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Post by zimirken » Mon, 28. Nov 05, 23:56

for some reason after killing some assassins i cant dock with anything.
i try to sutodock and it just stops, i try to dock manually and the doors only open for a second, and then close.

other then that, this mod was very well made for a player who didnt ever leave their computer and constantly roamed about with a fleet of m2s.
anyone who was even remotely concerned with making money, however, would soon find their factorys destroyed, and would be unable to leave their computers for fear of a khaak invasion that came every half an hour.

and i cant uninstall it because it came with no documentation or file lists, and the download link has broken, its like a web, once you download it, it breaks and shuts down the file so you dont know how to remove it without deleting all your scripts.
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Post by LV » Tue, 29. Nov 05, 18:07

I couldn't even offer much advice on this is it's so long since i made it sorry.
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