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Post by dragondream » Mon, 13. Jun 11, 09:19

Due to the fact that I have noticed that some writers seem to start one DiD after another which may be still uncompleted, whether due to lack of readers or loss of interest, I have added a little "ACTIVE" status to the thread. Basically, every DiD that has had a reply or entry from the Author within the last three months will be considered active.

Hopefully, what this will mean is that those looking for the latest DiD's that are still in progress can find them more easier than having to sift through the index or the forum. This might also attract more readers to the DiD's that are active and thus motivate the writer to continue the DiD for longer.

It's a longshot, but it only took a few seconds extra to add the feature. :roll:

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Scion Drakhar
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Post by Scion Drakhar » Mon, 13. Jun 11, 09:50

Again, thank you.

Also, if you feel so inclined, you can even make a note that 'A Pirate's Story' is completed.
A Pirate's Story.pdf(KIA) by _Zap _ From Nothing.PDF(complete) by _Zap _ Prodigal Son(active) Original Thread, Prodigal Son_PDF

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Post by dragondream » Mon, 13. Jun 11, 12:02

Scion Drakhar wrote:Again, thank you.

Also, if you feel so inclined, you can even make a note that 'A Pirate's Story' is completed.
I would have done so at the beginning for all the finished ones, but I didn't really think it was necessary because everything that's not active, people will just assume that it has been either completed or abandoned. The Active status is just to let people know which ones are still rolling at the moment. :)

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Scion Drakhar
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Post by Scion Drakhar » Mon, 13. Jun 11, 12:10

-nod nod-

Gotcha. Once again, thanks mate.
A Pirate's Story.pdf(KIA) by _Zap _ From Nothing.PDF(complete) by _Zap _ Prodigal Son(active) Original Thread, Prodigal Son_PDF

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Post by TTD » Mon, 13. Jun 11, 19:53

If there is enough demand,I might fill out Norman's story.
But unless I find the save-game file,it will only be a story,not taken from actual game-play.

For now I am continuing with Ronny's story.


Ronny's story finished and a new sequel started.

Sequel based in AP.
Ronny's sector over-run with Split.

Norman save game found. Available if anyone wants to give me a site to upload to for them.

Bridging stories may come in the future.

Don't expect one based on Rebirth any time soon after launch,as I am unlikely to purchase immediately.
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Post by Triaxx2 » Tue, 24. Jan 12, 16:20

I would like you to note that A Pirates Revenge has finished, and that I'm currently running A Truly Savage Split.
A Pirate's Revenge Completed Now in PDF by _Zap_
APR Book 2: Best Served Cold Updated 8/5/2016

The Tale of Ea't s'Quid Completed

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Post by Nathancros » Thu, 23. Feb 12, 08:50

can i ask for you to add Valkore's new DiD Mercenary 101 and list it as active :)

thanks! :D
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Post by dragondream » Thu, 23. Feb 12, 18:48

Hi there,

I would like to request a moderator to please allow someone else continue updating the thread. I've been running it for a while but unfortunately do not really have the time at the moment to keep it up. I'm really sorry about this, and I hope someone will be kind enough to take over. Thanks very much.

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Post by Nathancros » Tue, 6. Mar 12, 16:15

if neccasary i could temporarily run this for you/us,

tho that would have to be a very last resort as im not really very good with theese things. hell i still dunno how to use colour :P

is it like this?

didnt work :P
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Post by Triaxx2 » Tue, 6. Mar 12, 16:47

I could probably take over. I'm on mostly every day anyway, so...
A Pirate's Revenge Completed Now in PDF by _Zap_
APR Book 2: Best Served Cold Updated 8/5/2016

The Tale of Ea't s'Quid Completed

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Re: DiD Index - - - *Albion Prelude DiD's ADDED*

Post by Triaxx2 » Wed, 7. Mar 12, 01:28

List of DiD's

The Index is below.

Seeing as all the DiD's have been moved to the Creative Universe I thought it would be time to have a list of all of them. I will try update this as much as possible and keep up to date with any new ones.

