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Post by spacehunt » Sat, 17. Jan 09, 18:51

how bout

ch'ck norr's ? ^^ ill shut up now :P

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Post by Deleted User » Sat, 17. Jan 09, 19:06

I don't think that he has the ability to let water become him when he dives into it :roll: :D

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Post by Fendalis » Sat, 17. Jan 09, 19:26

Concur on Mak G'Yvr, and that start is doable in a DiD game - done it myself, though admittedly I think I had some luck... N-S has his share of luck though, so I don't see a problem here.

Love the Burn Notice reference...best show on tv (that and BSG).
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Post by Legionnaire » Sat, 17. Jan 09, 19:37

This is shaping up to be interesting indeed, my vote is also for Mak G'Yvr, hope to read more adventures soon, now moving this thread to the position where Squiddy was always open in my browser.

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Post by supakillaii » Sat, 17. Jan 09, 19:39

Mak +1
By the way, what start is this?

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Post by perkint » Sat, 17. Jan 09, 19:39

Considering you are going to need lots of cunning plans, I think you should go with Bol D'rik ;)

Of the two you suggested, definitely Mak G'Yvr.

Looking forward to hearing of your escapades!

BTW - don't those rules mean no selling pick up's? Ain't that a bit harsh?


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Post by FourFingers » Sat, 17. Jan 09, 19:58

Perfect :)

Ive just started this scene yesterday (unholy traitor start) my character is called Kak Ngi't cos thats what ive been doing for the few hours its taken me to get somewhere i can breathe!

opened up in tharka's sun and found myself running from police, millitary and persistant bounty hunters. Ive had to blow up several weapon dealers while pegging it to the nearest gate, got lucky with a few dragonfly missiles which came in handy when a split military dragon chased me down.

6 PBEs litteraly EAT away shields, two passes and then 3 dragonflys in its tail pipe took care of that. The satisfaction was immense!

Just made it to two grand with 55% hull and lost one PBE.. I feel like Ive completed the game and now can just retire :)

Lord it annoyed me no end watching lumbering frieght ships race past me, pretty much only thing I could out run was the TL ship but that was by about 8m/s.

Go Nuke.
I can follow along too :)

*Im in for a looooong repair time... sigh*

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Post by Creston » Sat, 17. Jan 09, 20:38

Mak G'Yvr sounds pretty awesome. D'rk P'tt would be good too.

Good luck Slug, you're sure going to need it... This start has kicked my derriere more times than I care to remember.

I have to say that I think your combination of rules and your starting scenario will make it almost impossible to survive. The trick to this start is to find a mission for the Split you can do quickly, to get those bounty hunters off your tail. Since you can't do any missions, and can't sell anything, your reputation probably isn't going to get any better anytime soon?

I guess you could murder a few Borons and see if that'll up it enough, though in my experience it didn't.

I would recommend you allow yourself the use of one equipment dock just so that you can get Fight MK2. Without it those 6 PBEs won't do much. :)

Anyways, great intro, looking forward to more adventures of Mak G'Yvr!

Edit :
Considering you are going to need lots of cunning plans, I think you should go with Bol D'rik
:lol: Blackadder for the win!

Edit 2 : I just tried this start again, see how it would go. Start in Rhonkar's Fire. Fly towards South gate, since I figure I have to get out of Split space ASAP. No Borons in sight for an easy rep boost, no stations in range offer missions.

20km away from the south gate, a Split Military Dragon comes through. It goes faster than I do. As soon as it comes into firing range, it opens fire with 4 PBGs. I die in approximately 0.4 seconds. The end.

It's a good thing I'm not the one writing this story :P

Unholy Traitor Start : 7
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Post by b1rd » Sat, 17. Jan 09, 20:51

"...all this due to princess Menelaus' most recent coughing fit amid peace talks with Split representatives. Continued military action is to be expected from both parties.

In other news,

Turmoil in Split Space!
Former split dignitary and representative to Paranid government Mak G'Yvr is now wanted by the forces of both races. In a somewhat obscure turn of events, all of his assets have been frozen and declared Kill on Sight by Military. Altough no official statement has been issued by any of the governments, fondling of the Priest Duke's privates is believed to be part of the issue. Argon and Boron representatives are hoping this incident will further strain Split/Paranid relations. Tune in later for further developments..."

best of luck Nuklear, looking forward to more great reads.

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Post by JoeVN09 » Sat, 17. Jan 09, 20:53

I'll second Mak G'Yvr. I didn't get far Splittifying other names... :wink:
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Post by Thelic » Sat, 17. Jan 09, 20:54

Those rules are crazy. Good luck, Mak.

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Post by NUKLEAR-SLUG » Sat, 17. Jan 09, 22:49

supakillaii wrote:Mak +1
By the way, what start is this?
Unholy traitor
perkint wrote:BTW - don't those rules mean no selling pick up's? Ain't that a bit harsh?
It does doesn't it? Guess I better find a use for all those pickups.

02 - Escape!

Smack in the middle of a Split Core sector is not the best place to be when you're public enemy No.1 so I plot a jump to Teladi space only to discover that when a Paranid describes a jumpdrive as 'experimental' what they actually mean is 'works once then burns itself to a crisp.' That's not really helpful as it means I'm now going to have to hoof it out of here. Considering my options, both the north and west gates just take me deeper into Split territory which is the last place I want to be. South leads to Thuruks beard which offers me escape routes into the lawless pirate sectors or Teladi space.

Decision reached I start for the south gate before word gets around the local sector patrols and some police hotshot decides to make a name for himself at my expense. Given the current state of my combat computer I'm not keen to start anything. I've barely moved more than 3km when I notice a large mass against the nebula, moving at distance, slightly off to the left.. that's a worry. Keying up the video goggles, yes, there's a capital class hull over there. I do so severely hope that's just a TL but from the angle it's a little hard to tell and unfortunately I've only got a duplex scanner onboard and I'm not close enough to get a proper read. A couple km more tho and the duplex picks it up..


.. Now that I could have done without..

At the moment tho he doesn't seem to be changing heading so it appears word of my KOS status hasn't reached everyone yet. Before it does then I better get moving. Outrunning him isn't a problem, his escort on the other hand would be much more of a concern. Either way I decide it's better not to be seen and make a detour around Ore mine Alpha to put it and some distance between my ship and his and then make a break for south gate.

20km off the south gate and I'm feeling considerably more positive. There's still no reaction from the Python and no sign of any pursuing border-control or police interceptors so it looks like I've made a clean getaway. I'm just starting to relax a touch when the gate lights flash an incoming contact and a military patrol pops thru the gate..


.. that's not good at all, a Python I can outrun but a Dragon I couldn't escape even if this Medusa was fully tuned. I'm just going to have to give him as wide a berth as possible and hope he doesn't notice me. Trying very carefully to look as innocent as possible and as tho I have every right to be there I start to make a slow turn to the left only to have the missile warning suddenly kick in. Damn, they've seen me..

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6x PBE, 2x PAC

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Samuel Creshal
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Post by Samuel Creshal » Sat, 17. Jan 09, 23:03

Aww, damned cliffhanger. I wonder whether you'll be able to survive that...

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Post by R.Bootneck » Sat, 17. Jan 09, 23:45


http://i460.photobucket.com/albums/qq32 ... k_GYvr.gif

Best of luck Mak :)

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ooops my bad sorry storm
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Post by Fendalis » Sat, 17. Jan 09, 23:54

considering he can't save til he finds a friendly station, he either survives or this is one short story. :)
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