Delexian Wheat farm?

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Post by Tigerhawk71 » Tue, 9. Aug 05, 02:04

i was also using a Nova. The teladi didn't last very long at all, the Khaak were mostly gone within a minute or so. i had to travel most of the way across the sector to get some stragglers though, still got the farm. i got it in the Hole... ironic as i bought one for the Wall.
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Re: Delexian Wheat farm?

Post by Malcius2 » Mon, 29. Jul 19, 01:53

I've just been given one in Ore Belt. Am I right in understanding that this is not a good location?

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Re: Delexian Wheat farm?

Post by Alan Phipps » Mon, 29. Jul 19, 17:40

This is a fourteen year dead thread. Please start a new discussion if you still want to ask. Ore Belt does have some Pirate activity and is quite cluttered for In Sector work. As this thread has mentioned, the given Wheat Farm location is partly randomised so you take your chances, but you can reload to an earlier save to try again with perhaps a different location.
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