[X3AP] Prices calculated wrong in Stock Exchange?

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[X3AP] Prices calculated wrong in Stock Exchange?

Post by gnu.beef » Fri, 8. Jan 21, 06:42

I have purchased some Company Index stocks.

Screenshot: https://i.imgur.com/z6tIzCi.png

100 shares at 34 cr each, with 2% transaction fee = 100*34 * 1.02 = 3468 cr paid.

So far so good.

But then the price of the shares has increased to 38 cr each, so the total value of owned shares now should be:

100*38 = 3800

And the profit from selling them and paying the transaction fee of 2% of the sell time price would be:

38*100 - 3468 - (100*0.02*38) = 256 cr

All of this matches the values on screenshot, except one value:

"Total Value of Owned Shares at Current Price"

On the screenshot it is shown as 3400, but clearly there are 100 owned shares and clearly the current price is 38 cr so clearly the current value of them is 3800 cr?
So why is a different value shown?

X3AP 3.3 (current steam linux version), vanilla + bonuspack.
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