X2 HD mod: Has anyone tried to ...

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X2 HD mod: Has anyone tried to ...

Post by -(GIO22)- » Sun, 17. May 20, 23:23

Is now possible with the AI Neural Networks to generate HQ textures for older games.
Someone is using a program called ESRGAN ,but im not sure if this is the only program capable to do such job.

here some example not related with X2
https://www.resetera.com/threads/ai-neu ... elf.88272/

Another technic is to upscale the image of a game with Machine Learning. Look at the result achieved by this project:

Sry for the spam of the links but was needed to give you a concrete proof of the amazing result obtained using machine learning.

So now i come to the point; I wonder if anyone is able to do the same treatment to X2 also.
Maybe someone could manage to rework the X2 HD MOD,using machine learning.

https://www.reddit.com/r/GameUpscale/ (community for upscale games)

here's a link to wiki for ESRGAN
https://upscale.wiki/wiki/ESRGAN_Instal ... or_Windows
I have not the competence to do this work.Hope this help some voulenteerous.

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Re: X2 HD mod: Has anyone tried to ...

Post by Zeron-mk7 » Thu, 21. May 20, 06:27

If simply resize textures (it almost doesn't matter how, with what technology), that visually not too much difference and it's simply waste of time.
Also many textures in X2 was combined textures, that means on 1 textures has several different textures parts/areas, such textures if resize, then you need also re-textured 3D objects, who used these textures.
Better need simply replace vanilla textures to other high resolution textures.

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