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Can't access (bonus) downloads

Posted: Tue, 2. Oct 18, 06:14
by Jack_Schitt
I'm trying to revisit playing X2 and want to make sure I have all of the bonus plugins installed.

When I click on the download image it loads to an access denied page. When I click on the FAQ it suggests to read it simply says I need to register the game key to access the download. I bought it through Steam. I'm not sure I even have a key. Aside from that when I click the link on the access denied page to submit a key to my profile (if I can find it to submit it that is)...that page 404's, doesn't exist. How do I access the downloads?

Re: Can't access (bonus) downloads

Posted: Tue, 2. Oct 18, 14:54
by Alan Phipps
Hello, this FAQ tells you the method to get codes from Steam games.

That said, there are still issues coming out of the recent forum software upgrade and so you might instead try linking your Steam and Egosoft account registrations using this method:

When online and with Steam open, click on your User name top right in the forum page, select User Control Panel, select the Egosoft Settings tab, select the Game Registrations option, click the green Update via Steam button.

Re: Can't access (bonus) downloads

Posted: Tue, 2. Oct 18, 16:07
by X2-Illuminatus
Mind you there shouldn't be any download restrictions for X2 content anymore. So in addition to what Alan said, please make sure that you're logged in when trying to download the bonus plugins.

Re: Can't access (bonus) downloads

Posted: Tue, 2. Oct 18, 21:13
by Jack_Schitt
I got it to work and let me in to the downloads section to download it by linking steam. I really don't like linking accounts, but that's the only way it worked. Before I did that although I was logged in to the forums I was not logged in to the site and that was the problem. After I linked my steam account I'm now, correctly, logged in to both.

Steam says since I have X2 through steam the package is included (pre-installed). The thing I question is that I don't recall ever seeing any TelCat commands and I'm sure my ships have all of the requirements. I realize that may be because it just adds commands not specifically labelled "TelCat" or anything, it's just additional commands and behavior. My wing ships definitely do blast out of my "mother ship" very extremely fast when I use the wing command to protect ship or attack an enemy.