 groups.

I noticed a gap in the universe map and dropped into the Wall for a quick visit, and docked at one of the SPP's. I know that sometimes you just have to stop and let the day move along. So I left the ship docked, crawled into the Captain's Bed, and pulled the covers over my head, dreaming of using enough firepower to flatten a sector several times over.

Posted: Sat, 12. Feb 11, 23:43
by Triaxx2
Chapter 16: 'Nid Running

Having finished my work with the Yaki, I undocked and jumped to Aladna Hill for some energy and then into Haktikvah's, looking for a little piracy. And finding nothing. At all. Not even echoes of anything worth picking off.

Slipping into Amazon, I sent the Mos Eisley (Chokaro) to my Wheat Farm, and booked for the South Gate, and into Clarity's End. No big deal, then I was on into Third Redemption. Here I notice Tractor Beam Fabs. I'll have to watch the sky lanes for one of those, they could be handy. North through the gate, and into Gunne's Crusade, then back down through Third Redemption into Perdition's End, and I watch as a Split Python unleashes a hail of Incendiary Bomb Launcher fire into a Pirate Nova Raider unlucky to encounter the battle group heading for Rhonkar's Fire. This one is huge, and apparently intending on a fight, because it includes two Heavy Dragons, and a Tiger. Unfortunately, I was in such awe, and relief that I forgot to snap a picture. I'm very glad I do not have to engage the Split for my vengeance.

South now through Desecrated Skies, the east into Moo-Kye's Revenge. There a job from the Soyery sends me racing through the Southern Paranid Sectors. The military in Cardinal's Domain threatens me, but they have no chance and I'm into Sacred Relic, then through Interworlds, and Wastelands, sending a Scorpion to my Chokaro, and jumping back to Moo-Kye's. The Scorpion docks just as time is about to run out, with just over a minute on the clock. 22.000+ credits are mine. The Chokaro then jumps back home, and I run back to Moo-Kye's, avoiding the Slow, Ugly Paranid ships in Cardinal's for the second time.

Then I'm heading north, running for the Teladi Sector I know is up north, though I don't remember it's name until the computer informs me when the scanner picks up the gate, across LooManckStrat's Legacy.

But first, a nearby Mamba catches my attention. I've heard of this Mamba. It's a pirate trap, baited by the local pirates who enjoy luring fools to their doom, and watching them blow up on the mines.

I must be a fool. I went for it, slowly inching my way in, scanning for anything other than rocks, skirting the one mine I did find, and then reaching the Mamba. Out into my space suit, I thruster gently over.


Posted: Wed, 16. Feb 11, 12:05
by Scion Drakhar

Posted: Wed, 16. Feb 11, 19:27
by Triaxx2
Chapter 17: Ringing in

Wow. Who'd have thought bouncing off a ship would produce that kind of noise? Floating in space, I shook my head to clear the ringing while the computer ran an integrity check. 72% integrity of the suit. I was glad I wasn't going any faster. There's got to be an easier way to claim ships. But without having one to hand, I use the computer to claim this one, then punch the teleporter to beam back to the Amazon. Remotely flying the Mamba around the mine, and then out the north gate, while watching for bogey's isn't easy, but I manage it. Mos Eisley comes and picks it up, and then is waiting for me as I come through the north gate.

Deciding the day is young, I jump up to Haktikvah's faith, and try some pirating. But the 'Nid's aren't biting here. So, collecting a small hold full of missiles, I return to the Mos Eisley and make the jump to Legend's Home, and land at my wheat farm. I think it's time to start hunting something with a bit less speed, and a lot more firepower. It's time to not return ships. :twisted:

Posted: Wed, 16. Feb 11, 20:09
by Kirlack
Phew, I really thought you'd been caught out in that minefield :o

Posted: Thu, 17. Feb 11, 03:10
by Triaxx2
Nope. Close, but no Cigar. I did see a pirate run into one though. It was awe inspiring. Of course there wasn't even debris left, but...

It's time to get into the swing and start attacking some Paranid sectors, but I need some cash, and I'm not very good at boarding. Not good at all.

I'm really hoping to get an M7, though I think I'll steer away from another Shrike. I love the Shrike, but I'm not up for it again.

And Scion has pointed out the potential vulnerabilities of the Argon M7's. I'm really kind of hoping for a Tiger, but I'm not holding my breath.

Posted: Thu, 17. Feb 11, 08:18
by Scion Drakhar
You so had me going. Jeez, I am so gullible.

Posted: Thu, 17. Feb 11, 14:01
by Triaxx2
That is part of the fun. I promise to make any death suitably epic if I can.

Posted: Sat, 26. Feb 11, 12:55
by Triaxx2
Chapter 18: No fetch

I guess I'm unreliable. I spent two hours looking for a return ship mission and all I got was one from a fish to bring back a dolphin from Legend's Home to Montalaar. Needless to say, I'm infinitely thankful for Jumpdrives.

So far nothing else has turned up, and since the Argon are the only ones that like me enough to offer me big ships, (As a Hero of the Federation, it's my duty to nag them until they do.) I am rather stuck for options. I might not mind if it were the Split, since they love to cram their sectors full of stations. But the Argon like to spread out. So the Amazon is getting quite a work out.

I am torn though. I'd love to find a Split Tiger, but it has no hangar. I've heard the Teladi Shrike is good, and it packs a hangar, but I've also been told it's hideously expensive to arm. Of course it is Teladi, so that's to be expected.

Naturally Paranid ships are not on the menu, and wouldn't be anyway, because they're ugly.