Hopefully this index and all the great DiD's that have been teleported here will spark some new interest into the CU. Please remind me to add your DiD if by some chance I have missed it out or forgotten to add it.

What is it?

A DiD is a creative way of describing your gameplay experience from a single-player game like the X-Games. Usually the creator/author will set some basic ground rules and principles to make it interesting to the reader, including one very very important one: Dead is Dead (DiD). This means that when you die in the game there's no going back, you're dead for good (although some authors have managed to make exceptions in this case but we won't go into that).

A DiD can be in a straight player-to-player explanation of your actions, thinking and decisions in the game or, alternatively, can be in a story form. Both are perfectly acceptable and are only a matter of taste. Many DiD's also contain images, snapshots or thumbnails at regular intervals displaying their experiences in the game and providing a visual aid.

Some DiD's also have a "Join-In" function to allow other players to interact and participate in either the creative material, general storyline or even to "play" parts in their own version of the game.

How To Make One?

So now you know what it is you've decided to try it out yourself. How? Here are some simple steps to making your own DiD:

1) Load any of the X-Games (the newer it is, the more likely you will have readers) so choose preferably TC or AP, but older ones are fine too.

2) Choose a Start. Carefully pick a start from the list as it will affect your entire game and likely the attraction of your DiD. I do NOT advise Custom. It doesn't matter which start you choose, just make sure it's the one you want and tell your readers which one you choose.

3) Tweak your game. Use the Script Editor or Cycrow's Cheat Package to add, take away, change or edit anything in your game that you feel is a necessary element to your game, but be sure to tell your viewers what you have done. In some cases you can even create an entirely new start with the editor such as I have done in my DiD by changing your starting position, ship, credits and possessions.

4) Rules. If you want to add extra ground rules in addition to the default DiD (Dead is Dead) rule you have to list them right at the start. Rules can severely restrict your gameplay but add to the attraction of your DiD and bring more interested readers.

5) List your mods - this is a must. Always, always, always mention which mods or additional scripts you are using, how much you will use them and why you are using them. If you don't do this it can confuse or even upset players when they try to follow a similar path. For example, if you are using the BSG mod but don't inform your readers at the start you can only imagine the confusion it will cause later when you say that you bought the Galactica.

6) Introduce a Prologue/Introduction. If you want to write the DiD in a story form then you will need some kind of a basis to build on, perhaps even explaining why you choose to go a certain path (eg. Pirate, Trader, Complex Builder).

7) Write while playing. If you want to include tutorial information and not just pointless waffle then you might want to write while playing. This way you write it while it's still fresh in your mind and you can maximize tips, hints and suggestions to new and experienced players alike.

8 ) Assess your Assets. Make sure you include what you own and also your progress at the end of each chapter or at regular intervals to allow your readers to keep up. This doesn't need to be 3 pages long but perhaps just a basic summary of ships, stations and credits.

9) Be honest. If you die, let the readers know. If you scripted in an extra ship, let the readers know. If you edited the game to give you the biggest baddest gun in the game, let your readers know. If you don't do this you will lose your readers' trust and they might even stop reading your DiD.

10) Adding your own unique touch. Of course, nothing is stopping you from making your DiD different to others by writing it in a particular way or adding your own mood to the thread. In the end, there is no hard set rule about how to write your DiD, the above are just tips to help those who are perhaps a bit puzzled as to where to start or how to write their DiD. Happy Gaming and try not to die! :)

The Index


A-Z by Creator/Author

A Story From The Void (AP DiD) - 14 Aug 2012 INACTIVE

[AP] [DID] An Anonymous Argon - 2 June 2012 INACTIVE

http://forum.egosoft.com/viewtopic.php?t=329425 - 29 October 2012 INACTIVE

[X3AP] Rise of the Templar Empire [Lost the save, will not be active] - 27 Dec 2011 - FINISHED

