Corporation Business Plot

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Corporation Business Plot

Post by wolfmanz » Mon, 25. Jan 21, 23:41

I have been away for a while and when I came back I did the above plot but on getting to buying the HQ at the end, I was told to go to the Shipyard at PTNI HQ and speak to someone there. Only when I did finally get there, nothing happened!!
I should have got a choice of three building I believe, so what have I done wrong? :evil:

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Re: Corporation Business Plot

Post by Alan Phipps » Tue, 26. Jan 21, 12:28

I cannot clearly recall that far back but one thing that might be approriate at that stage of the plot: - Do you have an empty TL docked with you in it?
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Re: Corporation Business Plot

Post by jlehtone » Tue, 26. Jan 21, 17:20

If it is the X3AP Corporation Troubles mission chain, then according to walkthrough the end requires:
1. Comm the designated Stock Exchange
2. Comm the designated Shipyard
3. Choose a Corporate Headquarters style
4. Dock a TL with at least 10,500 space at the designated shipyard
5. Collect your Corporate Headquarters

If there is "Comm"/"speak to" task, then there should be a "mission giver" to talk to at the SY.
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