The Boron Thresher packs a lot of firepower, but it's like the Shrike, hideously expensive to outfit. Though it doesn't have ammo using guns.

The Argon Cerberus has a hangar, and lots of anti-fighter power, but well, it's mostly only got anti-fighter power.

I guess I'll have to see if I can put my hands on a Split Panther. That seems the best balance. Now, how to make the Split happy. Ah. Make the Boron UN-happy.

Posted: Fri, 4. Mar 11, 22:56
by Triaxx2
Chapter 19: Fetch Quest

Ordering the computer to release the clamps, I dropped into the wilds of space, and swung around. Dozens of offers assaulted me, including one to buy a Nova Raider, from a man docked at one of the Cahoona Bakeries. It came with three HEPT's and three PRG's. So in came the Mos Eisley, and the Nova docked, passed it's HEPT's to the Valkyrie, along with one of the PRG's. The other two PRG's went to the Buster Raider. It took the spare 5, and 25MJ shields from the Mos Eisley, along with a couple of Spaceweed that were clogging the cargo bay of the Buster Raider.

While this was happening, I found, in Light of Heart, from the equipment dock of all places, a mission to retrieve an Argon Minotaur. In Aladna Hill. Sighing at the stupidity of various Argon, and offended at the offer of a mere 217,000 and change credits for an M7M, I swung north, claimed the ship with the access codes I'd been given, and jumped it to the Federal Argon Shipyard in Legend's Home. I sold it for 17 MILLION credits. And got yelled at.

Too bad. Pay better next time and I might consider returning it. But probably won't. With my new found riches, I've decided it's better to give than receive, so I'm going to give myself a TL, so I don't have to let the Argon Supply ships receive any more of my valuable business.

So, picking up fuel from my Legend's Home Fueler, and stocking the Buster Raider with all the software goodies my new TL will need, including a Jumpdrive and Triplex Scanner, I make the leap across to Senator's Badlands, and ask my Yaki contact to work his magic and transform my 20 million plus credits into a TL. Saying the magic words "Paper or Plastic?" he does so and my TL is ready to go. And wonder of wonders, now I have fuel for the Gannet, which has been sitting here rusting since I last visited to fix it up.

So, sending my Ryu and Gannet to the EQD in Light of Heart, the former to pick up the three Solano's docked there, and the latter to outfit with software, I jump back to Aladna, dock at one of the SPP's in the south of the sector, and kick back in my command chair. It's been a good day.

Posted: Sun, 6. Mar 11, 01:16
by Triaxx2
Chapter 20: Arming

And I thought arming the Gannet was a pain in the neck. The Ryu, as it turns out, can take IBL's in three of it's four turret slots. I do not however, have the cash to do that, so instead, I mount up and go searching for PRG's. Two in the nose, from the Buster Hauler now sitting in it's docking bay. That will for now, be it's cargo salvage ship, and the three Solanos will be it's interceptor wing. Of course I'll need to arm and outfit them, but that won't take too long.

With both the Gannet and Ryu at the Light of Heart shipyard, and my two stations ticking over nicely, it's time to look towards the goal of financing my own Solar Power Plant. It's a long haul from the south gate of Akeela's Beacon to the Wheat Farm and Silicon Mine, and it will be much easier if I can build my own SPP north of that gate. Plus I'll be able to acquire fuel there for free.

But first, guns. The encyclopedia-ex-galatica is a fantastically useful guide to the universe, even lacking the large, friendly letters of Don't Panic on the front. Instead it says: "Don't Trust the Auto-Pillock." I gather one of the two, the Auto-Pilot, or Encyclopedia is defective. Since the Auto-Pilot seems capable of crashing a satellite into things, and the Encyclopedia only lists things I know how to find, I'm inclined to believe it's both. Not having FAA's on the list is more than a touch annoying, though I've been told that the Teladi produce them.

Of course, since they aren't even listed, I haven't the first idea where to look for them. I guess I'll put out some feelers amongst the less savory members of the various pirate organizations.

In the mean time, I've decided to name my Ryu, 'The Decadence of Piracy', or 'Decadence' for short. At the same time, the Gannet has become, 'Gunboat Diplomacy'.

As soon as I can source some Hammer Heavy Torpedoes, I'm going to use the Gunboat Diplomacy to stomp yet another Carrack infesting my Happy Hunting Ground.

Now I'm tired of those things, and I think that the only thing to do, is to teach the pirates a lesson they will not soon forget. For now though, I swap to the Amazon, and fly to Haktikvah's Faith. The Carrack is off to the west, busily amusing itself by giving traffic a beating, and I slip past with ease, but not before accepting a return ship mission in Ceo's Sprite, which is where I was headed. The Pegasus Sentinel jumps the return trip aboard the Mos Eisley, and makes it easily. And wonder of wonders, there's a Flak Artillery Array Forge in Ceo's. And they have two in stock. Mos Eisley lands, and purchases both, but not without having to drain some funds from my stations. The Military Outpost yields a pair of boarding pods, and a quartet of Energy Bolt Chainguns. Two scan asteroid missions, both wanting the same 8 roids, three in Ceo's Sprite, and five in Company Pride scanned. So, having completed on, I also complete the second.

Now, to find another ship to not return. I need some missiles. But first, I think I'm going to beat up some Paranid for their valuable cargo.

Posted: Sun, 6. Mar 11, 09:32
by Neeros
Awesome. :)

Posted: Sun, 6. Mar 11, 17:58
by Triaxx2
Thank you.

Posted: Mon, 7. Mar 11, 16:39
by Scion Drakhar
Neeros wrote:Awesome. :)

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by wreckzors



I like it.