Luck for Profitsss: A Teladi Story - 20 Feb 2012 - INACTIVE

A Yaki's Story DiD AP - 3 Feb 2014 INACTIVE

AP - New Contact, Status: Unknown [DiD] - 10 Oct 2013 - INACTIVE

Dog G6
Dog Builds an Empire [Offsite - Non-DiD]
Part 1Part 2Part 3

Bringing Chaos to Order - 22 Sep 2016 - ACTIVE

[DiD] Anon Emose the Anonymous Argon - INACTIVE

DID Shoot and Loot,Gosnells Story - INACTIVE
Operation Terran Destruction. A Gosnell DiD, Pilots wanted - 22 May 2012 INACTIVE
Could have gone Smoother (D.I.D) -Gosnell - 31 July 2012 INACTIVE


John Jackson
A Rather Large Ding (DiD) - 13 November 2012 INACTIVE

The Flip Side (A Terran DiD) - 21 July 2012 INACTIVE

[DiD][AP] "The Mechanic Privateer" or "Piracy for Love!" - 4 Sep 2012 INACTIVE

Rise of Phanon LUV DiD - 11 Aug 2014 INACTIVE

Terran Patriot - A story of AP Terran Start. - 16 Aug 2012 INACTIVE

The Argon Defense League [DiD] - 2 May 2012 INACTIVE

XRM (1.29)-AP (3.0): Three Wise Men [DiD] - 1 Jun 2013 INACTIVE


The Family Thakir - AP DiD
- 5 May 2012 - INACTIVE
[DINQD] Like a Leaf on the Wind - 17 Feb 2013 INACTIVE

Ambition and Ambiguity. X3:AP DiD - 6 Jun 2013 INACTIVE

Fishy done stuff (X:AP DiD) - 26 Nov 2015 - INACTIVE

shaun bergin
Marcus A tale of an Orphan of two worlds - 14 Jun 2012INACTIVE
AP DID: Nomad - 14 Aug 2012 INACTIVE
Exile:AP DID - 11 Feb 2014 - FINISHED
PARIAH: AP Peace keeper start - 1 Apr 2014 - FINISHED
Quest for Vengeance: (AP Paranid Start) DID - 15 Aug 2014 INACTIVE

Scion Drakhar
[AP] PRODIGAL SON, A Rogue's Tale - Book II 27 Mar 2012 - ACTIVE

I am Iron-Squid! Maybe... [Suicidal Squid DiD] - 6 Jun 2012 - FINISHED
By the Will of Xaar [Pious Paranid DiD] - 13 Jun 2012 INACTIVE

A Quiet Uprising ~ This title may change ~ The continuing saga.This time based in AP - 14 Jan 2012 - FINISHED

Devil's Playground (X3AP 3.1/Litcube's Universe DiD) - 10 Nov 2014 - DEAD KIA

Endgame (X3AP/Litcube's Universe DiD) - 25 Nov 2014 - INACTIVE

Sea of stars - Litcube's Universe/X3AP DiD - 1 Jul 2016 - INACTIVE

X3:TC (+Previous Installments)

A-Z by Creator/Author

Ferrin Trading (DiD game log X3TC: Restarted with better entries) - 23 Jan 2013 SUSPENDED
A pirates life for me(A XTC XRM DiD) [DEAD KIA] - 5 Feb 2013 KIA
In Pursuit Of Profits (X3 XTM Trading DiD) - Jan 30 2013 KIA
Dragonfire Protection Inc (A XTC XRM DiD)[url] - 5 Feb 2013 Save Lost
Harrington Corp (Vannila empire building DiD) - 9 Mar 2013 INACTIVE
(X3TC XRM DID) Universal Violence! - 31 Jan 2018 INACTIVE
The Sole Collective (X3TC XTC DiD) - 21 Oct 2018 ACTIVE

[X3 TC] DiD game - yet snother one for the DiD fans !! (possible spoilers) - 30 Nov 2009 INACTIVE

X3TC 3.2 DINQD - Surely not a Friendly Yaki?
- 5 Nov 2012 [color=lime]INACTIVE[/col ... er to Hero - 13 Jun 2013 INACTIVE

