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Reactivating account

Post by scoutster02 » Wed, 9. Dec 20, 19:41


just got back into the game to find my old forum account deactivated.. understandable after so many years.
Is it possible to reactivate it?

Alan Phipps
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Re: Reactivating account

Post by Alan Phipps » Wed, 9. Dec 20, 20:10

Done, but you will probably want to change your e-mail address for it. Can you recall your password for that account? (Don't post it in public forum.)

If you want anything else on that account changed or updated, or just further help, then send me a PM. When all is stable, I will suggest that the new account be terminated (which you will have to do anyway if you want the new e-mail address used for the old account).
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Re: Reactivating account

Post by scoutster » Wed, 9. Dec 20, 20:45

Wohoo! Thanks :)

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