Little Help with Space FLies and Pirating

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Little Help with Space FLies and Pirating

Post by CrescentSun » Tue, 15. Dec 20, 21:51

I've been playing X: BTF trying to get through the whole series, may not be worth it but I enjoy the task. My first game was X3 Gold, and in there you could buy illegal production facilities and such. I never tried but I heard you could sell space fuel directly to a pirate base for massive cash. Now going back, I think you can't buy dream factories anymore.

The more annoying part is I found some Split business that will pay an arm and leg for space flies; but I have no idea how to find them in this game. Are they random spawns, in asteroids, or is there a factory? Hell do I need some tool. I'm trying my best to profit from illegal trading, but I feel like it is a waste. Any advice would be appreciated.

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Re: Little Help with Space FLies and Pirating

Post by Killjaeden » Thu, 24. Dec 20, 03:34

In X3, spaceflies will start to buzz around you if you stay still for a while in a sector where they can live. No idea if its the same in xbtf.
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