How to check pilot rank for MK3 Trading Console

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How to check pilot rank for MK3 Trading Console

Post by Darth_MV » Mon, 31. Dec 18, 02:47


is there a way to get to know the ranks of your/my individual pilots that are doing either ST or UT using MK3 Trading Console?

I just started using it, I have two STs. The only thing with info I got is when the ST reaches sector it is supposed to do business, I get message in Message log stating the initial level. However, it took already some time I am convinced that at least one of them did 50k+ Credits income (not 100% sure). So I just want to check - where can I get the information about the pilot?

Is there a place where I can hire pilots for my MK3 trading, or they just "spawn" when I use the MK3 start Sector trading command? I read through some guides but there is just information about what happens at certain level. Or, there is mention about completely different upgrades.

I am playing Steam 1.5 version.

Thanks for any information

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