100% X-Treme Trader and still Harmless

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100% X-Treme Trader and still Harmless

Post by KipperTheFish » Mon, 25. Jan 21, 18:51

Just Thought I'd brag a little.
I've made X-Treme Trader rank 100%, and my combat rank is still Harmless 0%.
I'm confident not many player have done that.
I'd post my stats to prove it but I don't know how!!!
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Re: 100% X-Treme Trader and still Harmless

Post by jlehtone » Mon, 25. Jan 21, 21:33


Are you perhaps one of those stereotype characters that no cop can find dirt on or a True Goner? :wink:

X2 -- X3AP have "export stats" function in the game and then pages, like https://www.egosoft.com/games/x3ap/uplink_en.php
The uploaded data shows inpages, like https://www.egosoft.com/games/x3ap/statistics_en.php
However, ranks do not show there.

It is probably easier to just take a screenshot of the ingame status dialog and upload to some "cloud".
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Re: 100% X-Treme Trader and still Harmless

Post by fig » Sat, 30. Jan 21, 23:55

I am impressed by your rejection of violence. Assaination missions have provided me with a significant amount of my X income, but sometimes I do feel like I could have been sold a tall tale.

I wonder if the story about "the kidnapping of my first born" may not be true, especially as I have heard it many times before :lol:

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