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Post by RustiSwordz » Sun, 9. Mar 03, 21:11

Intercept rockets. Probably like Anti-Missile Missile system. :wink:
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Post by Chazman » Sun, 9. Mar 03, 21:20

My My, no wonder Rega is sooooo... into space flight trading combat sims. This will be one hell of a game. :D
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Post by Tiberian Commander » Sun, 9. Mar 03, 21:22

My computer wont run with spec's like that :(
But will buy the game and update with a new computer later in the year :)
This game is going to be a massive hit, like it should be :D if a lot know about it.

Steel when the X2 demo comes out, will the Pic's of X2 be updated and will there be a link on the demo for nubies to see EGOSOFT site.

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Post by pjknibbs » Sun, 9. Mar 03, 22:00

That is AWESOME--I want the game now!!!!

One thing--isn't the name of the sector you mention near the beginning Kingdom End, not Kingdom's End? Has that changed, or has the dreaded tyop struck?

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Post by Darbs » Sun, 9. Mar 03, 22:58

Steel - very impressive. What can i say but a good job done there. The intro is great and there where even one or two bits of new info(well to me anyway) in there. Thanks :)
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Post by MarkB » Mon, 10. Mar 03, 00:03

Hey look...I start posting on the boards again after ages of silence and some new stuff appears from Steel.

Makes me feel all warm inside...

...it's either that or cystitis.

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Post by Oldman » Mon, 10. Mar 03, 01:23

*bump* Ouch!...who put this here?

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Re: X2 Faq

Post by Moss » Mon, 10. Mar 03, 03:45

Steel wrote:
Q: C’mon, tell me, how big is the biggest ship I can own?
A: Over two kilometres long and yes, you can pilot it.
:o wow! and a turning circle as big as a planetary orbit (at full speed) no doubt, well I don't care I still want one 'right now'!!! :D

Great FAQ Steel certainly got my interest i'm sure it will get many others interested too (it was also cool getting some new info on the background story).

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Post by Dutchman » Mon, 10. Mar 03, 04:16

Great work Steel !!!!

Man I can't wait anylonger, X2 is getting bigger and better :D

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Post by CT3 » Mon, 10. Mar 03, 04:21

well i just managed to get my heartbeat down to a reasonable level and all i can say iz :o WWWWWOOOOOWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!, X2 is gettin better all the time, keep up the good work steel :lol: :D :P

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Post by Veefy » Mon, 10. Mar 03, 10:38

So a two kilometer long ship hey?

and it can contain other ships (like my fighter squadron)

and it can have laser turrets.

HOLY $#@# Egosoft just gave me the keys to the Star Destroyer!!!!!!!

Please don't tell George :)

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Post by Al » Mon, 10. Mar 03, 11:12

Great stuff. Thanks for the update Steel


PS Shouldn't be made a sticky? Steel?
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Post by Rapier » Mon, 10. Mar 03, 12:03

Very nice Mr. Steel, Sir. Just one comment, the first 'Question' is actually two and you answer the second one first. Just seemed a bit strange to me.
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Post by Tiberian Commander » Mon, 10. Mar 03, 12:06

STEEL - Do you know what the turning distance is for a ship, two kilometres long.

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Post by Smile :) » Mon, 10. Mar 03, 12:14

will the 2 klm ships even fit through the gates...
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