DiD - Lar's Fate - 12 Oct 2010 INACTIVE

What Buck_Rogers DiD. (Now a `join in` game!) - 28 Nov 2009 - INACTIVE*

Callidus Thorn
Shoo T'kll, aim to capture 11 Aug 2010 FINISHED
Sal Aman Der III: Hot for Profit - 17 Aug 2010 FINISHED
Terror of Terra (Spoilers) - 8 Sep 2010 FINISHED
Nu T'cse: The Trade War - 11 Dec 2010 Cancelled
Last Man Standing - 7 Jan 2010 FINISHED
Fifth Times the Charm 4 Sep 2011 Cancelled

Captain CAVEMAN!!!
Unholy Fury (A Join-In DiD by Captain Caveman) - 20 May 2010 INACTIVE

Mechanic's Tale: Part One - 10 May 2012 - FINISHED

Dark Warden
The starlight at the end of the tunnel (might just be a flamethrower) - 10 Jun 2011 FINISHED

Thovin Telvanthir, a DiD revenge! story! - 18 Mar 2011 FINISHED

DiD: When you can't do it your way... do it the Yaki way. - 9 Dec 2009 INACTIVE

(DiD) Personal War - 26 Jan 2011 Cancelled Due to Lost Save

Boron Purist. (first DiD, spoilers) - 22 Jun 2010 INACTIVE

{DID} Honest, Your Honor, I didn't kill anyone! *only to FF* - 9 Jun 2010 INACTIVE

A Troubled Terran - 16 Aug 2011 INACTIVE

Condition: Null [DiD - Total Xenon Xenocide] - BANKS, RANA - KIA - 10 Dec 2009 FINISHED
The First Question [Xenon DiD Story] - 26 Feb 2010 FINISHED
The Talented Lar Ripley Limpet [A Coward's DiD] - 23 Mar 2010 FINISHED
Rana's Raiders and their Battle Beyond the Stars [Sohnen DiD] - 21 Jun 2010 FINISHED
Nobody Knows, the Trouble I'll Cause - A Beryll DiD - 23 Oct 2010 FINISHED

So Long And Thanks Etc. - SIGN UP NOW, - In Memory Of... (see page1) - 25 Nov 2009 INACTIVE
Later DiD idea, this bit is the prologue. - 30 Jan 2010 INACTIVE

Gon Persius' possibly short life [DiD] - 31 Aug 2012 INACTIVE

Squidling Protégé or “How I followed in Squiddy McSquids Footsteps” a DiD Dead already - 24 Jun 2010 FINISHED

Mussst Haaave Profitsssss! - 31 Aug 2011 - INACTIVE

The Marines have landed and have the situation well in hand... - 23 Sep 2010 INACTIVE

[DiD] Revenge of the Aldrin Colonies - 27 Mar 2010 *Does not exist, status unknown*

My personal quest for the antidote. - 12 Jan 2011 FINISHED

(Di[NQ]D) [TC] "Changing Times," The tale of Lh'ren Daves - 24 July 2012 INACTIVE

[DiD] X3TC: "You're serious?" Join in! - 11 June 2010 INACTIVE

Jon Q. Publik, or WOW is space grand! (DiD) - 21 Jan 2011 INACTIVE

Jana Raka (DiD) - 16 Nov 2010 INACTIVE

So here we are, A DID story - 2 Dec 2010 INACTIVE

Peace(s) of Eight - 21 Mar 2012 Saves Lost
Way of the Gun - DiD (TC 3.2) - 24 Feb 2013 KIA
Status: Online - A Xenon DiD (TC 3.2) - 10 Jun 2013 INACTIVE

