[AP] PRODIGAL SON, A Rogue's Tale - Book II

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Re: [AP] PRODIGAL SON, A Rogue's Tale - Book II

Post by Zaitsev » Fri, 22. May 20, 23:00

It has now been a month since your last noodling, Mr. Scion. Prepare for another one!

*unwraps a fresh pool noodle and proceeds to noodle Scion*

Hope you're doing well, Scion, and that the computer hiccups have been fixed. *crosses fingers*

Cheers :D
I'm sorry, I can't hear you over the sound of how awesome I am :D

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Re: [AP] PRODIGAL SON, A Rogue's Tale - Book II

Post by _Zap_ » Mon, 25. May 20, 03:12

*joins the noodling*

Hadn't read the February chapter until now, loving all the action we're seeing in different places.

"You invited me for a meal yet here you are ungrilled." - this had me on the floor for a good while :mrgreen:
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Prodigal Son - Cooperative Storytelling by Scion Drakhar

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