Delexian Wheat farm?

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Delexian Wheat farm?

Post by Gone_Jackal » Sun, 7. Aug 05, 13:16

Hi everyone! I'm pretty new to this forum so I don't know if someone else has posted this question,if so,could someone plz post a link to that page?
Anyway,I have a question regarding delexian what farm. I played the main quest missions and finished the one where you locate and defend AP Gunner, and 5 minutes later I got message from Elena Kho in which she says that I was given Delexian Wheat farm in sector Wastelands. So,my first question is, do you always get that factory in wastelands or are type of factory and sector random maybe? And second,should I invest money and ships to work for my delexian farm or is it waste of time and money? I read alot about profitable factories but never heard anyone mentioning delexian farms.. Thanks! :?

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Post by NavaCorp » Sun, 7. Aug 05, 13:25

The sector where it's given it's random (mine was in Cloudbase South-East). As far as I know they always give you a wheat farm.

Anyway there's another thread on the same subject:

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Post by CBJ » Sun, 7. Aug 05, 13:25

You don't always get it (I didn't) and if you do get it then the location is pretty random. Just about every factory will make some money, and is worth investing in for the long term. Just be careful not to let your supply ships stray too far or you will forever be replacing them, which will eat into your profit.

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Post by Tha-JJ » Sun, 7. Aug 05, 15:42

The first time I've got a Delaxian wheet farm in Herrons' Nebula

The second time I've played the mission I didn't get the farm :cry:

I don't know why but probably because I blew up The Mamoth :D

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Post by Cycrow » Sun, 7. Aug 05, 19:17

anyone know what causes u to get one, is it something u have to do in the mission ?

coz i never got one from the missions

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Post by EvilPreach » Sun, 7. Aug 05, 23:27

I just got mine, and I guess it might have something to do with your current wealthiness. I only had 2 spp's, a few transport, nova and 1.2 million creds when I started the mission.

Also before heading to that Nyan's retreat, I got a message from Ban Danna saying that I should gather more credits, factories and so on before venturing out. So maybe it gives it based on your current assets?

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Post by D_Zorro » Mon, 8. Aug 05, 00:34

Question though, anyone ever got there wheatfarm placed in Xenon sector or khaak sector ?? :P :twisted:

I recently got mine placed in black hole sun, in know that is near xenon sector.

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Post by Graaf » Mon, 8. Aug 05, 00:35

Dont get the TL blown up. So far I have a 100% score in gaining the Wheat Farm (5 out of 5). The sector is random but it will always be an explored/discovered Argon Sector. With this info you can make sure (95% chance) it will spawn in the Western cluster of Argon Sectors.

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Post by Kolohe » Mon, 8. Aug 05, 04:53

Here is what you do (and what I did):

1. After Mission to save the old ship, I saved about once per hour. I finally had a save that was 5 in-game minutes before I received the wheat farm.

2. If you do not like the wheat farm location, reload and see where it goes. Argon Prime is a great location...

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Post by BoronSticks » Mon, 8. Aug 05, 05:00

I got mine in Antigone Memorial. It's a pretty good place for one. By now its made over 15 million.

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Post by maestro4202 » Mon, 8. Aug 05, 05:01

Got mine in CBSW. Its kinda funny how Elena says 'I have some thing to show you!' You think it must have something to do with secrets of the Khaak or Kyle Brennan, but no, its a er...wheatfarm...i was like 'Ooookaay..' but heck a gift is a gift i guess. :)

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Post by EvilPreach » Mon, 8. Aug 05, 10:13

I got mine in Redlight, had to limit my energy buyer to 1 jump, so he doesn't venture to Ore Belt. But the Argon's are knocking on my door already. :)

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Post by Al » Mon, 8. Aug 05, 13:12

Graaf wrote:Dont get the TL blown up.
Got to be more to it than that. TL survived and I got nothing. Miserable, ungrateful so-and-sos :p

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Post by Tigerhawk71 » Mon, 8. Aug 05, 16:35

hmm. i slaughtered them all in a very short time. everyone who was red was dead. most of the M3 kills were mine, too. maybe this counts. maybe someone who knows should finally come and tell us. :lol:
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Post by JaimeWolf » Tue, 9. Aug 05, 01:50

I didn't get it the first time and I was a bitslow killing stuff (I was in a No-va).
The second time I did get it, can't remember what I was flying.

The third time I got it. I was flying a Khaak M3 with 3 Beta Kyons (or an Unknown Enemy Ship with 3 Unknown items at that stage in the game - same effect though.) Nothing lived very long past the gate.
From memory I had 5 fully armed KM3 wingmen as well but I'm not sure if they were with me in that mission.


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