[X3:TC] - DiD - A New Beginning. - 23 Mar 2012 INACTIVE

DiD- Picking up the Pieces.. - 2 April 2011 Cancelled

[TC] [DiD] A Cold Revenge - 27 Apr 2011 FINISHED

Personal Reports of Cordian Dermaine - 6 Apr 2010 INACTIVE

[DiD] - Terminal Velocity - 24 Apr 2011 INACTIVE

Parker's story - 4 Sep 2010 FINISHED
The Exciting If Not Short Life Of A Terran Pirate (DiD, possible spoilers) - 25 Sep 2010 INACTIVE

Master of the Blade
Of Journeys into the unknown, smelling faintly of fish [DiD] - 16 Oct 2009 FINISHED
A Robbery never to be Forgotten[DiD] - 23 Jan 2010 FINISHED
Shoo t'Rgt: Honour and Reason [DiD] - 26 Nov 2010 - INACTIVE Started TC, now AP.

[DiD] The Rise And Rise of Mechanis D'Advent (warning-spoilers and sillyness.) - 18 May 2010 INACTIVE
[XTC][DiD] Tulatha's return: a Piratical yarn - 20 May 2011 INACTIVE

Mr. Reeves
A war against brothers. Terran Conflict. - 10 Nov 2009 INACTIVE
The short life of Andrew Reeves - 18 Oct 2010 INACTIVE

Mr. Stubb
Untitled(for now) - 7 Jun 2011 INACTIVE
[TC] Enemy of the Clans - 30 Jun 2011 INACTIVE

Well then, this should be interesting - 29 Apr 2010 INACTIVE

[DiD] Revenge on Paranid. Pilots wanted! - 5 Jan 2011 INACTIVE
(DiD) The Story of Lucifer*Continued* - 16 Jan 2011 INACTIVE

Wanted: Sebastian Gauge - 5 Mar 2011 INACTIVE

The Butterfly Effect - 19 Jan 2010 INACTIVE

[X3TC - DiD] Operation Ragnarök - 24 May 2011 INACTIVE

Squiddy McSquids possibly short life - {Possible spoilers inside} - 10 Nov 2008 - FINISHEDAvailable as PDF
Zen and the Art of Running away.. {spoilers guaranteed} - 17 Jan 2009 - FINISHEDAvailable as PDF
Wanton use of nukes and the path to galactic conquest! - 31 May 2009 - FINISHEDAvailable as PDF

PDF collection courtesy of _Zap_

[DiD] The Aldrin Encounters {spoilers} - 7 Jul 2010INACTIVE

An Anonymous Argon's Crime Fighting Career - 30 Nov 2008 INACTIVE
When Things Go Orange - 29 Mar 2010 INACTIVE

A merchant's log - 22 Nov 2010 INACTIVE

Fishies and why coffee is such a bad idea (DiD) - 04 Aug 2009 INACTIVE

Foundations and Empire (Another DiD...with spoilers maybe) - 15 March 2009
The Watch (Did, Spoilers etc) - 18 Feb 2010 INACTIVE

The Kha'ak – I Am YOUR Enemy. [DiD] - 31 Aug 2010 INACTIVE

All-In Company - have no fear, you've nothing to loose [DiD] - 13 Feb 2010
Lar Golo and his ruthless Fishborne Pirates [DiD] - 7 Mar 2010 INACTIVE
[DiD] Peacemaker - the tale of a fallen - 8 Jun 2010 INACTIVE
Infinte Opportunity [DiD] TC 3.2 - 13 Aug 2012 INACTIVE

Lone Star - 18 Feb 2013 INACTIVE

Scion Drakhar
[TC] A Pirate's Story - 19 Nov 2010 - COMPLETED Available as PDF
From Nothing, A Rogue's Tale - Book I DiD - 28 Dec 2010 - COMPLETEDAvailable as PDF

Revenge Of The Heart - 14 Jul 2010 INACTIVE
Dream of The Heart - 29 Aug 2010 INACTIVE

Song of Obsidian
Betrayal is a Double-Edged Sword - TC 3.2 DiD - 19 Jun 2013 INACTIVE

Domination, Pirate Style - 6 Nov 2010 INACTIVE
Cutting the threads of Fate - 8 Nov 2010 INACTIVE

