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Zen and the Art of Running away.. {spoilers guaranteed}

Posted: Sat, 17. Jan 09, 15:14
Apologies, but due to webspace limitations I'm going to have to unlink the attached images throughout this thread.

For those who want to skip the thread and get a complete version, and I suggest you do as it's much easier and he made a very good job of it, then Yoink very kindly PDF'd the whole lot and its available from the link at the bottom of this post.

"Caught stealing Paranid military secrets and disavowed by your government your only chance now is to flee these sectors and start anew."

01 - Burn notice

Who'ld be a spy? All that running, sneaking, cloak and dagger malarkey. Noone able to trust you and likewise you able to trust noone.. with good reason it seems as it appears I just got hung out to dry.

Caught with my fingers in the proverbial cookie jar the Paranid are understandably a little miffed. As a Split deep cover operative escape routes are never a planned option so with the Paranid authorities closing the net quickly I'll have to make my own way out. My only option, steal the first available ship and get the hell out of Dodge. Fortunately I've been infiltrating a Paranid advanced ship research division so the opportunity is there. Grabbing the nearest fuelled ship which happens to be a Medusa Protype I hit the thrusters and make a break for clear space. As soon as I'm clear of the stations gravity well I activate the experimental jumpdrive and head for the safety of Split space.

Which it turns out is not safe for me anymore. The Paranid it seems are kicking up an almighty fuss about the loss of their prototype M3 and threatening dire sanctions. Apparently the more spineless elements of my government, blaming me for getting caught and in an effort to placate the Paranid, have considered it politically expedient to deny my actions were sanctioned, declare me a rogue operative and cut me off. Bugger.

If nothing else tho the Split Special Ops Division teaches you to be resourceful so accepting what's happened it's time to take stock of the situation. I've stolen a decent ship but it was only a test model so it's overly armed, undershielded and the techs hadn't got around to getting the combat computer fully functional or fine-tuning the engines. The Paranid have issued a kill-on-sight directive against me which is fine because I'm nowhere near their space. Unfortunately my own government is somewhat displeased with the embarrassment I've caused them and have done the same, which is more of a concern being as I'm sat smack in the middle of Family Rhonkar..

1. Dead is dead.
2. Repairs to personal ship only.
3. All ships/equipment/weapons/resources will need to be 'acquired'.
4. Due to a need to stay off radar basic trading won't be possible for fear of tracing. Only pirate stations are safe to deal with and the black-market bartering on Teladi trading stations.
5. I have a friendly contact on Ceos Sprite shipyard that will allow sale of damaged ships/repairs. That's a Teladi for you, no scruples where there's a credit to be made..
6. No missions allowed apart from those taken from pirate stations.
7. Factories can only be bought from my Ceos Sprite contact but NPC aren't allowed near. So no Weed-plex unless I'm selling it to the pirates.

1x Medusa Prototype 'Burn Notice'
1x 5Mj shield
6x PBE, 2x PAC

Credits: 22,609

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Posted: Sat, 17. Jan 09, 15:26
by ascmesomething

If you don't get to Teladi space pretty quickly you'll be burned in more then one way.

Though having PBEs to start will make rampant capturing easier, so long as they don't shot back too hard.

Posted: Sat, 17. Jan 09, 15:38
by lastebil
That´s like crazy hard mate, good luck.

You know you´ll be constantly hunted down by bounty hunters, right?

Well, if anyone can pull that off, it´s you. Hope you can somehow find a decent shield in time

Posted: Sat, 17. Jan 09, 15:50
by Demolisher 2
You will be hunted down and killed before the first Hour is over, this start is practically unwinnable. The only things you'll be able to avoid fighting are M2's - the entire rest of the Split armada will catch up with you and destroy you easily - you may be good, but you're not "FLAK equipped M1 killing in an M3 with 5MJ of shield and no decent weapons" good. Nobody is. One hit from any capital and you're practically dead. This will be a very short story, no doubt about it.

Posted: Sat, 17. Jan 09, 15:54
by RJV
And suddenly all is well with the world...

Good luck NS.

Does our character have a name??? Dee p'Dudu for example...



Posted: Sat, 17. Jan 09, 16:15
by tontonfred
Demolisher 2 wrote: This will be a very short story, no doubt about it.
I don't think Slug would have bothered starting a new thread if he hadn't at least a couple hours of game behind him. In any case, I think the slimy bastard will give those bounty hunters a run for their money :twisted:

Posted: Sat, 17. Jan 09, 16:28
by JoeVN09
All I can think to say is WOOOOOOOOOO

Posted: Sat, 17. Jan 09, 16:29
by amtct
What about Squiddy.... :D

I think this is for Squiddy....

Posted: Sat, 17. Jan 09, 17:20
RJV wrote:Does our character have a name??? Dee p'Dudu for example...


Given the background I was toying with Jem S'Bnd.. or since there may be a call for a cunning plan at a moments notice with little more to hand than two twigs and a cotton-wool ball perhaps Mak G'Yvr might be more appropriate..?

I'll let the public decide.

Posted: Sat, 17. Jan 09, 17:36
by Samuel Creshal
/vote Mak G'Yvr :D

I'm curious whether you manage it to escape split terretory... :)

Posted: Sat, 17. Jan 09, 17:40
by boulistar
Good to see you're back on track mate :)

I'ld vote for Mak G'Yvr

Posted: Sat, 17. Jan 09, 17:46
by Deleted User
NUKLEAR-SLUG wrote:...
perhaps Mak G'Yvr might be more appropriate..?

I'll let the public decide.
Mak G'Yvr sounds great to me :D

Posted: Sat, 17. Jan 09, 17:51
by BeidAmmikon
MacGyver: "I've found from past experiences that the tighter your plan, the more likely you are to run into something unpredictable"
1 vote from me for Mak G'Yvr, as suggested :roll:

Posted: Sat, 17. Jan 09, 18:08
by 3D_Master
Yeah the Slug is back :)

I vote for Mak G'Yvr

Posted: Sat, 17. Jan 09, 18:49
by Tycow
When I saw the title of this thread, I thought it was a guide to fighting and evading enemies based on Squiddy's adventures; I'm so glad that I'm wrong, and it's a whole new story! :D

Good luck!

(Oh, +1 on Mak G'Yvr)