Dealing with smaller fighters

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Dealing with smaller fighters

Post by thesuker » Wed, 30. Dec 20, 13:00

Right now I'm flying an Argon Nova Raider and I'm really happy with it. I don't struggle too much in combat except with smaller ships. They're much much faster than I am and it takes a really long time for me to kill them, which can be a problem in escort missions. Any tips on how to deal with those little pests?

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Re: Dealing with smaller fighters

Post by Alan Phipps » Wed, 30. Dec 20, 13:33

Which X game?

If you can get a Pirate Nova Raider to bail, then you may find that more to your taste as a personal ship for now. Once you get up into the league of owning a fast corvette with turrets then managing anti-fighter duties can become somewhat easier. (Area effect weaponry and fast tracking missiles can be useful versus small fighters but can also become liabilities in escort missions because of potential collateral damage.)

Remember that fast/agile ship targets need engagement by weapons with fast bullets. Bullet speed and hence inherent accuracy are usually more important than hitting power in those situations. Also small frequent hits on target hull are more likely to encourage bailing, and that takes the current target out of the combat far more quickly than complete destruction.

I hope that helps.
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Re: Dealing with smaller fighters

Post by jlehtone » Wed, 30. Dec 20, 14:15

Escort missions are abysmal. The convoy is slow and vulnerable. Even with a fleet one is prone to lose some.
("Return my stolen ship!" is another near impossible mission.)

Fast missiles are a way to get the attention (make NPC attack you).

Small ships, if they decide to attack you, will eventually charge at you. I tend to put the throttle to full reverse to gain maximum time when we face each other.
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Re: Dealing with smaller fighters

Post by Fulgrymm » Wed, 30. Dec 20, 19:49

For small ships, use Phased Repeater Guns. They have a high rate of fire and a very high muzzle velocity so you can nail M5s more easily.

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Re: Dealing with smaller fighters

Post by Black_hole_suN » Wed, 30. Dec 20, 22:22

Use a gun with high projectile velocity like Particle Accelerator and Phased Repeater Gun.. buy Fight Command MK1 and MK2.. on the bottom left corner press the auto aim button until it says ON..

when dealing with fast fighters use boresight fire.. the default key is is CTRL key, i think.

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