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Posted: Sun, 23. Apr 17, 12:42
by Triaxx2
There are some more recent links in the DiD Index, second post on page 3. Worth a look, since it has all the pictures.

Posted: Sun, 23. Apr 17, 13:23
by Trucker_Torpedo
thank you for the tip! there they was, all pdf's with pictures :D it misses the context of the hired pilots ramblings in between the chapters tho, i found those as entertaining as the story itself :D But non the less, i can now read the pdf and see pictures as well as read through the forum thread :D

Re: Wanton use of nukes and the path to galactic conquest!

Posted: Mon, 2. Dec 19, 02:31
by hourheroyes
Anyone have live versions of this compiled story? I can upload to Google Drive or something....more likely to not get shut down than every other link :(