Switch weapon setups

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Switch weapon setups

Post by Solour » Tue, 9. Feb 21, 21:16

Is there some way to switch easily between weapon setups? Like with PSG when only enemies are around and non-PSG when some friendly ships are around?
Doing this by hand is not really nice.
Especially for my newly acquired Odysseus...

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Re: Switch weapon setups

Post by jlehtone » Tue, 9. Feb 21, 23:14

Not that I recall. Killing a K with Nova -- swapping IonD to HEPT on the fly -- was not comfy at all.

The Gunnery Crews do switch guns to match situation, but they don't count friendlies.

I made a Forum search about destroyers. Bit hard, for X2 discussions waned out well before 2010. The previous Forum software had some preindexed searches, including about M2's. The current search engine is generally better, but not for seeking topics like this. (Furthermore, there is now more threads that are not about X2.)

Anyway, PSGs were considered over-powered (For killing a K with mere Bayamon is almost hands down with PSGs) and not friendly to friendly as you did notice. Hence Titan had its share of fans. However, you surely have Goner Transporter Device and thus can exchange freight between ships. (I'm almost sure X2 had it :gruebel: ) If so, have a TS that can carry extra guns and fuel.
If there seems to be a fight among blue, then transfer the PSGs out of Oddy. The HEPT/PPC/IRE should be enough. That is about what you would have in a Titan.
Load the PSGs back when you are about to venture into all red.
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Re: Switch weapon setups

Post by fig » Wed, 10. Feb 21, 00:23

The gunnery crews documentation says that they take care of this:
Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) avoidance when noncombatants are in range:
The use of Weapons of Mass Destruction (the collective term used to describe weapons that have an area effect or can hit multiple targets) such as Phased Shockware Generators and Ion Disruptors will automatically be avoided be used when friendly or neutral ships are close enough to your ship to get hit by them.
I don't know how well this works in pratice though, my flagship can't use PSGs or IDs!

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