Targ Collective
Merlin Industries II - The Dreams of Euphamés (DiD collaborative storytelling effort) - 18 Oct 2009 INACTIVE

The Jackal
Terrick Trading Inc - 22 Jan 2010 INACTIVE
A Bowl Of Chips And A Shot Of Space Fuel [DiD story] - 27 Feb 2010 INACTIVE

The Univerce builder
[Dead-Beith-Dead] Wanted dead or alive: one Adrian Tulatha D'advent - 12 Dec 2010 INACTIVE

On Her Majesty's Secret Service-or-What the Squid DiD - 13 Mar 2013 INACTIVE

Salvage, Parlay, Annex [DiD] - 28 Feb 2011 INACTIVE

[TC] A Pirate's Revenge - 19 Dec 2010 - FINISHED Available as PDF
The Tale of Ea't s'Quid, a Truly Savage Split.[Dead is Drunk] - 28 Oct 2011 - FINISHED Available as PDF
[DiD] Best Served Cold - APR Book 2 - 19 May 2012 HIATUS
The Tale of Mak Pr'ft, or How to Trade Split Style [DiD] 18 May 2013 HIATUS

The ramblings of an Argon Nephew-(A traders guide)Birth of the UTI - 23 Oct 2009 INACTIVE
An Argon Nephew's revenge(Revenge is sweet) - 9 Jun 2010 INACTIVE
Ronny Fiesty,son of Norman.A new era begins.(Terran/Aldrin economies saved) - 1 May 2011 INACTIVE

[DID] Hostile trading - 20 Mar 2010 INACTIVE

Vim Razz
Justy's Misfortune - 06 Jan 2010 INACTIVE

DID - Alcoholic Argon Gambler turned Mercenary Trader - 11 Jan 2011 INACTIVE

[DiD] Adrift Among A Sea Of Stars - 22 May 2010 INACTIVE

DiD: It All Started with A Big Bang! (No, idoit! Wrong big bang!) - 3 March 2010 INACTIVE
Adventures of Scally Winters and the Fish known as Betty - 12 Mar 2010 INACTIVE

Teladi Super Trader (First DiD) - 23 Jun 2010 INACTIVE
OTAS Defense Contractor. {spoilers} - 19 Jul 2010 INACTIVE

Gooey Goo will have his revenge! (DID story) - 11 Sep 2010 INACTIVE

Die-Hard... Suicidal Squid DiD... SPOILERS! - 24 Jul 2010 INACTIVE


Eye of the storm - DiD (TC 3.2) - 11 Apr 2012 FINISHED
[DiD]Eye of the storm - Book 2 (TC 3.2) - 2 Sep 2012 FINISHED

[DiD]Lady of the last day (TC 3.2) - 11 Sep 2012 FINISHED

Dust in the wind (X3TC 3.2/XRM DiD) - 10 Mar 2013 INACTIVE

Let's Play X3TC (Trader, Pacifist) - 24 Mar 2012 INACTIVE

*ACTIVE = DiD's that are still in progress. Author's must have written an entry or a comment to insure the status of his/her thread in the last three months.

**Some of these DiD's have not been transferred to the Creative Universe Forums. All new DiD's according to Egosoft (not me) must be placed in the Creative Universe subsection of the forums.

*UPDATED 07/05/12*

(Common Threads) *STORY SPOILERS*

This is an idea suggested by Libelnon, listing common linking threads between various DiD's. The most readily recognized link is between Nuklear-Slug's second and third DiD's, with the character of Steve who began in the Second and became the main character of the Third. As such, some of these will be by their very nature spoilers. If you haven't finished, avoid these.

