It only took 10 years, but finally have double Extreme rank

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It only took 10 years, but finally have double Extreme rank

Post by Prophet1 » Mon, 4. Oct 21, 02:58

I started playing in 2011 when I found X2, and after playing through the storyline, jumped to Reunion and then TC and AP. One year later I started playing EVE online and finally left after 8 years and not wanting to adapt to changes. 6 months later I came back to X and started with BTF and played through all storylines up to TC. I started my TC game about 1 year ago and finally got to XTREME rank in trade today after getting the combat rank a couple months ago.

TC is still very playable and enjoyable after all this time, but the GOD engine decimated my Terran and Split stations. I also lost 3 ships in a pirate PBG forge in the unknown sector next to PTNI Headquarters just this evening when it was eliminated. One of those ships had 400 PBGs in its cargo. Twice Terran stations were eliminated with my ships inside. No pirates were in the area.

Mods/scripts for my TC game include the bonus pack, Improved Boarding, Advanced Navigation, and, one of my favorite scripts, Gazz's Ring of Fire. I managed to board 1 Osprey by space walking my marines, and that was by luck. Couldn't get the flail tunnel tactic to work either, and downloaded Cycrow's Improved Boarding.

I have an AP game going with Paul Wheeler and Mizuchi's XRM mod, but I think I just may continue along the game's arc and try Rebirth. I believe it's playbable now, and I want to continue with the games arc before moving on to X4.
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