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Posted: Thu, 17. Dec 09, 21:23
by Buck_Rogers
Ahhh Fendalis, you see. I put all my emphasis on the think side of things. Unlike other admirals, I don't send, my ships into battle expecting casualties. I look after my boys. :wink:

That's the challenge. Keeping you lot alive till I can get you in something with more bite :D

So what's your details?

Pilot: Fendalis?
Ship name:?
Race: Argon
General Background:?

Posted: Thu, 17. Dec 09, 21:33
by Fendalis
oh, details...right then.

Pilot: Fendalis
Ship name: Shoot that Guy ->
Race: Argon
Background: Fighter pilot with some skill that talks the talk, but generally hangs back in a fight looking for an opportunity to make himself look better than he is. :) If there's a fight to be had, he'll be pushing to jump into the fray, and then quietly hang back until the fight is almost over before helping to mop up.'s that?

Posted: Thu, 17. Dec 09, 22:28
by Buck_Rogers
That's fine ta.

Answer me this though:

Would you be the same mighty Fendalis who had his own DiD going with X3R + XTM?

Posted: Thu, 17. Dec 09, 22:55
by travisdh1
*looking over his new ship*

Well, with a reputation for pancaking ships she's not so bad. Life support looks solid, everything else is secondary of course. Let's go hunting!

Posted: Thu, 17. Dec 09, 23:15
by Fendalis
that's the same old me. Unfortunately with a nasty hard drive crash, I lost the game - but technically never died. :) Back to playing TC now that I've got my rig repaired and refitted a bit. Pity, cause that was a really fun DiD game I had going.

Posted: Fri, 18. Dec 09, 00:19
by Buck_Rogers
Fendalis wrote:that's the same old me.
:o I am honoured sir, that you would choose to participate in my game! I shall do my best to keep you alive! All of you.

I loved you DiD as much as I love Sluggy`s :D

Thanks to Speedy and Apollo to. Now, lets bust some Pirates!

Posted: Sat, 19. Dec 09, 22:38
by Buck_Rogers
15. Work, work, work

After buying the Fight Command Mk 1 & 2 software, as well as 1 APAC for "Happy Hauler", I sent Nil Rana to the Jumpdrive Kit Construction Facility in Cloud Base South West. The intention was to buy 2 kits, 1 for her ship and one for the "Lazy Geordie". Whilst she's doing this, I spy a taxi job on the BBS. Just a crappy little 1 for 1500cr, to take someone to Rolks Drift, but every penny helps! :D

After dropping off the passenger and collecting payment, I head for the bar, on the local Trading Station. To my surprise I find someone has set up a table for punters to play the old "Black Jack" card game!

"Oh, What the hell! Why not!" I think to myself, and saunter over to play. ... n00145.jpg

Well, half a dozen games and 100k later the guy decides to pack up, as I've taken too much money from him! hehehe. A quick balance check reveals I'm back up to almost 500k again. Nice! Next on the agenda. I decide I need to consolidate my assets. So, I instruct all my ships to head for Seizewell, where I do some juggling with what they all have in their
freight bays. So. "Happy Hauler" and "Lazy Geordie" get the 2 Jumpdrive Kits, and the spare 5MJ shield unit that "Happy Hauler" was carrying also goes to "Lazy Geordie" I almost forgot about that 1! I also swipe 300 of the 800 E-Cells from the Mercury and transfer them to the Vulcan. Once again, much to the annoyance of Nil Rana. Job done, I change ships to the Vulcan and decide to do some trading for a while. I set Nil Rana off as a Universe Trader again, although not before I encode her ships computer with a list of "no go" sectors. ... n00144.jpg

After a wee while I check on her progress and am somewhat surprised to notice that she is not using her jump drive?! A quick chat reveals that she does not fully understand how to use one! Typical woman! She informs me that she has found a course for 1st time Jumpdrive users and will attend that as soon as she can. Sure enough, once she reaches level 13, she starts jumping round all over the Universe. Much to her joy! :D

Whilst on a Nosdrop run to Greater Profit, it appears a Pirate has gone Potty! ... n00134.jpg

Since he has decided to pick on trasports, I do a U'y back into Seizewell. I sell my Nosdrop to the Medium Shield Complex there. Although not for as much as I would have liked! Whilst looking for other good trading deals, I notice Ore Mine Beta is fully stocked and selling Ore at rock bottom price. just 50cr a piece! So I hot foot it over and fill the hold of "Lazy Geordie" to the brim. I also strike lucky on the BBS, when I find another job for a fellow member of the Merchants Guild.... ... n00139.jpg

A quick 1st ever jump to Power Circle and... ... n00141.jpg

40K plus credits! Thank you very much!

Whilst looking around Power Circle for the odd job, I notice the Solar Power plants are quite full of stock. So I dock at the nearest one and fill the hold at 12cr per E-Cell. Regarding where to sell them? Well that's the challenge that faces all traders. Unless you know of a shortage somewhere, then you just have to guess! In the end I flew South into Herrons Nebula and notice that almost all of the stations are empty of E-Cells and are offering to buy them for 19cr each! Docking at the nearest station, which in this case was an Ore Mine, I complete the deal. Back to the BBS It appears the RNG Gods are once again smiling on me, as I find this on the BBS. ... n00142.jpg

The shear amount of credit on offer immediatly makes me accept and undock, thinking I can whack the Jumpdrive into action again. WRONG!! I neglected to keep some E-Cells from that last transaction behind, to fuel the bloody thing!