Nuklear-Slug: Zen and the Art of Running Away/ Wanton Use of Nukes and the Path to Galactic Conquest

Common thread: Leo 'Steve' Kayean.
Originally a marine, 'recruited' by burned Split Spy turned pirate Mak G'yvr, Steve became a legend, who was known to have failed only one boarding operation in his career and survived the destruction of a Terran Osaka. Believed dead by his previous employer, Steve was able to escape Terran Space in an act of unparalled skill and insane luck, and rise to out do his erstwhile employer. Ultimately though, his attempt to take an ATF Tyr would be his downfall. But the pirates all wonder, was that really enough to defeat a legend like Steve? Who knows?
Scion Drakhar/Triaxx2: A Pirates Story> From Nothing> PRODIGAL SON/ A Pirates Revenge> Best Served Cold.

Common Thread: 'Scion' Drakhar
The story of 'Scion' Drakhar is a difficult one to tell, because while he was able to achieve great things by acts of piracy, his successors were his true legacy. His son Drake rose from the streets of Argon Prime to commit his first act of piracy before he even left the surface of the planet, stealing a Discoverer from a dying man. Through a series of events too unbelievable to be retold in such a short form, Drake went on to go from a lone pirate, picking at the trade lanes to the captain of a combat frigate. Along the path, he would be joined by companions of all shapes, sizes and dispositions, and innumerable flavors of insanity. What started as a one-man operation, rapidly expanded into a full-blown military and commercial empire, supporting nearly half a dozen sectors, and producing enough firepower to eliminate the universe several times over. In the course of doing so, he would become a threat to the Terrans and learn an undying hatred for the Paranid, quelched only slightly by his hunger for Paranid ships. Ultimately he would be brought down by his own Avaricious appetite. In attempting to clear out a pirate problem, his empire would be stretched to the breaking point, and the combined weight of the forces of his enemies would be brought to bear to destroy him utterly.

And yet from these ashes, Drake refused to quit, and began to climb his way back up, with nothing more than a few thousand people to protect, a TL to house them, and a single combat fighter to protect it with. Drake's burning ambition to destroy those who had taken him, caused him to fly the long path from Grand Exchange to Argon Prime, cutting a path by force for the TL to pass safely. Where his story will go, we do not know.


Even as Drake began his struggles in one universe, in another, a secret group of Argon scientists, operating in utter secrecy, harvest a sample of 'Scion' Drakhar's DNA and begin rebuilding him. But the DNA isn't whole, and to make it viable, it ends up a female. Anki Drakhar is given a Pirate Kestrel and a mission. Destroy the Paranid. Like Drake, Anki begins carving an empire out of the ashes of her 'father' and through sheer tenacity and cunning, she begins reaching for the stars. Unlike Drake however, Anki fights alone, making war only upon the Paranid, and seeking allies amongst those who dislike them as much as she does. And while the two may not know it, they mirror one another in many things. from hatred of the Paranid, to a tendency to over react and order measures far in advance of the proper measured response. And like him, her hatred would become a personal thing after the carrier that had become her home, was destroyed by a Paranid, and her mission became one held near to her heart.

Following the loss of the carrier, Anki became even more intent on the annihilation of the Paranid. Only time will tell the end to her tale.
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Post by Triaxx2 » Fri, 16. Mar 12, 14:11

Hey, I'm posting this to announce that I've taken over the DiD listing from dragon dream. If you happen to have a DiD you need added, or if you've got one that has been made available as a PDF, for example by the fantastic services of _Zap_, please let me know and I'll update your status accordingly. Thank you.
A Pirate's Revenge Completed Now in PDF by _Zap_
APR Book 2: Best Served Cold Updated 8/5/2016

The Tale of Ea't s'Quid Completed

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Post by RyuKazuha » Sun, 12. Aug 12, 11:59

Hi Triaxx, I'd like to ask you to remove "Shadows of a lost Colony" and "A second Chance to screw up" from the list, as they ended up being scraps i'm not really content with.

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Post by Triaxx2 » Sun, 12. Aug 12, 13:25

I can do that.
A Pirate's Revenge Completed Now in PDF by _Zap_
APR Book 2: Best Served Cold Updated 8/5/2016

The Tale of Ea't s'Quid Completed

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Post by RyuKazuha » Sun, 12. Aug 12, 19:33

Thanks. I'll see to it that a new one can be added soon. :>

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