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Repairing a Station.

Posted: Mon, 25. Jan 21, 23:46
by wolfmanz
One of my Stations has taken a proper beating, hull down to 42%. Is there a way of repairing it without getting into my Spacesuit and spending the next 12 month using a repair laser?

Re: Repairing a Station.

Posted: Mon, 25. Jan 21, 23:56
by X2-Illuminatus
There is a repair station mission in X3AP. It should appear in the sector of your damaged station or a nearby sector as a Think mission.

Re: Repairing a Station.

Posted: Tue, 26. Jan 21, 12:34
by Alan Phipps
Looking for that repair mission at Pirate Bases, Anarchy Ports or any Teladi station having a light bulb mission icon within say 3 jumps of the damaged station is probably your best approach. The missions are often hidden amongst other think missions, so keep checking at different such stations until one comes up with the repair one. It will cost you!

There is a trick to use the Hub connections to get more suitable mission stations within the 3 jump range if you are really desperate.