"STUPID BASTU!" I scream, again, punching the console! This is becoming a bit of a habbit.

Checking the message again in my log, I look for the time limit. 26 Mizura.

"Oh well, time to floor it and see what this baby can do!" I say, as I whack the Boost Extension and am pushed back into my seat. This is gonna be close!

Game time = 3D 2h 49mins
Ranks = Harmless/Financier
Cr = 1,180,511

Non combat orientated assets:
8 x Advanced Satellites
1 x Mercury "Happy Hauler"
1 x Discoverer "inferno"
1 x Terracorp Vulcan "Lazy Geordie"
1 x Octopus Vanguard "Universe Explorer"

Combat capable assets:
3 x Harrier Sentinal "Sabre Squadron"

Posted: Sun, 20. Dec 09, 16:16
by Apollo303
Damn cliffhangers..... oh joy !! :lol:

So who`s wing leader then.... my vote is on Fendalis (has plenty of experience)... :D ??

Posted: Fri, 25. Dec 09, 13:23
by Buck_Rogers
Apollo303 wrote:Damn cliffhangers..... oh joy !! :lol:
I know. :twisted: Don't you just love em?
Apollo303 wrote:So who`s wing leader then.... my vote is on Fendalis (has plenty of experience)... :D ??

Well, since this DiD was 1st started on another site, the position of wing leader has already been given to Mckenna.

On another note:

The next chapter will be somewhat delayed. My Mrs hijacked my sheet of notes for a shopping list as she "did not see anything important written on it" Typical! Do women ever learn?

Anywayz, until I find it again, I can't write the next chaper :(


oh yeah.......


*insert appropriate Santa smiley here*

Posted: Tue, 12. Jan 10, 23:04
by Buck_Rogers
Hi guys

As you can see from the update below, I found my notes! :D So without further ado:

16. Expansion

Approaching the West Gate in Herrons Nebula, "Betty" beeps an incoming message. ... n00150.jpg

19 mizura remaiing and I can't go any faster!

Entering CBNW, I decide to keep autopillock off and fly manually, in order to save as much time as possible. So I target Cattle Ranch M Beta and floor it! There's quite a few asteroids in CBSW, so I'm glad I kept flying myself. I scraped past a few of the bigger ones, so I could keep the station in my sites. Once "Lazy Geordie" was close enough, I switched on autopillock and waited. At this point I made a mental note to invest in a Docking Computer as soon as I could! Especially as the docking procedure felt like it took an eternity to finish! ... n00151.jpg

YAY! 180 odd thousand in the bank! Get in there!

Well, after that excitement, I decided now was a good time to invest a bit further in my small empire. So I took on 3 more pilots. An Argon fighter pilot by the name of "Fendalis" caught my eye. Mainly because he has the same name as a certain notorious Pirate I once knew. However, he assures me he is not the same man, nor a relation.


Next new recruit was an ex-Pirate by the name of "Apollo". He says he is now on the straight and narrow. More so after he was betrayed by the scum bags. Although, I think I'll have to keep an eye on him just now! ;)

Last but not least, an Argon Military Scout pilot by the name of "Speedy". I hope his parents did'nt give him that name! *ahem*

I then headed over to the Specialist Sales Shipyard in the vault again. For another 3 L class Harrier Sentinals. I waited for the new pilots to arrive, before handing over their access cards and instructing them all to head for the Trading Station in Teladi Gain. There they would meet up with the rest of Sabre Squadron.

"Let the fun begin!"

After changing back to "Inferno". I was begining to think GoD had turned against me. As when we started our 1st full patrol, We came across this in Ceo's Buckzoid ... n00148.jpg

Typical! I go increase the size of my combat squad and the Pirates decide not to play nice! Well, 2 can play at that game! I remember'd seeing an Image Recognition Complex in Ceo's Sprite. So I send "Lazy Geordie" off to pick up as many Silkworm missiles as he can buy, while me and the boys keep an eye on the Pirate group from distance. Before anyone with enough firepower arrives, the Pirates leave the patrol zone. Making them someone else's problem!

A short time later, "Lazy Geordie" returns with a hold of 60 Silkworms and 60 Mozzies. I split the 60 Silkworms between all six Sabre Squadron ships, "Inferno" and "Lazy Geordie get the Mozzies and I also send "Universe Explorer" back to the Complex to keep an eye on stock. For when I need more.

Whilst sorting that lot out, I found a BBS ad to map 27 Pirate sectors 238k! Expensive, but saves me a job!

Once that was taken care off we all took off for our next sortie of the day. We did'nt get very far before my intel sats screamed a warning at me ... n00149.jpg

Holy Argnu! A Xenon invasion! I gunned the throttle and got the others to follow. I was hoping to pick up some loot from the aftermath. However, by the time we got there, the Xenon had been decimated by 4 (count em!) Teladi Pheonix! I guess my luck is starting to run out, as the Xenon cap ships were the only hostile targets to appear on my intel network. Not one single solitary target of opportunity appeared after that! Even after completeing one full patrol circuit. Needless to say, everyone's trigger finger is now extra itchy. Especially the new guys, as they have'nt even fired a shot off in anger yet!

On the plus side, after docking at the Trading Station in Teladi Gain again. I did find a BBS ad for mapping 10 Yaki sectors for 64k. So it was'nt a total loss!

Since the Pirates had decided not to play, I switched back to "Lazy Geordie", told the boys to look after themselves for a while (in the Bar! :D) and headed for Argon Prime. It was time to expand my business opportunities!

Jumping into Argon Prime, I see no sign of a wondering TL, so I drop one of the spare Advanced Satellites in the hold. ... n00152.jpg

HUMPH! Still no bloody TL! Guess they're all busy. Typical! So I head off on a hunt for one. After what seems like ages, one turns up in Elanors Fortune. So I hire him straight away and send him to Argon Prime Shipyard. He only charges me 1000 credits for each gate, so that's a bonus. While the big bucket 'o' bolts lumbers off, I jump to Ore Belt for a quick survey. Thanks to "Universe Explorer" all the roids are already scanned. The juciest ones being:

2 x 64 yeild Silicon
1 x 56 yeild Silicon
1 x 51 yeild Ore

Decisions, Decisions! However, my choice is made a bit easier due to the fact 1 of 64's and the 56 yeild roids are situated behind the North Gate. Too close to the local Pirate base. Plus another Ore Mine is not really needed in this area. So I wait for the hired TL to dock, before spending about 1.1 million credits on a Silicon Mine L. I watch as the automated loading droids stuff it in the Mammoths hold.

After many more countless Mizura the TL eventually arrives in Ore Belt. I get him to unload his cargo and voila! One brand new Silicon Mine L and it's all mine! If you excuse the pun! *ahem* ... n00155.jpg ... n00153.jpg

The 1st of many stations belonging to the mighty Tiger Incorporated (TigerInc for short). I hope! As you can see, I've dropped my last Advanced Satellite in there and hooked it into my intel network. Just incase any angry purple triangles, flying killer hard drives or poncey Pirates etc etc come calling. :lol:

Since I did'nt yet have a delivery vessel, my next step was to get the station running myself. This meant buying a load of E-Cells. Thankfully one of the SPP's in Ore Belt was selling them quite cheaply, so I loaded "Lazy Geordie" with as many as she could carry and dropped them off. Now, I did'nt want to constantly be ferrying cargo, so I decided to jump back to Teladi Gain, swap back to "Inferno", hire a Commercial Representative (one Argon called Toki Sillarn) and send "Lazy Geordie back to work on the mine. *Phew!* lol

And that's what I did. :D

Game time = 3D 17h 29mins
Ranks = Harmless/Broker
Cr = 1,289,072

Non combat orientated assets:

1 x Silicon Mine L "TigerInc Silicon Mine 1"
9 x Advanced Satellites
1 x Mercury "Happy Hauler"
1 x Discoverer "inferno"
1 x Terracorp Vulcan "Lazy Geordie"
1 x Octopus Vanguard "Universe Explorer"

Combat capable assets:

6 x Harrier Sentinal "Sabre Squadron"
"Shoot that Guy"

Posted: Fri, 19. Feb 10, 11:32
by Buck_Rogers
Hi guys

Just wanted to add a quick notey for anyone who has been keeping up with my DiD, aswell as my pilots. :D

I am still alive, so is the DiD and hopefully I will be adding to it soon. Just had some 'real life' stuff getting on top of me. :( Thought I would bring this thread up, so it can be moved to the correct place.

Posted: Wed, 24. Feb 10, 20:32
by X1000
Just finished reading it. Great so far! Loving the "STUPID BASTU!" Moments... hehe.. :twisted:

But if your still accepting pilots...

Pilot: Cryo
Ship name: Frozen Dream
Race: Argon
General Background:

Cryo as gone by that name for years, after being kicked out of the Argon Military for.. How should i say this.. Kissing up to the admirals wife in the highest way. :wink:

He is a experienced M4 pilot, but with a dabble of M6. He suspects the M5 should not be that much different.

Posted: Wed, 24. Feb 10, 22:14
by Buck_Rogers
Thanks for the compliments X1000. Means alot. Glad to see people are still reading. :D and yes I am still taking on pilots. I will be constantly. You may not appear in the story straight away, but rest assured, I have a note of your application.

so, stay tuned :wink:

Posted: Thu, 25. Feb 10, 02:20
by X1000
/me tapes F5 key down


Posted: Fri, 26. Feb 10, 21:36
by Buck_Rogers
Just a quick notey to mention an update to the game:

I have added to my script list, on the 1st page:

MARS (better turret control)
Factory Complex Constructor (coz building complex's suck's!)
Sector Take Over (replaced Trickmov's version with nirwin's)

Since I am not at the stage to use any of the above, they have not affected where I am in the game.